Ankit Srivastava


#insideout मैं खींचू तेरी फ़ोटो, सौ-सौ बार मुंडे Toddler  People Family Abstract Child Childhood Portrait Looking At Camera Headshot Front View Selective Focus Leisure Activity Innocence Casual Clothing Cute Outdoors
#straightupspreadout in dense woods, the trees grow straight...#latvianproverb Street Abstract Travel Night Plant Tree Growth Nature Green Color Branch Leaf Tree Trunk Forest Tranquility Foliage Lush Foliage Close-up
#theconjuring हर घर कुछ कहता है Night Travel Abstract Minimalist Monochrome Monotone Tree Architecture Building Plant Nature Window Dark Street
#ispy Lifestyles Animal Family Monotone Monochrome Minimalist Abstract Pets Indoors  Canine Dog
#fruitsofpatience Livelihood Abstract Street Livelihood Food Market Freshness Vegetable People Women Small Business Market Stall Incidental People Business
#foodpath oldies making a respectful living out of fresh produce Livelihood Street Abstract Food Vegetable People Market
#walktothemoon "that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" People Sarcasm Moon Abstract Sky Architecture
#masakali तन तान ले मुस्कान ले Pigeon Bird Minimalist Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite Abstract Architecture Silhouette
#whereamazinghappens behind your back People Abstract Family Child Childhood Child Full Length Playing Leisure Activity Boys Innocence
#moonpie he loves the lullaby, #chandahaitu so when today i showed him the moon and told him it's that very chanda, his exact words out of the disbelief were, "chanda tu!" and his expressions were no different Toddler  Child Family Abstract Sky Low Angle View Portrait Headshot Architecture
#onetoomany मैं और मेरी तिहायी, अक्सर ये बातें करते हैं Street Travel Abstract Animal Relaxation Dog Close-up Canine Outdoors
#theterminal इक दिन कहीं, हम दो मिलें, और तीसरा कोई ना हो Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Abstract People Portrait Smiling Happiness Emotion Architecture Lifestyles
#lightyears to come! मंज़िलें अपनी जगह हैं रास्ते अपनी जगह Transportation Railway Station Livelihood People Abstract Travel India Rail Transportation Track Transportation Railroad Track Illuminated Train Mode Of Transportation High Angle View Architecture Railroad Station Platform Sky Night
#ManMustBeCrazy भगवान को सर पर चढ़ा लिया Livelihood India Travel Street Abstract People Crowd Religion City
#dodgingtheconversation People Abstract Family Pets Animal Dog Canine Home Interior
#patience अपना टाइम आएगा Child Family Abstract Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite People Pets Animal Dog Canine High Angle View
#shadowworship puny humans People Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Minimalist Abstract Time Clock Number Indoors  Close-up Circle Instrument Of Time Geometric Shape Wall Clock Watch Minute Hand Communication Clock Face
#armyofshadows मेरा रंग दे बसंती चोला रंग दे, रंग दे ... रंग दे बसंती चोला माये रंग दे Street Abstract Travel Night Minimalist Monochrome Blackandwhite Monotone People Selective Focus Heat - Temperature Close-up Focus On Background
#quicksilver आया है मुझे फ़िर याद वो ज़ालिम गुज़रा ज़माना बचपन का हाय रे अकेले छोड़ के जाना और ना आना बचपन का Child People Monotone Blackandwhite Monochrome Minimalist Family Night Travel Abstract City Street Outdoors
#PigeonBreak Bird Pigeon Abstract Travel Street Sky Architecture Low Angle View The Past Nature History Art And Craft Sculpture Craft Building Exterior
#Bazzinga cat got your tongue Animal Cat Street Travel Night Abstract High Angle View
#guiltyascharged Family Minimalist Monochrome Blackandwhite Monotone Dog People Abstract Pets Animal Dog Canine Selective Focus Close-up Relaxation
#thecurseofbeingaflower Abstract People Flower Plant Flowering Plant Freshness Close-up Architecture Petal Focus On Foreground Vulnerability  Fragility Potted Plant Selective Focus
#dinnerrush i demand equality, serve my food on this very table and come sit with me! Dog Monotone Blackandwhite Monochrome Minimalist Night Family People Abstract Pets Table One Animal Mammal Domestic Domestic Animals Seat
