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"Don't let your dreams be dreams" ❤♾EyeEm Young Women Red Lipstick Beauty Long Hair Me Blackhair Taking Photos From My Point Of View Hello World ✌ Happy People Italian Girl Ilovephotography Dontletyourdreamsbedreams Irememberyou Forever Looking At Camera Fashionable Lifestyles Front View Person Casual Clothing Blackhair Thinking Rememberme
Bye bye "blond" welcome b(l)ack. You're my color ❤ Me Blackhair Taking Photos EyeEm Itsme Beautiful Day Amazinglife American Dream Job ILoveMyJob Eyeemphotpgraphy Black Iloveblack Hello World Cheese! That's Me Hello World ✌ From My Point Of View Happy People AlwaysSmile JustDoIt Photogrpahy Lovethelifeyoulive Doingsomework Eyes Are Soul Reflection
Los Angeles Life ✌🕶🗺📷💚 Love Church America Americanflag Sunnyday Hot EyeEm EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Best Edits Vintage Vintage Photo Dontletyourdreamsbedreams LoveTravel Travelingtheworld  Hello World Mylifeiscomplete Camera Photography Ilovephotography Thebestpartofme Italian Girl Taking Photos Lovemyjob Itsabigdeal
USA ❤ Losangeles LosAngelesCity California California Love EyeEm Gallery EyeEm EyeEmBestPics Friends Itsabigdeal Mydream American Dream American Life Italyiloveyou Hello World HelloFromTheOtherSide Adele <3 Changing The World Changingmylifestyle From My Point Of View Thebestpartofme Traveling Lovetravelling TravelIsLife Lovemyjob Taking Photos
Another shot of L.A📷❤🗺 MyAmericanDream LosAngelesCity Losangelescalifornia BestExperienceEver California Photography Ilovephotography Thebest_capture Phone Blckandwhitefilter Ilovebnw Taking Photos Higuys Thatsall Togheter Italy❤️ USA Photos EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Gallery EyeEm PhonePhotography
Los Angeles murales 😍🗺❤🕶 America USA California California Love Murales Muralesart Amazing View Draw Helloworld From My Point Of View EyeEm Eyeemphotography Photography Ilovephotography Ilovetravelling  Ilovemylife Friemds American Dream Awesome Italiangirl Happy People Colorful EyeemPhotos
An Italian under the Holliwood Hills pt. 1 ✌❤📷💚🗺 8:00 am Morning Me Natural Nomakeupselfie Littleeyes Hello World LosAngelesCity California Love California Coast Dreaming Mylifeiscomplete Lovemyjob Friends EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Gallery Californiagirl Italiangirl TravelIsLife Photographer Helloworld🙌 From My Point Of View
LA in the night by car window the 4th July ❤🎊📷🎡 Fireworks Losangeles America Usadream EyeEm Photographer Travel Photography Ilovetravel Thatsawesome Lovelovelove Imhappy EyeEm Nature Lover LosAngelesCity California California Love Holliwood Thedreamofmylife Hello World Check This Out Enjoying Life ILoveMyJob
L.A I'M COMING ✌🍀❤ Daydreamer Dontletyourdreamsbedreams Flight ✈ Boarding Plane Enjoying Life Losangeles America Usa♡ California USAtrip EyeEm Gallery FuckingAwesome EyeEm Best Shots Eyeemphotography Selfie ✌ Only3hoursleep NotBad Starting A Trip Helloworld Travel Ilovetravelling  Mypassionistravel Awesome
-1 to L.A 🍀🎉❤ Losangelestimes Losangeles Taking Photos ILoveMyJob Travelling Ilovetravel Mydreamcametrue EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Gallery Eyeemphotography Luckygirl Awesome Ilovemylife Helloworld That's Me Remembering Old Times Enjoying Life Feeling Inspired From My Point Of View
Hello world 😀😀 after 1 month and half in Copenaghen i'm in Italy now!!! 😁😁 Copenaghen was the most beautiful experience in my life! I m so happy! ❤ ... but now, i m in Italy for only 5-6 days and then, i will go to LOS ANGELES!! For 6 months!!!!! And after Los Angeles ... i will fulfill the dream of my life; i will go to Toronto, in Canada! ❤❤ I can t believe it! My life is like i ve always wanted. So i want to say thank to all my family, all my friends, and at all the people who works with me every day! Thank you! My life is my dream! ❤ EyeEm Comebackhome Copenaghen With Love Danimark Memories ❤ Losangelestimes Losangeles From My Point Of View Photography Freespirit Trip Travel Photography Travelingram Mylifeisatour EyeEmBestPics EyeEm Nature Lover Copenagheninmyheart Friendsforever Friendship ❤ EyeEm Gallery Feeling Inspired Hello World EyeEm Best Shots WORKHARD ILoveMyJob
