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#flintstonesbedrockcity मैं तो पेहन के साफ़ा केसरिया जुगनी जोगन बन जाऊं Landscape Ladakh Travel Abstract People Architecture Solid Wall Stone Wall Stone - Object Rock Old Wall - Building Feature Entrance Door Nature The Past History Rock - Object
#themanwhosleeps कह दूँ तुम्हें... या चुप रहूँ Lifestyles People Abstract Travel Ladakh Landscape Architecture Wall Window Pattern Stone Wall Textured  Stone Material
and #theplotthickens Night Minimalist Transportation People Abstract Still Life Communication Technology Mobile Phone Connection Human Hand Selective Focus Smart Phone
#showtime तेरे चेहरे से, नज़र नहीं हटती नज़ारे हम क्या देखें Toddler  Family Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite Abstract People Childhood Child Portrait Headshot Selective Focus Innocence Looking Lifestyles Leisure Activity
#sendmenoflowers गजरे की तरह सजता ही रहा हूँ मैं कभी इस bun में, कभी उस bun में बँधता ही रहा हूँ मैं गजरे की तरह . . . Fashion Still Life People Livelihood Street Abstract Leaf High Angle View Close-up Basket Plant Leaves Flower Flowering Plant
#scavenger someone got to get their hands dirty Rat Abstract Animal Animal Wildlife Animal Themes Animals In The Wild High Angle View Selective Focus Close-up
#candy sugar is the sociopath of foods, it acts sweet but it's really poison ...#karensalmansohn Food Sugar Lifestyles People Abstract Minimalist Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite Selective Focus Close-up Focus On Foreground
#mummasboys Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Dog Minimalist Abstract People Family Toddler  Childhood Child Togetherness Pets Bonding Lifestyles Innocence Positive Emotion
#mom taking care of the son of her son हारूँ या जीतूँ, मुझको तू अपना राजा बेटा ही कहती थी मेरी गलती को, अपनी कह कर तू डांट भी बाबा की सहती थी तेरा देना माँ, दे ना पाऊं मैं राह अब भी दिखाती हो तुम आज भी कोई अटकन हो तो याद आती हो... मेरी माँ... #shotoniphone #mothersday Toddler  Family People Abstract Child Family Parent Childhood Togetherness Lifestyles Bonding Son
#shuttereyeland टुकुर टुकुर, टुकुर टुकुर, टुकुर टुकुर देख़ टका टक Eyes Family Child Toddler  Abstract Child Headshot Portrait Looking Close-up Innocence
#iamlegend #peepal #ficusreligiosa Tree God Hinduism People Abstract Leaf Close-up Growth Nature Plant Beginnings Freshness New Life Dirt
#antbully toeing the line Abstract Tree Nature Close-up Insect Ant
#thedarkknight "and you know what, i believe in #harvydent i believe that on his watch #gotham can feel little safer, little more optimistic" Dog Travel People Night Abstract Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite Shadow Silhouette Street Dark
#mymood ये गोरे गालाँ तन्दाना ये रेशमी बालाँ तन्दाना Family Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Abstract Childhood Child Innocence
#legendsofthefall Spider Abstract Backgrounds Tree Nature Trunk Close-up Bark
#crescent Blackandwhite Abstract Monotone Monochrome Architecture Pattern Sky Close-up
#colombiana consider it dead Livelihood Travel Street Abstract People Food And Drink Fruit Small Business Organic Day
#perfectstrangers लड़कपन खेल में खोया जवानी नींद भर सोया Street Night Abstract Leisure Activity Child Togetherness Childhood People Family Bonding
#getoverit हुई शाम उनका ख़याल आ गया वही ज़िंदगी का सवाल आ गया Night Abstract People Illuminated Glass Table Glass - Material Night Bar - Drink Establishment Drinking Glass Reflection Food And Drink Transparent Bar Counter Close-up Nightlife