#allout मुझे नहीं पता, छाया है क्या नशा Abstract People Family Child Toddler  Child Childhood Full Length Front View Innocence Cute
#beforesunrise सो गया ये जहान Sleeping Toddler  Child Family People Night Minimalist Monotone Monochrome Blackandwhite Abstract Relaxation Close-up
#uptheladder shadow of railings appearing as the steps of a ladder on the trunk of a tree. the weight of the shadow seems heavier than what the tree would have thought! ladders are cut out of the trees and used against them, a metaphor for how we misused the resources, the nature, to get past it. Tree Abstract Travel Blackandwhite Monochrome Monotone Minimalist Night Street Selective Focus Close-up Rusty Weathered Outdoors Damaged Nature
"keep ur #scars on your sleeve and your #heart in your hands" Sarcasm Abstract People Human Hand Focus On Foreground Close-up
#takealeafoutofhisbook flower delivery guys heading to the market Railway Station India Travel Abstract People Street City Working Occupation Retail  Market Carrying
#casualties we were crystal clear about our nature from the beginning. slowly and gradually we kept on showing our wildness by plucking those whom we found beautiful and place them in places completely alien to them. we killed the flowers to decorate our concretes. since our evolution we have been making sure that the plants/animals/flowers don't have access to any nature or environment around them to grow. we enjoy our killing, putting flowers in a vase or plucking it from the plant is also #trophyhunting Abstract People Lifestyles Monotone Blackandwhite Monochrome Minimalist Plant Flower Vase Indoors  Decoration Close-up Selective Focus Still Life
#BhowbhowRedemption Minimalist Monochrome Blackandwhite Monotone Lifestyles Dog Family People Abstract Child Pets Canine Dog Portrait
#chamberofsecrets they don't really care about us 👊 हमसे का भूल हुई, जो ये सज़ा हमका मिली Pets Abstract People Toddler  Family Dog Portrait Headshot Child Childhood Indoors  Lifestyles Leisure Activity Innocence Human Face
#menatwork just few guys building the #shipofnoah Dog Lifestyles Family Toddler  People Abstract Males  Childhood Child Boys Pets Full Length Portrait People Canine
#viewfromhammock balcony view of the deep blue sea for my spider Abstract Monotone Monochrome Blackandwhite Minimalist Cobweb Close-up
c'mon #pamper me bhow! Minimalist Lifestyles Family Blackandwhite Monochrome Monotone Abstract People Pets Canine Dog Animal Portrait
#alteryourego with the birth of a life, the countdown to its death also begins. all the happenings, mishaps, achievements, failures, or the life itself, in nutshell, is inside a coffin, much like this bottle. allow yourself to be a bubble which gets bigger as it rises up, getting detached from the surface Water People Abstract Monotone Monochrome Blackandwhite Close-up Black Background Bubble Motion
#jumpingjack दिल जमपिंग ज़पाक ज़मपक ज़मपक Blackandwhite Monochrome Night Monotone Abstract Family People Child Toddler  High Angle View Child Shadow Jumping Childhood Street
#blueeyed नीले गगन के तले Child Toddler  Family People Abstract Travel India Child Childhood Innocence
#variety of expressions लहू मुँह लग गया #happyholi India Children Streets Travel Abstract People Enjoyment Child Childhood Togetherness Festival
#goofyyellow पीला आसमाँ, हो गया Mother People Abstract Child Childhood Togetherness Family Emotion Happiness Smiling Positive Emotion
#givemered #HappyHoli रंग दे तू मोहे गेरुआ Abstract Travel People Streets Family Children India Holi People Togetherness Enjoyment Celebration
#chillarparty #hymnfortheweekend इस रंग बदलती दुनिया में क्या तेरा है क्या मेरा है #happyholi India Children Family Streets People Travel Abstract Multi Colored Celebration Holi Fun People Togetherness
#thequietones किसी राह में, किसी मोड़ पर कहीं चल ना देना, तू छोड़कर मेरे हमसफ़र, मेरे हमसफ़र Abstract Night Monotone Monochrome Blackandwhite Travel Abstract People Streets Nature
