Ankit Srivastava


#minimalism fewer the trees the lesser is our enlightenment Buddhism Travel Nature Ladakh Culture People Abstract Tree Clear Sky Blue Representing Historic Blooming Snowcapped Snow Covered Flower Head
#fightclub if i could wake up in a different place, at a different time, could i wake up as a different person! Abstract Portrait Headshot Reflection People Lifestyles Transparent
#talkingtrees हरी हरी वसुंधरा पे नीला नीला ये गगन the leaves of #poplartrees feeling the gush of wind Travel Nature Ladakh Abstract Landscapes Tree Clear Sky Blue Backgrounds Sky Close-up Plant Green Color Treetop Abstract Backgrounds Color Gradient
#Bambi Hide And Seek Culture Son Child People Abstract Childhood Lifestyles Looking At Camera Leisure Activity Portrait Indoors  Innocence Casual Clothing Smiling Floral Pattern Home Interior
#gameover राजा को रानी से प्यार हो गया Fashion Train Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Mumbai Abstract People Travel Tattoo Close-up Lifestyles Focus On Foreground Leisure Activity Men
#airbud Basketball Lifestyles People Child Son Dog Indoors  High Angle View Art And Craft Pets
#amanforallseasons अटरिये से नज़र नहीं हटती नज़ारे, हम क्या देखें Pigeon Travel Nature Ladakh Idyllic Life People Abstract Sky Architecture Building Exterior Cloud - Sky Historic Passageway Archway Architectural Column Exterior Colonnade Pediment Arch
अल्लाह के बन्दे हंस दे जो भी हो कल फिर आएगा #Alive Travel Nature Ladakh Idyllic Life People Abstract Landscapes Snowfall Snowcapped Snow Covered
#District9 Travel Folklore Alien UFO Lamp Post City Street Culture People Abstract City Street Night Dark Space Nature Tranquil Scene Astronomy Outdoors
#Turbanator Autorickshaw Culture Mumbai City Street Travel Livelihood Abstract People Focus On Foreground Close-up Transportation Road Nature Outdoors Motor Vehicle Mode Of Transportation Street
#fencylvania घोड़ा है, घोड़े की...ज़रूरत है ज़िंदगी फ़िर भी यहाँ ख़ूबसूरत है a shepherd with his team of zaniskari horses grazing in the wild and making the best of the time is the pet dog catching some sleep Travel Nature Ladakh River Idyllic Culture People Abstract Animals Lifestyle Landscapes Snowfall Livelihood Beach Sand Full Frame Backgrounds High Angle View Close-up Abstract Backgrounds Scenics Horizon Over Water Rocky Mountains Wildlife
#pickpockets caught red handed Carromboard People Abstract Son Family Love Childhood Child Indoors  Lifestyles Home Interior Leisure Activity Innocence Boys Portrait Cute Looking Casual Clothing
#standbyme तुम मिले तो क्यूँ लगा मुझे, ख़ुद से मुलाक़ात हो गयी कुछ भी तो कहा नहीं मगर ज़िंदगी से बात हो गयी ....gulzar Livelihood Love Family Son Travel City Street Abstract Child Childhood Incidental People Indoors  Portrait Lifestyles People Innocence
#SuddenlyLastSummer वो अचानक आ गई, यूँ नज़र के सामने जैसे निकल आया घटा से चाँद Travel Nature Ladakh Abstract Landscapes Snowfall Road Turning Snow Cold Temperature Mountain Backgrounds Snowcapped Mountain Rugged Natural Landmark Mountain Range Extreme Terrain Geology Physical Geography Eroded Arid Landscape
#TallDarknHandsome City And Architecture Lifestyles Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite Abstract People Travel Mumbai City Street Low Angle View Architecture Built Structure Building Exterior Building Sky City Office Building Exterior Tall - High Window Modern Pattern Outdoors Skyscraper
#waferthin about cookies and chocos City Street Mumbai Travel People Abstract Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Lifestyles Building Exterior Architecture Built Structure Low Angle View Building Sky City Tall - High Office Building Exterior Window Skyscraper Day Pattern