Inside of me ❤🍀🏞 this is what i live forNaturelovers NatureIsBeautiful EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm EyeEm Best Shots From My Point Of View Helloworld TheOneAndOnly Myspirit Freespirit Photography Photographer Nikonphotographer Nikon Nikonphotography Truelove Nikonitalia Photoismylife Natureisthebestdesigner Feeling Inspired EyeEm Gallery Spectacular Greenisawesome Threes Trentino Alto Adige
Small explorers grow - Agosto 2015,Trentino Alto Adige, Dolomiti del Brenta, Madonna di Campiglio, 2.000 mt - I'm still up there in those mountains. How much life, how much love, how much infinite beauty! No words ❤🌲🏞🍃 Makeyoufeelmylove Mountains Mountainslove Nikonphotography Mypassion August2015 Holidays Madonnadicampiglio Amazingview Truelove Magicplace EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Gallery Forever Young NatureIsBeautiful LoveNature LoveNatureAndMountain Mountainsarecalling Freespirit Smile Helloworld From My Point Of View IAlwaysLoveU Icanmakeyouhappy
Beauty ❤🌸 Flowerpower Feelthelove Nikonphotography Photogrpahy Nikon EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm EyeEm Best Edits Flower Rosé Amazing View Helloworld From My Point Of View Flower Collection Nikonphoto Castiglioncello Photogrphy Itslfe ^_^ Lovephotoeffect Travel Photography EyeEm Gallery Mypassion Travelaroundtheworld Makeyoufeelmylove Icanmakeyouhappy Ilovephotography
Castiglioncello. When i was little i was in this place with my dad, in the Castle's garden, and i hid in this cabin; all the times my father knew, and as often pretended not to see me and everytime i was more,and more convinced that this was the most safest place to hide, and everytime i was happy to be able to win ... i was happy ... all the time! Thank you dad, i love you ❤ Memories Ilovethisplace Amazing Truelove EyeEm Eyeemphoto EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Gallery DaddyIloveyou Whereisthelove Photogrpahy NikonD3100 Nikonphotography Ilovephotography Mypassion Helloworld From My Point Of View Thinking About Life Happiness Nikonphoto Eyeemphotography Travel Photography Travelaroundtheworld Lovetravelling
Wake up at 7. Start my day trying to do two identicals black lines above my eyes, i don t know how dare tell me not be nervous. Ahahahahaha Morning Iwantsleep Anna Daydreamer Newlife Whereisthelove Smileoff Tuscany Gotoflorence EyeEm From My Point Of View Changes Mylife Truelove Lovetravelling Travel Hello World
These days a lot has changed. I m changing my life, i'll be moving to Copenaghen. I always wanted to travel and see every part of this beautiful world, and i look forward to leaving on this trip there. I will leave here all the people i love, my daddy,mum, the whole family, my best friend and the other friends, people who i shared my life... they will always be inside of me , in my heart of them there are and there will always be. But nothing is more beautiful than achieve the goals and dreams you've always had. Anna then, stay strong, and don't let your dreams be dreams, as taught me someone very special for me. This smile is all for you ❤ "solo tu mi hai donato un sorriso che nasce anche quando un motivo non c'è " ❤Newlife Me Dreamcometrue Denmark Gotocopenaghen Trip Newtravel Notbestopped EyeEm Smileforever Meandyou Moved From My Point Of View OneAndOnly ThisIsForYou Lovefamily FriendsAreFamily Hello World Lovetravelling Mylifeisatour Lifegoeson Iseechanges MusicON WorldOFF Iloveyou FamilyIsEverything
-Milano Station- A beautiful day in Milano with some old special friends ❤ now i'm ready for go to Copenaghen! Love travel ❤ .... Milano Train Specialtrip Amazingday Happiness Lifegoeson Memories Myfriends Amazingdays Foto Loveit Milano2016 Lifeisanadventure Forever Followyourdreams Everyday Thinkingofyou Specialpeople Sunnyday Photoislife Hello World Mylife Musicon