#moonalisa छुप रहा है टहनियों में चाँद यूँ Night Monotone Monochrome Blackandwhite Travel Abstract Tree Nature Night Forest Spooky Tranquility Close-up Leaf
#PeaceOut तीजा तेरा रंग था मैं तो जिया तेरे ढंग से मैं तो, तू ही था मौला, तू ही आन मौला मेरे, ले ले मेरी जान Pigeon Bird People Abstract Flag Symbol
#TheRoadHome ज़िन्दगी के सफ़र में गुज़र जाते हैं जो मकाम वो फिर नहीं आते, पतझड़ में जो फूल मुरझा जाते हैं वो बहारों के आने से खिलते नहीं Transportation Travel Blackandwhite Monochrome Monotone Abstract People Railway Station Train
#sidelined कोई होता जिसको अपना, हम अपना कह लेते यारों Railway Station People Abstract Women
#manofletters figuring out Toddler  Family Monotone Monochrome Blackandwhite Abstract People Child Childhood Portrait Cute Lifestyles Leisure Activity Innocence High Angle View Headshot
#shrapnails Fashion Woman Travel Transportation People Abstract Close-up
#cornucopia supernova to the black hole Abstract People Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Travel Food Freshness Still Life Preparation  Food And Drink Indoors  Close-up Ready-to-eat Indulgence
#PointofView बस नज़रिये की है बात Transportation Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite People Abstract Close-up Portrait Headshot Glasses
#SeventeenAgain इस प्यार को क्या नाम दूँ Streets Travel Abstract People Togetherness Bonding Couple - Relationship Leisure Activity Emotion Love
#Trapped तू इन फ़्लैट्स में तड़पता है मैं खुले आसमान में फड़फड़ाता हूँ People Abstract Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Travel Architecture City Sky Cloud - Sky
#WomanPowerSalute रात का रचा अभी हाथ से गया नहीं Fashion Woman Mehndi Transportation Travel Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite Abstract People Close-up Lifestyles
#heywhatsup चल दारू ला ना सोऊँगा, ना सोने दूँगा चल डैडु #selfie लेले रे People Abstract Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Child Family Dog Pets Portrait Lifestyles Leisure Activity
#SaveMeDaddy Family Child Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite Abstract Pets Dog Canine Lap Dog Looking Away Looking People Contemplation
#wingsofdesire एक अकेला इस शहर में रात में और दोपहर में आब-ओ-दाना ढूँढता है आशियाना ढूँढता है Sparrow Bird Travel Abstract Nature Close-up
#escapefromalcatraz the world is a prison in which solitary confinement is preferable...Karl Kraus People Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Abstract Travel Bird Sparrow Rock Nature Plant Leaf Close-up
#theboynextdoor लुका छुपी बहुत हुई, सामने आ जा ना Sparrow Bird Travel Abstract Close-up Nature
#lookout देख़ भाई देख़ Abstract Travel Close-up Nature Bird Sparrow
#SurgicalStrike Travel Abstract Sky Low Angle View Bird Blue Perching Nature
#papermoon भर आईं बैठे बैठे, जब यूँहीं आँखें Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite Abstract Travel Plant Close-up Leaf Nature Petal Fragility Vulnerability  Inflorescence Sunlight
#goodbyeagain पीठ दिखाया पत्तों ने Travel Abstract Leaf Tree Nature Close-up Selective Focus Tranquility Sunlight Leaf Vein
#eyewitness in a cat's eye, all things belong to cats...Joseph Wood Krutch Abstract Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Cat Feline Selective Focus Animal Portrait Pets Eye Close-up
#LivingonPeanuts न तुम हमें जानो, न हम तुम्हें जानें मगर लगता है कुछ ऐसा, मेरा हमदम मिल गया Livelihood Night Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite Travel Abstract People High Angle View
#prettylittleliars जहाँ चार यार मिल जायें, वहीं रात हो गुलज़ार Toddler  Abstract Child Childhood People High Angle View Casual Clothing Lifestyles Reflection Innocence
#exodus ऊपर वाला बस देख़ रहा है Travel People Abstract Occupation Men Construction Industry Architecture Construction Worker Building Exterior
#HappyBirthdayMumma Mother Abstract Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Childhood Child Family Togetherness Bonding People Innocence
#underfire ख़बरें बनतीं नहीं, बनायीं जाती हैं Travel Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite Abstract People Close-up Leisure Activity