#theiceharvest Travel Nature Ladakh Idyllic Earth Planet People Lifestyle Landscapes Snowfall Blackandwhite Monochrome Monotone Brush Stroke Abstract Close-up Abstract Backgrounds Calm Scenics Tranquility
#listenupphilip "हमको उस पोज़िसन से कोई प्रॉब्लम नहीं है...हमको उस आदमी से प्रॉब्लम है जो इस वक़्त उस पोज़िसन पर बैठा है” Dog Child Son Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite Family Love Home Abstract People Pets Mammal Dog Animal Themes Canine Animal Close-up Portrait
#silenceofthelamps Home Love Family Celebrations Culture Diwali Abstract People Belief Burning Flame Fire Candle Fire - Natural Phenomenon Heat - Temperature Illuminated Indoors  Night Glowing Spirituality Religion
#rasleela Belief People Abstract Lifestyles Culture Celebrations Diwali Candle Indoors  Illuminated Home Interior Burning Decoration Fire Flame Frame Picture Frame Home
#bewildered Diwali Celebrations Travel Culture Lifestyles Abstract People Family Love Son Child Childhood Boys Leisure Activity
one #happydiwali for #thedeparted Son Love Family People Abstract Lifestyles Life Culture Illuminated Glowing Indoors  Light Dark Decoration Wall - Building Feature Night Picture Frame Pendant Light Orange Color Frame
#TeaatStarbucks the other most famous address of chai wala Mumbai Tea Livelihood Culture Life Lifestyles City Street Abstract Business People
#onceinabluemoon happy diwali City And Architecture Abstract People City Street Building Exterior Built Structure Night Architecture Building Tourism Travel Destinations City Sky Travel Illuminated History The Past
#cookiesfortune हज़ार खिड़कियाँ ऐसीं...कि हर खिड़की से दम निकले City Street Lifestyles People Travel Abstract Architecture Sky Building Exterior Built Structure Low Angle View Window Building Tall - High City Pattern Office Building Exterior Modern Tower
#confidante सनम मेरे हमराज़ Abstract Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Travel People Portrait People Selective Focus Headshot Contemplation Dark
#potshot कैरम रमवानु, जूस पीवानु, मज्जा नी लाइफ़ Games Play Carromboard Child Son Love Family Home Abstract Life People Child Indoors  Childhood Time Lifestyles Leisure Activity Focus On Foreground Offspring
#theluminescenceofthelamp मैं रहूँ या ना रहूँ तुम मुझ में कहीं बाकी रहना Belief Culture Tree Wind Travel People Life Abstract Fire Burning Flame Fire - Natural Phenomenon Heat - Temperature Illuminated Nature Glowing Dark Oil Lamp Night Diya - Oil Lamp
#theshepherdofthehills Brook Travel Nature Ladakh Idyllic Earth Life Culture People Abstract Animals Lifestyle Landscapes Livelihood Sheep Shepherd Sunlight Scenics Abstract Backgrounds Horizon Over Water Tranquility
#SheldonsSpot in an ever-changing world, it is a single point of consistency Home Family Life Earth Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite People Abstract Lifestyles Pets Mammal Animal Animal Themes Relaxation Sleeping Indoors  Canine Dog Resting
#KeepLooking Eyes Love Lifestyles Abstract People Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Earth Life Family Home Son Love Pets Canine Dog Mammal Animal Themes Animal Black Background Portrait Close-up Looking At Camera
#plugin for nose puff Love Son Dog Home Family Life Earth Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite People Abstract Lifestyles Mammal Pets Relaxation Home Interior Dog Canine
#peakyblinders पर्वतों से आज मैं टकरा गया Travel Nature Ladakh Idyllic Earth Planet Life Abstract Landscapes Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Mountain Aerial View Sky Landscape Snowcapped Mountain Ski Track Rocky Mountains Mountain Range Full Frame Physical Geography Scenics Snowfall