#biopic write one worth reading People Monotone Monochrome Abstract Growth Plant Close-up Selective Focus Focus On Foreground Green Color Leaf Nature Vulnerability  Fragility Flower Yellow
#insidellewyndavis कोई फ़रियाद तेरे दिल में दबी हो जैसे तूने आंख़ों से कोई बात कही हो जैसे Livelihood Travel Abstract Motion Street City Blurred Motion Transportation People on the move Lifestyles
#insideout मैं खींचू तेरी फ़ोटो, सौ-सौ बार मुंडे Toddler  People Family Abstract Child Childhood Portrait Looking At Camera Headshot Front View Selective Focus Leisure Activity Innocence Casual Clothing Cute Outdoors
#straightupspreadout in dense woods, the trees grow straight...#latvianproverb Street Abstract Travel Night Plant Tree Growth Nature Green Color Branch Leaf Tree Trunk Forest Tranquility Foliage Lush Foliage Close-up
#fruitsofpatience Livelihood Abstract Street Livelihood Food Market Freshness Vegetable People Women Small Business Market Stall Incidental People Business
#masakali तन तान ले मुस्कान ले Pigeon Bird Minimalist Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite Abstract Architecture Silhouette
#theterminal इक दिन कहीं, हम दो मिलें, और तीसरा कोई ना हो Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Abstract People Portrait Smiling Happiness Emotion Architecture Lifestyles
#ManMustBeCrazy भगवान को सर पर चढ़ा लिया Livelihood India Travel Street Abstract People Crowd Religion City
#dodgingtheconversation People Abstract Family Pets Animal Dog Canine Home Interior
#Bazzinga cat got your tongue Animal Cat Street Travel Night Abstract High Angle View
#guiltyascharged Family Minimalist Monochrome Blackandwhite Monotone Dog People Abstract Pets Animal Dog Canine Selective Focus Close-up Relaxation
#dinnerrush i demand equality, serve my food on this very table and come sit with me! Dog Monotone Blackandwhite Monochrome Minimalist Night Family People Abstract Pets Table One Animal Mammal Domestic Domestic Animals Seat
#allout मुझे नहीं पता, छाया है क्या नशा Abstract People Family Child Toddler  Child Childhood Full Length Front View Innocence Cute
#beforesunrise सो गया ये जहान Sleeping Toddler  Child Family People Night Minimalist Monotone Monochrome Blackandwhite Abstract Relaxation Close-up
#uptheladder shadow of railings appearing as the steps of a ladder on the trunk of a tree. the weight of the shadow seems heavier than what the tree would have thought! ladders are cut out of the trees and used against them, a metaphor for how we misused the resources, the nature, to get past it. Tree Abstract Travel Blackandwhite Monochrome Monotone Minimalist Night Street Selective Focus Close-up Rusty Weathered Outdoors Damaged Nature
#takealeafoutofhisbook flower delivery guys heading to the market Railway Station India Travel Abstract People Street City Working Occupation Retail  Market Carrying
#BhowbhowRedemption Minimalist Monochrome Blackandwhite Monotone Lifestyles Dog Family People Abstract Child Pets Canine Dog Portrait
#chamberofsecrets they don't really care about us 👊 हमसे का भूल हुई, जो ये सज़ा हमका मिली Pets Abstract People Toddler  Family Dog Portrait Headshot Child Childhood Indoors  Lifestyles Leisure Activity Innocence Human Face
#menatwork just few guys building the #shipofnoah Dog Lifestyles Family Toddler  People Abstract Males  Childhood Child Boys Pets Full Length Portrait People Canine
#blueeyed नीले गगन के तले Child Toddler  Family People Abstract Travel India Child Childhood Innocence
#variety of expressions लहू मुँह लग गया #happyholi India Children Streets Travel Abstract People Enjoyment Child Childhood Togetherness Festival
