Annie Weng


life is just merely a journey.
lounge Happy Birthday Friends Love you guys Looking forward to the next time
Dog dog Cute
My Favo ! Coat Todays Outfit! Fashion
Japan Japanese Kimono 2013 Beautythis was my very first time to wear a kimono last year?
Dog My Neighbors  Little Flower Taiwan the little flower looks like a little bit scary... cuz she is afraid of jumping off the high wall. if u like it plz give me a heart?? or follow me
Cafe Latte Art Relaxing rela
a little glimpse of the beautiful dog. I want to go there with my dog, too Dog Cute Beach Sunshine ☀ #travel
I Love Beach(summer) Travel Photography Natural Beauty Life I enjoy my life a lot. and my life is better than yours?
Coffee Relax Subway
Hug Me Relaxing 2014 Beach
Holiday Beach Travel Keelung 外木山 with friends 我春假終於出去玩了??
Holiday Beach Friends Travel Taiwan 2014
Dog Cute Beach Holiday travel friends
Good Mood :) Beauty Holiday
my sis Dog One Thing I Can't Live Without Coco Smart
Streetart Graffiti In A Restaurant Cute
every girl's dream?? Tiffany&Co. Necklace From Boyfriend Anniversary
OMG Receiving a Tiffany necklace to celebrate our anniversary? Today is my day! Tiffany Necklace Joy Omg surprised
Chocolatecake So Sweet
牛肉焗飯 Yum Taiwan
Cute Fresco Threeyear Anniversary restaurant
Streetart City Taiwan
Fruit Salad Yum Yoghurt
Rainbowbridge 2013/09 Homestay just think of the yesteryear
be obsessed with the fancy plightTaiwan Lantern Festival 2014 March
Mycutie Dog Coco Beauty
Beauty Fashion&love&beauty PaMUN Taiwan #Taipei #yesteryear
Strawberry Pie. Yum
Taking a walk with my cuties Walk Coco Keelung Taiwan begonia OvercastSky
My Blacksheep is Starting at my dad's car. Coco Dog Window listlessly WantAnOuting
Don't Cry
Eye see you Coco My Dog shouted very very very loudly at a little boy cuz he pointed at her and said "this is a dogggg!!!!" She figured herself a human being ....instead.
the pencils r way too cute! Pencil Red Represent Ogilvy PublicRelation WorkingHours
Maple Leaf
Sunflowerstudentmovement Public Outcry Taiwan democracy
Sunflowerstudentmovement Occupy Government Protest Taiwan democracy over500,000people
Taiwan Occupy Government Sunflowerstudentmovement blossomfordemocracy At least do sth. for our own country. 來這裡感受大家的在乎 能引以為傲的民主 烏克蘭因為公投引內戰 伊色列經歷流浪 女生當兵兩年,男生三年 因為在乎所以行動 今天我來是因為我想起曾經在國外或多或少驕傲與別人談起臺灣和中國的不同 - 民主 願在未來,仍有一個讓我自豪的國家
Hitthebook Tsai -ing,wen Seek Regain position as chairwoman ielts test studentpost Hit the book since yesterday
Sooooo hot? Feel a little bit dizzy Sunshine Dizzy Girl Holiday
男朋友真好? Boyfriend Strawberry Sweet
很認真的讀之前遠見雜誌創辦人高希均先生贈送的書。 誰在扭曲理性的公共政策? 誰決定青年人的前途? 為什麼不能 進ㄧ步來理性討論策略 退ㄧ步相互折衷 讓ㄧ步取得共識 跨ㄧ步全力推動 臺灣的年輕人加油!
Ogilvy Public Relation  Communal meal
Find some good and beautiful moments in our life. Birthday Cherish  Left Time to being together Korean restaurant yammy
黃鶴洞而Birthday Happy birthday to @賴宜和
我是短髮控? Finally did the haircut? Haircut Short Venus
Join The World Dress like. a family wine sip table manner
褚士瑩 Idol Inspiration  季風文教