#theriver i know a place where we can go to lay the troubles down eating your soul i know a place where mercy flows take the stains make you whiter than snow like a tide, it is rising up deep inside  a current that moves and makes it come alive living water that brings the dead to life, oh-oh-oh-oh we're going down to the river ...#jordanfeliz Travel Nature Ladakh Rafting Idyllic Earth River Life People Landscapes Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Mountain Winding Road Remote Sky Landscape Mountain Range Mountain Road Rocky Mountains Arid Climate Rugged Eroded Extreme Terrain Canyon Arid Landscape Geology Physical Geography
#wrinklesinneedofcuddles reflection of buildings on the glass wall of another building; the tallest of the buildings in the reflections, appears crumbling, like our dreams City Street Abstract People Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome City And Architecture Travel Window Indoors  Blinds Glass - Material Architecture Transparent Built Structure Pattern Glass
#TheTattooedOne नाम है तेरा तेरा Wind Hair Transportation Train Life Women People Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Abstract Travel Earth Close-up
#Tombstone City And Architecture Lifestyles Earth City Street Travel Abstract Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite People Low Angle View Architecture Built Structure Building Exterior Tree Sky Plant Office Tower Travel Destinations Skyscraper City
#stillalice मैं भटकता ही रहा दर्द के वीरान में वक्त लिखता रहा चेहरे पे हर पल का हिसाब मेरी शोहरत, मेरी दीवानगी की नज़र हुई पी गयी मैए की बोतल मेरे गीतों के क़िताब आज लौटा हूँ तो हस्ने की अदा भूल गया ये शहर भुला मुझे मैं भी इसे भूल गया मेरे अपने मेरे होने की निशानी माँगे आईना मुझसे मेरी पहली सी सूरत माँगे Women People Mother Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Abstract Travel City Street Earth Life Lifestyles Women
#spiritofmumbai चाँद सिफ़ारिश, जो करता हमारी देता वो तुमको डरा Tree Nature Life Earth City Street Travel Abstract People Tree Bare Tree Branch Plant Night Nature Moon Low Angle View Full Moon Dusk Spooky Winter Dark
#WeFoundLove at a hopeless place Transportation Train People Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite Abstract Travel Black Background Close-up Men Standing
#onthehorizon पास आये..दूरियां फिर भी कम ना हुईं.. एक अधूरी सी हमारी कहानी रही.. आसमां को ज़मीन, ये ज़रूरी नहीं जा मिले..जा मिले.. Travel Nature Ladakh Idyllic Earth Abstract Landscapes Snowfall Sky Depression - Land Feature Sand Dune Arid Landscape Marram Grass Atmospheric Reed - Grass Family Barren Arid Climate Rocky Mountains Countryside Arid Calm
#shivasregal whether a man is a legend or not is decided by history, not fortune-tellers. ...The Immortals of Meluha Travel Culture Abstract Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome People Architecture Old Close-up History Arch The Past Art And Craft
#returnofthejedi अरे ओ #sambha ! कितने आदमी थे? Travel Nature Ladakh Earth Life Abstract Landscapes Bird Clear Sky Rock Face Rock - Object Rock Formation Sky Rock Hoodoo Canyon Natural Landmark Rock Natural Arch Arid Rugged Eroded Geology Rocky Mountains Physical Geography Cliff Arid Landscape Arid Climate Sandstone
#thestalkingmoon People Lifestyles City Street Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite Abstract Architecture Low Angle View Night Built Structure Illuminated Building Exterior Sky Nature Building Tall - High Clear Sky Dark Moon
#thehundredfootjourney ये आसमान...ये बादल...ये रास्ते...ये हवा हर एक चीज़ है अपनी जगह...ठिकाने से view of the road back to leh from pangong lake Travel Nature Ladakh India Earth People Landscapes Transportation Pattern Abstract Sand Dune Arid Landscape Arid Climate Extreme Terrain Eroded Wave Pattern Rugged Arid Barren Marram Grass