Trentino Alto Adige ❤🌲 Truelove Paradise Myplace EyeEm EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Best Edits Naturelovers Mountainsarecalling Mountain View Loveit Trentino Alto Adige Amore Holidays2016 January Amazingplace OneLove Photoislife Nikonphotography D3100nikon Valdigenova
Val di Genova - Dolomiti del Brenta ( Trentino Alto Adige - Italy) ❤ my heart is in these mountains ❤🌲🌳🍃 Mountains Truelove MyHeartIsHere Amazingdays Madonnadicampiglio Valdigenova Cascate Waterfall Nardis EyeEm EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Nature Lover Naturelife Natureisawesome Green River Icewater Mylife Nikonphotography Photoislife From My Point Of View Hello World OneLove Lovemountains Ilovetrentino
"I used to be the type of kid who always think the sky is falling" NothingBetter Eminem Eminems World SlimShady Legacy MarshallMathers Iloveyou Yousavedme StartTheDay Musicon MusicON WorldOFF EyeEm From My Point Of View Helloworld Thebest Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Baday Lifegoeson
"May all your dreaming fill the empty sky" Thinkingofyou Biondino Selfie ✌ Night Smoking PhotoByMe Happiness MeAndMyself Photographyislifee Thinking About You Mylife TBT  Cigarette  Smoke EyeEm Lifegoeson Smileisfree DontWorryBeHappy
My little cousin some years ago❤ love you ❤🍭Blackandwhite Photography Blackandwhitephotography Casual Clothing Childhood Children Cute Daria Day EyeEm EyeEm Best Shots Happiness Headshot Lifestyles Loveyou Mylove Person PhotoByMe Portrait Some Years Ago .. My Little Cousin Sunset Sweet True Window Windowintomyday TBT
In the streets of Venice 🎧🍒 Venice Italy Nikonphotography NikonD3100 Color Nightphotography Truelove Traveling Travelaroundtheworld Travelismybiglove Travelispassion From My Point Of View EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Gallery EyeEmBestPics Thecityoflove Amazingday Memories January2016 MeAndMyself Photogrpahy Photoitalia Photographylovers NikonForever
Blackandwhite Dreaming My Life Away ♥ EyeEm Best Edits EyeEm Gallery Eyeem4photography EyeEmBestPics From My Point Of View Haveaniceday Helloworld Hi Lovephotography  Nikonphotography Old Photo PhotoByMe Photography Photographyislifee Umbria2014
Cotton Candy 🍭❤ thinking about you 🍭❤ (you can see my beautiful tattoo made by me on my hand 😅) Cottoncandyclouds Love Sweet Eating Truelove Gardaland2016 Happymoments FriendsAreFamily NothingBetter Happiness Ciaobello Thinking About You Iadoreyou Cotton Candy Clouds  Hello World LoveYourself Together Forever
"Just promise me you think at me everytime you look up in the sky and see a star"❤☄ Lifeisbeautiful Little Girl LoveYourself Followyourdreams EyeEm EyeEm Nature Lover OneLove Hello World NothingBetter Thinking About You Eyes Are Soul Reflection Eyes Never Lie Selfie Eyes Truestory Thedayafterthetrip Lovemyfriends FriendsAreFamily Ciaobello
Davide. 7 years old. The brother of my ex boyfriend. I love you too my sweetheart! So much! ❤ Truelove Child Iloveyou Memories NothingBetter Starting The Day EyeEm Amazing Hello World From My Point Of View Tesoromio Tivogliobene Together Forever Beautifulmoments Memories ❤ OneLove Imhappy Lifeisbeautiful Followyourdreams Trustinyou
Rainy day ❤ Train Music Loverain Trip Haveaniceday Starting The Day Happiness From My Point Of View Hello World Hi EyeEm Best Shots OneLove NothingBetter Cold Temperature Tuscany Gohome Truelove
Wake up at 6am , an incredible sleep, the day started badly , then the boys of the chef course carry this! Mushroom flan with bacon, parmesan wafer and cream sauced and parmesan cheese. I love my job , but god , how i love Italy! ❤ nothing better! Flan Mushrooms Italiancooking Cookingstyle Italianfood Italyiloveyou Eating Fantastic Truelove Tuscany NothingBetter Foodporn WOW EyeEm Hello World Trueloveforfood Italiancook Happymoments AlwaysMe LoveMyWork Betterthannothing Fantastic Haveaniceday Hi Real Life