#SeventeenAgain इस प्यार को क्या नाम दूँ Streets Travel Abstract People Togetherness Bonding Couple - Relationship Leisure Activity Emotion Love
#escapefromalcatraz the world is a prison in which solitary confinement is preferable...Karl Kraus People Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Abstract Travel Bird Sparrow Rock Nature Plant Leaf Close-up
#SurgicalStrike Travel Abstract Sky Low Angle View Bird Blue Perching Nature
#goodbyeagain पीठ दिखाया पत्तों ने Travel Abstract Leaf Tree Nature Close-up Selective Focus Tranquility Sunlight Leaf Vein
#PeasandCarrots मटरगश्ती Family People Abstract Toddler  Child Vegetable Childhood Food Lifestyles Freshness Casual Clothing
#BlahBlahBlah "there's something you should know about me. when i say "i understand", it doesn't mean i agree. it doesn't mean i understand. it doesn't even mean i'm listening to you" Toddler  Abstract Child Childhood Lifestyles Casual Clothing Innocence Two People Leisure Activity People Togetherness Family
#theindianinthecupboard तोसे नैना लागे पिया सांवरे नहीं बस में अब ये जिया सांवरे तोसे नैना लागे मिली रौशनी तोसे मन जो लागा मिली ज़िंदगी People Abstract Child Family Toddler  Childhood Child Emotion Smiling Lifestyles Happiness Casual Clothing Leisure Activity Gesturing Front View Innocence Hand
#thegrandbudapesthotel थोड़ी सी तो लिफ़्ट करा दे inspired by the lobby boy, Zero, #tonyrevolori Livelihood People Abstract Travel Lifestyles Elevator
#firstman जो है समाँ, कल हो न हो the glass is reflecting the simplicity from the past, the time when, there were plants, the dog, one of the earliest domesticated animal and of course, the wheel, an invention which sped up the evolution. Transportation Monotone Blackandwhite Monochrome Dog Travel Abstract People Plant Leaf Nature Animal Wheel
#hottubtimemachine डूबा डूबा रहता हूँ Bath Time People Abstract Childhood Child Portrait Leisure Activity Floating On Water
#hacksawridge निकले हैं मैदाँ में हम जां हथेली पर लेकर अब देखो दम लेंगे हम जा के अपनी मंज़िल पर Travel Nature Ladakh Abstract Landscapes Transportation Army Arid Climate Arid Landscape Barren Extreme Terrain Eroded Geology
#lightsinthedusk चल अकेला, चल अकेला, चल अकेला तेरा मेला पीछे छूटा राही चल अकेला पूरा खेल अभी जीवन का तूने कहाँ है खेला चल अकेला... Abstract Travel Full Length Communication People City
#humptydumpty जीने की तुम से, वजह मिल गयी है, बड़ी बेवजह जिन्दगी जा रही थी Child People Travel Abstract Family Full Length Leisure Activity Staircase Cute Innocence Brick
#theravineofgoodbye ये वादियाँ, ये फ़िज़ाएं बुला रही हैं तुम्हें ख़ामोशियों की सदाएं बुला रही हैं तुम्हें Travel Nature Ladakh River Landscapes Backgrounds Full Frame Textured  Pattern Abstract Blue Rough Close-up Riverbank
#colorsoflife राम करे कभी हो के बड़ा तू बन के बादल गगन में उड़े जो भी तुझे देखे वो ये कहे किस माँ का ऐसा दुलारा है तू चंदा है तू, मेरा सूरज है तू... #shotoniphone Women Family Mother Abstract People Childhood Innocence
#wingsoffire target locked, ready to launch a #seagull just showing off it's flying skills Travel Nature Abstract Birds Bird Spread Wings Sea Flying Seagull Water Bird Black-headed Gull Sea Bird Beak Migrating Avian
#lovebirds सुनाई देती है जिसकी धड़कन तुम्हारा दिल या हमारा दिल है two of the three #brownheadedgull engaged in eye contact Travel Nature Ladakh Abstract Landscapes Seagull Salt - Mineral Desert Arid Climate Mountain Landscape Arid Landscape Sand Dune Arid Marram Grass Barren Geology Rugged Rocky Mountains Physical Geography