#finalportrait ये कौन चित्रकार है... an ice sculpture out of serendipity at Chang La pass. looks like a Chinese warrior is trying to embrace a challenge. the Chang La is a high mountain pass in Ladakh. it's thought to be the second highest motorable road in the world. Travel Nature Ladakh Earth Abstract Landscapes Snowfall Backgrounds Salt - Mineral Water Close-up Quartz Marbled Effect Textured  Rugged
#DeepintheValley Travel Nature Ladakh India River Earth Landscapes Blackandwhite Monochrome Monotone Mountain Water Abstract Physical Geography Rocky Mountains Eroded Arid Landscape Rock Hoodoo Arid Climate Natural Arch Natural Landmark Canyon Rugged Geology Mountain Range Rock Formation
Fan Blackandwhite Monochrome Monotone Architecture Metal Full Frame Ceiling Pattern Backgrounds Building Illuminated
#notesonblindness that's a pair of #sunglasses found split with laughter on the street. what were they laughing at? at us of course! this was a moment of realization. all three of 'em (those two lenses and the part of frame without any lense) are there in us. at moments, we are #blind ; we get #colorblind on occasions, on rarity, we are #gifted or #sighted that #joker from the movie #meranaamjoker said it, so lyrically चश्मा उतारो, फिर देखो यारों आधी हक़ीकत, आधा फ़साना Monotone Monochrome Blackandwhite Goggles Sunglasses Fashion Culture City Street Lifestyles People Abstract Life High Angle View Close-up Selective Focus Still Life Street
#tangoandcharlie had read somewhere, sometime back, "people are prisoners of their phones, that's why these are called #cellphones ". as soon as the reflection of the wire mesh came up on this guy's mobile screen it reminded me of the same. sort of a coincidence that the guy in front of him was listening to the music through the tangled headphones, life is literally more tangled than these wires these days! Technology Cellphones Life Travel Blackandwhite Monochrome Monotone Abstract Real People People Lifestyles Transportation Selective Focus High Angle View
#keepcalmandsmokeup Culture Lifestyles People Abstract Representation Human Representation Sculpture Statue Indoors  Art And Craft Creativity Close-up Spirituality Religion Belief Craft Idol
#lightandshadow find beauty not only in the thing itself but in the pattern of the shadows, the light and dark which that thing provides Junichiro Tanizaki City Street Monotone Monochrome Blackandwhite People Abstract Travel Life Earth Nature Tree Pattern Full Frame Close-up Nature Shadow High Angle View Plant Wood Rough
#Chrysalis Death is the opening of a more subtle life. In the flower, it sets free the perfume; in the chrysalis, the butterfly; in man, the soul. ...Juliette Adam Nature Earth Life Travel Abstract People Leaf Plant Green Color Growth Close-up Nature Insect Low Angle View Beauty In Nature
#diehard नैन चक चक चक, तुझे तक तक तक People Abstract Lifestyles Blackandwhite Blackandwhite Monotone Travel City Street Building Exterior Architecture Built Structure Low Angle View Building City Office Building Exterior Modern Tall - High Office Sky Skyscraper Tower Glass - Material
#secretoftheincas on the way to khardung la a little outside the city of leh i could spot the remains of what look likes some sort of a fort. the landscapes, the soil colour made me draw a quick parallel to machu picchu because ancient aliens is so always on my mind Travel Nature Ladakh Culture Earth Monastery Relics Abstract Mountain Snow Sky Landscape Rocky Mountains Geology Mountain Range Arid Climate Natural Landmark Sand Dune Desert Physical Geography Snowcapped Mountain Rock Formation Arid Landscape Eroded Rugged
#Papillon कहे ये दिल के जा दिल की तू जहाँ भी लेके जाए आरज़ू Travel Life Monotone Blackandwhite Monochrome Abstract People Architecture Built Structure Sky Nature Building Exterior Transportation