Castiglioncello. This is the place for the first 16 years of my life i went to the beach with my family for a month and a half. Every saturday night , since i was 8 y.o , i was in this castle, i was walking in this alley and then i went to the castle garden with all flowered roses , jasmine and many other colorful flowers, and i was there, i looked at him and i liked to imagine my life as an adult, i dreamed big... and obviously could not miss the "Prince Charming" .... Wow. I love my dreams! Are part of me! And i want to acheive them! I was only 19 y.o but i m totally in love with love and i want to realize my life! ...."Senti che lavoro" ❤ Dreaming Castiglioncello Castle Memories Wonderful EyeEm EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Gallery Eyeemphotography Nikonphotography NikonD3100 Color Summer2015 Summer Hot OldMemories Lovemylife Traveling Travel Photography Italy Tuscany Followyourdreams Realize_your_dream Hello World From My Point Of View
"Wish you were here" ... Me Evening Dress Happy Thinking About You Mylife❤ That's Me Hello World Redlips💋 Eyes Watching You Curly Kiss Happy People Enjoying Life Followyourdreams Peace True Words Wishyouwerehere Needyou Keep Smiling Staystrong EyeEm Happy Time Hi Haveaniceday
My train journeys gave good results. When boredom assails you. 📔🖋 my best moments with myself. Old Memories Life Oldphoto Drawingtime Trainphotography Writer Eminem❤ SlimShady MarshallMathers Fuckinggenius Iloveyou Savedme Listentomusic Eminemworld Slimshadypleasestandup OpenYourWorld Eyes Watching You
Mountain ❤🌲🍃🌳 Mountains Mountainlove Water From My Point Of View Photography PhotoByMe EyeEm Best Shots Eyeemphotography Lovemountains Felling Good  Peace Happyday NikonD3100 Nikonphotography
You are the one and only! Happy birthday my baby ❤ i love you with all my heart! 00:20 in the garden,me and you, talking about our lifes and our best moments together! There is nothing better than me and you ❤ Follow your dreams my love! I'm always right there when you need me sister! ❤ Best Friends Forevertogether Smoking Iloveyou Bestofus Youareme Beautifulfriends Happymoments HappyBirthday 21yearsold MyPrincess EyeEm Best Shots Selfie ✌ Lifegoeson Always Smile From My Point Of View Happinessisachoice Bestfriendbecomefamily
"And we build up castles in the sky and in the sand , design our own world ain't nobody understand, i found myself alive in the palm of your hand, as long as we are flyin' all this world ain't got no end " -Paul K. Skyandsand Lovethistrack Technoislove Technomusic  Smile Forever Happy Followyourdreams Eyeemphotography From My Point Of View Ilovethewayim White Color Fuckoff ✌️ Happinessisachoice Sorridisempre Me Musicansaveus Eyes Are Soul Reflection Eyes Watching You Bestway
A good way to start the journey! Uncomfortable shoes , but that i love, smoking a cigarette and the best music in the ears. I have the sun inside me. 😻 🎧🌞🚬 Starting The Day Me Morning Florence Italy Station Love Gooddayforanotherday Innamoratadell'amore EyeEm Daytime Cigarette  Bestway Bestwaytostarttheday Musicismylife Music <3 Musicansaveus Buongiornounaceppadiminchia Happy Friend Thinking About Life Iwantfollowmydreams Youarelikeadreamcometrue Dreaming Daydreamer
I love this old music box. ❤ My daddy and my mum bought me a few years before separating , at flea market. I feel in love right away! There was the snow! I couldn't be in love. All the way back home did nothing but only listen to the carillon music! It was beautiful! ❤ Today after a long time i listened to it again ...It's amazing how everytime i listen to this music i can remember moments that i thought was lost.... It's magic! Wonderful! ❤ Thanks daddy, thanks mom❤ Memories Carillon Lovethemusic Me OldMemories Truelove Mystory Happy Time Dontforgettosmile Musicansaveus Afternoon Lifegoeson Alwayswithme Family❤ Lovemyfamily DaddyIloveyou Beautiful Day Photo EyeEm Listen Truestory Amazing
💐🍃❤✌📷 Afternoon Thinking About You Quiet Moments Smile Serenity Felling Good  Amazing Happydays Truelove Youfoundme💗 Me Beautiful Day Dontforgettosmile Fuckingdistance Eyeemphotography Hearteyes Thebest
❤ film what fills your heart! La vita é bella (''Good morning princess, last night i dreamed about you all night! We went to the cinema, and you had that pink suit that i love so much! I think only of you, Princess,i always think of you.") RobertoBenigni Italiangenius Tuscany Lovethis Lavitaèbella Italianwork Emotions Truelove Beautifulfilm Alwaysinmyheart Quoteoftheday Reallove Benigni Firenzemadeintuscany Proud Frommypointofview Memories Oldfilm Thebest ImInLove Lifegoeson Remeber