#Diva किसी की मुस्कुराहटों पे हो निसार Mother Abstract Family Livelihood Travel Abstract City Street Mumbai People Street Food Market City Small Business Retail  Outdoors
#warmingup उस बात को जाने ही दो, जिसका निशाँ कल हो ना हो two gangmen chatting with each other over a warm sun on an unusual #mumbaiwinters Livelihood Transportation Travel Abstract People Men Tree Togetherness Leisure Activity Adult Plant Bench Nature People Day
#burney ऐ साला अभी अभी हुआ यक़ीन कि आग है मुझ में कही हुई सुबह मैं जल गया सूरज को मैं निगल गया आँधियों से झगड़ रही है लौ मेरी अब मशालों सी भाड़ रही है लौ मेरी नामों निशाँ, रहे ना रहे ये कारवाँ, रहे ना रहे उजाले मैं, पी गया रोशन हुआ, जी गया क्यों सहते रहे रू-ब-रू रोशनी, हे!!! Lifestyles Fashion People Abstract Portrait Headshot Beard Real People Smoking - Activity Social Issues Cigarette  Facial Hair Bad Habit RISK Smoking Issues Smoke - Physical Structure Human Face Close-up
#FingerLickinGood Family Abstract Son People Child Childhood Eating Food Cute Lifestyles Looking At Camera Innocence Messy
#Serpentine a metro track stretching throughout the length Travel Abstract Transportation Metro Backgrounds Full Frame Aerial View Pattern Textured  Field High Angle View Aeroplane Abstract Backgrounds
#bloodorange थोड़ी सी भौंकने वाली धक-धक धक-धक धक-धक साँसें जिन में हो जुनून जुनून वो बूंदे लाल लहू की Travel Nature Ladakh Idyllic India River People Culture Dog Abstract Animals Water Full Length Animal Themes
#Bambi Hide And Seek Culture Son Child People Abstract Childhood Lifestyles Looking At Camera Leisure Activity Portrait Indoors  Innocence Casual Clothing Smiling Floral Pattern Home Interior
#pickpockets caught red handed Carromboard People Abstract Son Family Love Childhood Child Indoors  Lifestyles Home Interior Leisure Activity Innocence Boys Portrait Cute Looking Casual Clothing
#standbyme तुम मिले तो क्यूँ लगा मुझे, ख़ुद से मुलाक़ात हो गयी कुछ भी तो कहा नहीं मगर ज़िंदगी से बात हो गयी ....gulzar Livelihood Love Family Son Travel City Street Abstract Child Childhood Incidental People Indoors  Portrait Lifestyles People Innocence
#bewildered Diwali Celebrations Travel Culture Lifestyles Abstract People Family Love Son Child Childhood Boys Leisure Activity
one #happydiwali for #thedeparted Son Love Family People Abstract Lifestyles Life Culture Illuminated Glowing Indoors  Light Dark Decoration Wall - Building Feature Night Picture Frame Pendant Light Orange Color Frame
#TeaatStarbucks the other most famous address of chai wala Mumbai Tea Livelihood Culture Life Lifestyles City Street Abstract Business People
#cookiesfortune हज़ार खिड़कियाँ ऐसीं...कि हर खिड़की से दम निकले City Street Lifestyles People Travel Abstract Architecture Sky Building Exterior Built Structure Low Angle View Window Building Tall - High City Pattern Office Building Exterior Modern Tower
#spiritofmumbai चाँद सिफ़ारिश, जो करता हमारी देता वो तुमको डरा Tree Nature Life Earth City Street Travel Abstract People Tree Bare Tree Branch Plant Night Nature Moon Low Angle View Full Moon Dusk Spooky Winter Dark
#thehundredfootjourney ये आसमान...ये बादल...ये रास्ते...ये हवा हर एक चीज़ है अपनी जगह...ठिकाने से view of the road back to leh from pangong lake Travel Nature Ladakh India Earth People Landscapes Transportation Pattern Abstract Sand Dune Arid Landscape Arid Climate Extreme Terrain Eroded Wave Pattern Rugged Arid Barren Marram Grass
#finalportrait ये कौन चित्रकार है... an ice sculpture out of serendipity at Chang La pass. looks like a Chinese warrior is trying to embrace a challenge. the Chang La is a high mountain pass in Ladakh. it's thought to be the second highest motorable road in the world. Travel Nature Ladakh Earth Abstract Landscapes Snowfall Backgrounds Salt - Mineral Water Close-up Quartz Marbled Effect Textured  Rugged