#facade छन्न से जो टूटे कोई सपना Lifestyles People Life Abstract Monochrome Blackandwhite Monotone Travel Building Exterior Architecture Built Structure City Building Cityscape Sky Skyscraper Tall - High Tower Outdoors City Life
#oblivion फ़िर छिड़ी रात, बात पुलों की रात है या बारात रूहों की... Railway Station Livelihood Culture Life Travel Monotone Blackandwhite Abstract Monochrome People Illuminated Architecture Direction The Way Forward Arch Indoors  Lighting Equipment Walking Real People Transportation Diminishing Perspective Public Transportation Subway
#cloudia इतना ना मुझसे तू प्यार बढ़ा के मैं एक बादल आवारा कैसे किसी का सहारा बनूँ के मैं ख़ुद बेघर बेचारा Mountains Clouds Travel Nature Ladakh Earth Blackandwhite Monochrome Monotone Abstract Landscapes Aerial View Backgrounds Full Frame Close-up Sky Abstract Backgrounds
#thesandpebbles पलट...पलट...पलट a pair of brown headed gull basking Brownheadedgulls Travel Nature Ladakh Earth Life Love Landscapes Bird Perching Seagull Sand Close-up Sea Bird Water Bird Avian
#threefaces The Japanese say you have three faces. The first face, you show to the world. The second face, you show to your close friends, and your family. The third face, you never show anyone. It is the truest reflection of who you are. People Monochrome Abstract Blackandwhite Monotone Headshot Real People Portrait Close-up Leisure Activity Focus On Foreground
#valleyofsaints a steady indus river cutting across the mountains to reach alchi dam Travel Nature Ladakh Rafting River Earth Abstract Landscapes Mountain Desert Salt - Mineral Blue Clear Sky Water Lake Arid Climate Sky Landscape Geology Physical Geography Rock Formation Canyon Natural Arch Rocky Mountains Natural Landmark Eroded Rugged
#timeline पत्ता-पत्ता यहाँ, राज़दाँ है मेरा Monotone Blackandwhite Abstract Travel Monochrome Earth Life People Nature Plant Part Leaf Close-up Nature Plant Selective Focus Focus On Foreground Falling
#hangout a thorough #cobweb in the company of #creeper Nature People Life Earth Travel Abstract Plant Part Leaf Close-up Green Color Nature Selective Focus Plant High Angle View Day Focus On Foreground Growth
#castingcouch starlets in distress Culture Blackandwhite Monochrome Monotone Lifestyles Livelihood People Travel Earth Life Close-up Focus On Foreground Plant Nature Selective Focus Twig Beauty In Nature Plant Stem Leaf Plant Part
#MondayMood चल दरिया में डूब जाएँ Pangonglake Lake Ladakh Life Earth Abstract Travel Water Waterfront Beauty In Nature Day Nature Swimming Splashing Blue Outdoors Motion Bird Marine Sea
#TheSpirit a raven sits on the snow covered mountain around KhardungLa Pass Travel Nature Ladakh Earth Life Abstract Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite Bird
#canvas खुलेआम आँचल न लहरा के चलिये Aerial View Aerial Shot Travel Nature Ladakh Earth Life Abstract Bird Flying Blue Clear Sky Spread Wings Mid-air Sky Animal Themes Seagull Sea Bird Migrating Avian Water Bird Beak
#PinDropSilence Travel Nature Planet People Abstract Lifestyle Blackandwhite Transportation Monotone Monochrome Flying Mid-air Sky Airshow Fighter Plane Air Force Aerospace Industry Airfield Vapor Trail Airplane Propeller Airplane Aircraft Wing Air Vehicle Military Airplane
#bridgepassi Travel Nature Ladakh Idyllic Rafting River Earth Abstract Landscapes Lifestyle Transportation Water Lake High Angle View Calm Tranquil Scene Countryside Waterfront Scenics
#autobot चल धन्नो Autorickshaw Driver Travel City Street Livelihood People Family Abstract Lifestyles People Occupation Transportation Selective Focus
#Sleepers बस प्यार ही प्यार पले Home Dog Monotone Monochrome Blackandwhite Lifestyles Abstract Lifestyle Family Son Love People Abstract Life Dog Canine Pets Mammal Small Indoors  Portrait Lap Dog Positive Emotion Black Background Pet Owner