My passion ❤ 📷 " Non mi sono mai chiesto perché scattassi delle foto. In realtà la mia é una battaglia disperata contro l'idea che siamo tutti destinati a scomparire. Sono deciso ad impedire al tempo di scorrere. É pura follia" -R.D Photography Mypassion Nikonphotography Nikonlove Blackandwhite EyeEm Best Shots Nikonphotographers Photos Me NikonD3100 Lovetakingphotos StillLifePhotography Alwayswithme Photoislife Eyeemphotographers Blackandwhitephotography Bnw Blacknails  Truelove Fullimmersion Intoodeep Hello World Frommypointofview Alwaysinmyheart
Lago di Como - Capodanno 2014 Memories Oldphoto Remembers Lifegoeson Hello World Frommypointofview Nikonphotography Night Oldfriends ADreamComeTrue Lights EyeEm EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Nature Lover Water Water Reflections Cold Winter ❄⛄ Beautiful Day Dontforgetthepast Followyourdreams
"But now you're mine" HelloFromTheOtherSide Me Redlips💋 Someyearsago Long Hair Eyes Lostinyou Daydreamer Followyourdreams Dontletyourdreamdie From My Point Of View Happiness EyeEm Best Shots Selfie Amazing Lovelovelove Innamoratadell'amore Paramiparasiempre Romatic Amazing Whereareyougoing? Followyourheart Feelyourlove Lifegoeson Jelous🙊
Memories of Venice Italy Venice Hotel Night Holidays Happydays Me PhotoByMe EyeEm EyeEm Best Shots Ciaoamore HelloFromTheOtherSide Remeber Me NikonD3100 Photography Photooftheday EyeEm Best Edits Eyeemphotography Lovephotography  Obscured View Streetofitaly Lifegoeson Meandyou
You shine even on a rainy day ☉❤ EyeEm Best Shots Me MonthsAgo Shine Me Happiness PhotoByMe Dreaming Truelove Happydays EyeEm Felling Good  Forever Followme From My Point Of View Helloworld Thinking About You Eyes Eyes Are Soul Reflection Myeyesadoreyou Photographer Mybest Color Blue Dontforgettosmile
🏵❤🏵 Flower Amazing Flower Beautiful Obsessedwithflowers Photoshoot Photography Violetflowers Colorful Color Amazing View Mybest Photo Garden Backyard Photographer Lovephotography  Lovelovelove Flowerlovers Truelove Dreaming Imadreamer Followme PhotoByMe EyeEm Best Shots
2 years of you and me ❤ it seems to know you for a lifetime. We spent unforgettable moments, beautiful, ugly but we have always remained united! You're like a sister to me! ❤ Like you, i have always done everything to help you in any way and there was no better thank than your smile and happiness! Thank you for everything you do for me everyday! You are my half, and i will always be close to you, even when one day we'll be far away! I love you with all my heart sister ❤ 2years Redlips💋 Loveyou Mysister ❤ Together Meandyou Friendship Lovely Happydays Photo Selfie Smile Dontforgettosmile FRIENDSHIPneverEnds Truelove BestfriendsForEver Bff❤ Redlips Photoshoot Mybest Fabulous
💙🍃 Nature PhotoByMe Nature_perfection Iloveit EyeEm Gallery Nature_collection EyeEm Nature Lover Bestday Blackandwhite Photobnw Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Photographer Natureisawesome World Lovetravelling Lovely Happydays Dreaming
For years me and my daddy have built small house for the birds over our trees in the garden and they are never gone. Today i find this in the window. They are also colored Tiffany💙 ... my favourite colour and my favourite brand of jewelery! What would i want better? 💙💙💙 Birds Egg Lovely Nature Amazingcolor Bestday Happy Enjoythelittlethings Bluetiffany Blueeggs Beautiful Nature EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Gallery Iloveit Imhappynow Photooftheday Nature_perfection Birds🐦⛅ HappyLikeaChild
❤💐🍃☉ Nature Amazing Flower Flowerporn Amazing View Nature_collection Nature_perfection EyeEm EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEmBestPics Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Beautiful Nature Ilovephotography Photooftheday Photographer Iloveit Listentomusic Hello World Thinking About You Thinking About Life Enjoythelittlethings