#lightandshadow find beauty not only in the thing itself but in the pattern of the shadows, the light and dark which that thing provides Junichiro Tanizaki City Street Monotone Monochrome Blackandwhite People Abstract Travel Life Earth Nature Tree Pattern Full Frame Close-up Nature Shadow High Angle View Plant Wood Rough
#valleyofsaints a steady indus river cutting across the mountains to reach alchi dam Travel Nature Ladakh Rafting River Earth Abstract Landscapes Mountain Desert Salt - Mineral Blue Clear Sky Water Lake Arid Climate Sky Landscape Geology Physical Geography Rock Formation Canyon Natural Arch Rocky Mountains Natural Landmark Eroded Rugged
#hangout a thorough #cobweb in the company of #creeper Nature People Life Earth Travel Abstract Plant Part Leaf Close-up Green Color Nature Selective Focus Plant High Angle View Day Focus On Foreground Growth
#castingcouch starlets in distress Culture Blackandwhite Monochrome Monotone Lifestyles Livelihood People Travel Earth Life Close-up Focus On Foreground Plant Nature Selective Focus Twig Beauty In Nature Plant Stem Leaf Plant Part
#TheSpirit a raven sits on the snow covered mountain around KhardungLa Pass Travel Nature Ladakh Earth Life Abstract Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite Bird
#canvas खुलेआम आँचल न लहरा के चलिये Aerial View Aerial Shot Travel Nature Ladakh Earth Life Abstract Bird Flying Blue Clear Sky Spread Wings Mid-air Sky Animal Themes Seagull Sea Bird Migrating Avian Water Bird Beak
#BrownianMovement Life Abstract People Beard Real People Mid Adult Men Portrait Headshot Lifestyles Adult Males  Men Leisure Activity Human Face Eyebrow
Dog Canine Pet Nature People Son Love Family Abstract Earth Life Lifestyles Mammal One Animal Animal Mammal One Animal Animal Animal Themes Close-up Pets
#intothebhow a Bergamasco Shepherd is a breed of 🐕 with its origins in the italian alps near Bergamo, where it was originally used as a herding 🐕. it's an alert, observant and patient dog breed with good self-control and balance. this breed is suited even as a guard and companion 🐕 (source: wiki) Travel Nature Ladakh India Earth Planet Life Culture People Love Son Family Dog Abstract Animals Lifestyle Landscapes Water Sea Mountain Beach Sand Shadow Sky Landscape Horizon Over Water Calm Wave Geology Rocky Mountains Physical Geography Eroded Rugged
#BridgeStone on the way to PangongTso Travel Nature Ladakh India Earth River Planet Life Abstract Landscapes Lifestyle Blackandwhite People Culture Mountain Snow Full Frame High Angle View Terraced Field Snow Covered Snowcapped Winter Cold Snowcapped Mountain Snowfall Countryside Tire Track Rocky Mountains
#temptedtotouch all i need is the rhythm divine Culture Life People Love Son Abstract Family Lifestyle Childhood Togetherness Blue Full Length Babyhood Baby Baby Stroller Cute Bonding Toddler  Baby Clothing 12-23 Months One Baby Boy Only Bud
#IamBatman a brush footed (painted lady) butterfly Travel Nature Earth Planet Life Culture People Abstract Leaf Butterfly - Insect Insect Close-up Plant Animal Antenna Abstract Backgrounds Spread Wings
#Omen a bird flying over the khardungla pass, ladakh Travel Nature Ladakh India Earth Planet Life Backgrounds Full Frame Textured  Sunlight Close-up Stack Rock Stone - Object Rock Formation Stepping Stone Fossil Stone Pile Rough