#BrownianMovement Life Abstract People Beard Real People Mid Adult Men Portrait Headshot Lifestyles Adult Males  Men Leisure Activity Human Face Eyebrow
#It #Joker People Abstract Culture Life Love Son Family Lifestyle Childhood Child Offspring One Person Standing Innocence Indoors  Dark Casual Clothing Looking Cute Full Length
#colourblind कोई भी साया नहीं राहों में कोई भी आएगा न बाहों में तेरे लिए, मेरे लिए, कोई नहीं रोने वाला हो झूठा भी नाता नहीं चाहों में तू ही क्यों डूबा रहे आहों में कोई किसी संग मरे, ऐसा नहीं होने वाला Earth Life People Family Abstract Loneliness Lifestyle Solitude Depression Lone Calm Escapism
#WhySoCurious Lifestyle Family Son Love Earth Life Culture Abstract People Childhood Child Real People Indoors  Leisure Activity Playing Human Hand Close-up Art And Craft Innocence
#rockstarbuddha walk your path Lifestyle Life Death Travel Nature Ladakh Earth Culture Monastery People Abstract Landscapes Buddhism Yellow Sky Close-up Architecture Built Structure Building Exterior Rough Rugged
#agonyants City Street Livelihood Insect Ants Tea Cup People Abstract Culture Table Wood - Material Indoors  Day Focus On Foreground Table Wood - Material Indoors  Day Container Focus On Foreground Still Life High Angle View Nature Wood Window Food And Drink Close-up Cup
#LifeofMi Mother City Street Life Livelihood Love Travel Lifestyles Abstract Child Childhood Child Childhood Family Togetherness People
#moonwalk जाने कितने दिनों के बाद गली में आज चाँद निकला Moon Planet Earth Abstract Blackandwhite Monochrome Monotone Travel Steps And Staircases Staircase Architecture
#DevilsAngel Travel Lifestyles People Mode Of Transportation Transportation Motor Vehicle Motorcycle Street Mode Of Transportation Transportation Motor Vehicle Motorcycle Street Black Color Retro Styled Metal Wheel Engine Luxury
#HeadintheClouds मेरे दिल ने तड़प के जब नाम, तेरा पुकारा कहाँ से ना जाने, चला आया, ये मौसम प्यारा प्यारा Travel Nature Ladakh Earth Life Abstract Environment Blue Sky Cloud - Sky Relaxing Moments Alpine Scenery
#LeSphinx Monotone Monochrome Canine Dog Pet Son Love Animals Blackandwhite People Abstract Earth Life Headshot Indoors  Portrait Dark Headshot Indoors  Portrait Dark Studio Shot Black Background Lifestyles
#howimetyourmother Railway Station Life Earth Travel Abstract People Architecture Built Structure Arch Reflection Architecture Built Structure Arch Reflection Nature Bridge
#StorminaTeaCup People Abstract Lifestyles Black Background Close-up Circle Geometric Shape Green Color Black Background Close-up Circle Geometric Shape Green Color Pattern Illuminated Reflection Nightlife
#HighWireAct Blackandwhite Travel Earth City Street Lifestyles Abstract People Architecture Building Exterior Sky City Cloud - Sky Building Architecture Building Exterior Sky City Cloud - Sky Building Low Angle View Skyscraper Outdoors Dusk Travel Earth City Street Lifestyles Abstract People Architecture Building Exterior Sky City Cloud - Sky Building Architecture Building Exterior Sky City Cloud - Sky Building Low Angle View Skyscraper Outdoors Dusk
#thedarkheight छूना चाहूँ आसमान पर ऊँचायी से फ़टती है चौंधया गयीं हैं नज़रें दिखे भी तो सिर्फ़ अँधेरा People Abstract Lifestyles Livelihood City Street Earth Travel Sky Building Exterior Architecture Built Structure Building Cloud - Sky Low Angle View Sky Building Exterior Architecture Built Structure Building Cloud - Sky Low Angle View City Skyscraper Reflection Modern
#foryourgod मैं पूजा करूं या नमाजें पढूं अरदासें करूं दिन रैन ना तू मंदिर मिले, ना तू गिरजे मिले तूझे ढूंढे थके मेरे नैन जो भी रसमें हैं वो सारी मैं निभाता हूं इन करोड़ों की तरह मैं सर झुकाता हूं भगवान है कहां रे तू हे खुदा है कहां रे तू Travel Poverty Earth Life City Street Livelihood Lifestyles Abstract People Flower Focus On Foreground Flower Focus On Foreground Close-up Basket Fragility Vulnerability
#skyisthelimit City Street People Abstract Lifestyles Building Exterior Built Structure Architecture Building Office Building Exterior City Sky Building Exterior Built Structure Architecture Building Office Building Exterior City Sky Skyscraper Low Angle View Tall - High Tower Cloud - Sky Travel Destinations Financial District
#BuddynBirdie एक मैं और एक तू मैं भूँ, तु गुटरगूँ i wanna play with u Animals Pigeon Lifestyles Life Earth Abstract Family Love Son Nature Pet Dog Lifestyles Window Lifestyles Window Leisure Activity Portrait Headshot Indoors  Looking Close-up
#riverdale दूर रहती है तू, मेरे पास आती नहीं, होठों पे तेरे, कभी प्यास, आती नहीं ऐसा लगे, जैसे के तू, हँस के ज़हर, कोई पिए जाए Travel Nature Ladakh Idyllic Rafting River Earth Abstract Landscapes Transportation Road Water Hot Spring Landscape Sky Arid Climate Geyser Physical Geography Arid Landscape Rock Formation Rocky Mountains Erupting Barren
#thewintersoldiers a herd of yaks strolling on a frozen river, trying to find whatever vegetation Travel Nature Ladakh River Earth Planet Life Culture People Abstract Animals Landscapes Snowfall Livelihood Transportation Road Snow Cold Temperature Winter Water Architecture Built Structure Countryside Snow Covered Grassland Weather Condition Greenery Country Road Lakeside Empty Road Bridge - Man Made Structure
Dog Canine Pet Nature People Son Love Family Abstract Earth Life Lifestyles Mammal One Animal Animal Mammal One Animal Animal Animal Themes Close-up Pets
#FallinLine Travel Nature Ladakh India Earth People Lifestyle Abstract Landscapes Snowfall Transportation Airline Aeroplane Aerial View Snow Mountain Cold Temperature Sky Landscape Snowcapped Mountain Tundra Mountain Range Rocky Mountains Mountain Peak Mountain Road Physical Geography Mountain Ridge Glacier
#EnterTheDragon Travel Ladakh India People Abstract Lifestyle Transportation Flying Clear Sky Photography Themes Blue Air Vehicle Helicopter Sky Aircraft Wing
#ApricotGroves the mosaic of flowers on a tree of Apricots Travel Nature Ladakh India Earth Planet Life Culture Livelihood Backgrounds Full Frame Textured  Pattern Close-up Abstract Backgrounds Blooming Marbled Effect Color Gradient Abstract Growing Flower Head Petal Pollen In Bloom Plant Life
#Wings इधर-उधर तितर-बितर क्या है पता हवा लिए जाए तेरी ओर खींचे तेरी यादें तेरी ओर Travel Nature Ladakh India Earth Planet Life Landscapes Seagull Flying Mountains Sky Full Length Adventure Skill  Motion Spread Wings Flapping Sea Bird
# Metropolis stuck at a traffic signal in a metropolis called Mumbai, my eyes catch a glimpse of hallucinating colors. i pull out my camera to capture the addictive colors of dreams, in a city where one sells his dreams for a livelihood while the other holds on to 'em just because he was a little fortunate Livelihood Poverty Life Earth Abstract Travel Family Real People Reflection Illuminated People Lifestyles
#rainoverme my body don't lie i'm outta my mind let it rain over me Travel Nature Earth Planet Life Abstract Flower Petal Pink Color Close-up Blooming Plant Petunia Zinnia  Tropical Flower Single Flower In Bloom Pollen Stamen Softness Blossom Plant Life
#BeyondTheClouds अगले मोड़ पे, मौत खड़ी है, अरे मरने की भी क्या जल्दी है हॉर्न बजा के, आ बगियन में हो दुर्घटना से देर भली है चल उड़ जा, उड़ उड़ जा, फ़ुर्र फुर्ररर Travel Nature India Ladakh Idyllic Earth Planet Landscapes Transportation Road Turn Mountain Snow Mountain Range Cloud - Sky Landscape Snowcapped Mountain Snow Covered Snowcapped Deep Snow Rocky Mountains Mountain Peak Cold Temperature