#platooniclove कन्धों से मिलते हैं कन्धे क़दमों से क़दम मिलते हैं #ladakh Travel Abstract Transportation People Culture Earth Planet Life Lifestyle Adventure Ladakh Nature Country Defence Army Trucks Land Vehicle Sky Locomotive
#deadsnow a graffiti of #snowleopard on the streets of #lehmarket depicting it's vulnerability. (graffiti courtesy: Shirin) Travel Abstract Earth Planet Life Leh Ladakh Backgrounds Pattern Sky Close-up Architecture Street Art Graffiti Aerosol Can Painted Art Spray Paint Hip Hop Mural Scribble Vandalism ArtWork Drawing - Art Product
#MotherDairy yaks gone grazing Travel Abstract People Culture Earth Planet Life Lifestyle Ladakh Nature Yak Animals Idyllic Livelihood Cold Temperature Water Snow Winter Animal Themes Highland Cattle Cattle Horned Farm Animal Domestic Cattle Grazing Livestock Tag Livestock Countryside Domesticated Animal Tag Calf
#standingovation by #whitewingedredstart in ladakh Travel Abstract Planet Earth Life Birds Colour Ladakh Nature Sand Dune Backgrounds Full Frame High Angle View Pattern Close-up Calm Abstract Backgrounds Countryside Mid Distance Headland
#TheCureinOrange Travel Abstract People Culture Earth Planet Colour Leh Ladakh Idyllic Architecture Sky Building Exterior Built Structure Wall - Building Feature Abstract Backgrounds
#atouchofzen ज़रा हट के...ज़रा बच के...ये है #bombaymerijaan Travel Abstract Earth Planet Life Water Birds Nature Fishing Full Frame Sand Close-up Paw Print Track - Imprint FootPrint Droplet Water Drop Waterfront Abstract Backgrounds Light Painting Marbled Effect Sandy Beach
#glimpsesoftheworldhistory that's the window from where the God peeps; a home in the middle of #leh market, #ladakh Travel Abstract People Culture Earth Planet Life Lifestyle Leh Ladakh Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Color Gradient Geometric Shape Seamless Pattern Abstract Backgrounds Geometry Square Shape Light Painting
#jacksparrow keeping an eye on for his mates Travel Abstract Earth Planet Life Culture Leh Ladakh Nature Birds Sparrow Tree Close-up Tiny Songbird
#blackpearl Abstract People Culture Earth Planet Life Dog Family Love Studio Shot Communication Close-up
#MammaMia on his first birthday, our son taking notice of someone beautiful Mother Abstract People Culture Life Lifestyle Fashion Parents Child Son Party Birthday Child Childhood Togetherness Multi Colored Bonding Friendship Love Happiness Girls Females
#headstart a chopper playing around the hills of #leh Travel Abstract Transportation People Earth Planet Lifestyle Adventure Ladakh Helicopter Nature Leh Snow Mountain Winter Snowcapped Mountain Mountain Range Snowfall Snowing Snowcapped Season  Extreme Weather Spruce Tree Rocky Mountains Snowflake Frozen
#mybusinessismybusiness #noneofyourbusiness Travel Abstract People Culture Pixelated Technology Men Handsome Illuminated Looking Through Window Wireless Technology Communication Mid Adult Portrait Abstract Backgrounds Double Exposure Thoughtful Pensive Thinking Multi-layered Effect See Through Transparent Glass Head And Shoulders
#Rockstars मिट्टी जैसे सपने ये कित्ता भी पलकों से झाड़ो फिर आ जाते हैं Travel Abstract Transportation People Culture Earth Planet Life Adventure Leh Ladakh Biker Motorbike Nature Sand Dune Beach Backgrounds Sand Tire Track Full Frame Pattern Track - Imprint High Angle View Sunlight Soil Wave Pattern Arid Landscape Arid Climate Desert Barren
#DusttoGlory Travel Abstract Transportation People Culture Earth Planet Rider Motorbike Adventure Leh Ladakh Nature Sand Dune Men Cold Temperature Sky Motorcycle Biker Arid Climate Off-road Vehicle Rocky Mountains Rock Formation Hiker Arid Landscape