#Introspection आज फ़िर जीने की तमन्ना है आज फ़िर मरने का इरादा है Livelihood Monochrome Blackandwhite Monotone Abstract People Building Exterior Architecture Building City Low Angle View Reflection Modern Office Building Exterior
#PeasandCarrots मटरगश्ती Family People Abstract Toddler  Child Vegetable Childhood Food Lifestyles Freshness Casual Clothing
#BlahBlahBlah "there's something you should know about me. when i say "i understand", it doesn't mean i agree. it doesn't mean i understand. it doesn't even mean i'm listening to you" Toddler  Abstract Child Childhood Lifestyles Casual Clothing Innocence Two People Leisure Activity People Togetherness Family
#theindianinthecupboard तोसे नैना लागे पिया सांवरे नहीं बस में अब ये जिया सांवरे तोसे नैना लागे मिली रौशनी तोसे मन जो लागा मिली ज़िंदगी People Abstract Child Family Toddler  Childhood Child Emotion Smiling Lifestyles Happiness Casual Clothing Leisure Activity Gesturing Front View Innocence Hand
#nostringsattached a heavily drunk backstage guitarist Toddler  Family Child Abstract Monotone Blackandwhite Monochrome Lifestyles
#sbooty it's the jeans you carry Monochrome Blackandwhite Monotone Transportation People Abstract Travel Lifestyles Casual Clothing Jeans Fashion
#rescuedawn अजनबी मोड़ है, ख़ौफ़ हर ओर है हर नज़र पे धुआं छा गया पल भर में जाने क्या खो गया आसमां ज़र्द है, आहें भी सर्द है तन से साया जुदा हो गया पल भर में जाने क्या खो गया सांस रुक सी गयी, जिस्म छिल सा गया टूटे ख़्वाबों के मंज़र पे तेरा जहां चल दिया नूर-ए-ख़ुदा, नूर-ए-ख़ुदा Travel Abstract Tranquility Nature Sunlight
#thegrandbudapesthotel थोड़ी सी तो लिफ़्ट करा दे inspired by the lobby boy, Zero, #tonyrevolori Livelihood People Abstract Travel Lifestyles Elevator
#pollenation फूलों के शहर में है घर अपना Travel Nature Ladakh Abstract Sparrow Bird Flower Backgrounds Rural Scene Sunlight Flowerbed Close-up Wildflower Blossom Flowering Plant
#firstman जो है समाँ, कल हो न हो the glass is reflecting the simplicity from the past, the time when, there were plants, the dog, one of the earliest domesticated animal and of course, the wheel, an invention which sped up the evolution. Transportation Monotone Blackandwhite Monochrome Dog Travel Abstract People Plant Leaf Nature Animal Wheel
#hottubtimemachine डूबा डूबा रहता हूँ Bath Time People Abstract Childhood Child Portrait Leisure Activity Floating On Water
#hacksawridge निकले हैं मैदाँ में हम जां हथेली पर लेकर अब देखो दम लेंगे हम जा के अपनी मंज़िल पर Travel Nature Ladakh Abstract Landscapes Transportation Army Arid Climate Arid Landscape Barren Extreme Terrain Eroded Geology
#lightsinthedusk चल अकेला, चल अकेला, चल अकेला तेरा मेला पीछे छूटा राही चल अकेला पूरा खेल अभी जीवन का तूने कहाँ है खेला चल अकेला... Abstract Travel Full Length Communication People City
#humptydumpty जीने की तुम से, वजह मिल गयी है, बड़ी बेवजह जिन्दगी जा रही थी Child People Travel Abstract Family Full Length Leisure Activity Staircase Cute Innocence Brick
#inthewonderland देखा तो यहीं है, ढूंढा तो नहीं है पल जो ये जानेवाला है Family Abstract Travel Child Childhood Leisure Activity Portrait
#brushstrokes. आओ हुज़ूर तुमको, सितारों में ले चलूँ Nature Travel Abstract Black Background Close-up Flower
#earlyman कुछ light हो जाऐ Son Family Abstract Night Illuminated Multi Colored Close-up Firework
#theravineofgoodbye ये वादियाँ, ये फ़िज़ाएं बुला रही हैं तुम्हें ख़ामोशियों की सदाएं बुला रही हैं तुम्हें Travel Nature Ladakh River Landscapes Backgrounds Full Frame Textured  Pattern Abstract Blue Rough Close-up Riverbank
#therepublic always on the guard Travel Ladakh Nature People Abstract Blackandwhite Monotone Monochrome Snow Sky Snowcapped Mountain Snowfall Mountain Range Deep Snow
#sointoyou मुझ में भूँ, तू ही तू बसा pc: wife Dog People Family Monochrome Blackandwhite Monotone Abstract Pets Lifestyles
#pentagon விரல்களின் காம்பில் பூக்கள் முளைத்தது ஆலெ ஆலெ viralgalin kaambil pookkal mulaithadhu ale ale (on tip of my fingers, flowers started blossoming) #shotoniphone Travel Abstract Flower Vulnerability  Fragility Petal Inflorescence Close-up Yellow Nature Leaf Pollen
#Whorlsome Monotone Blackandwhite Monochrome Abstract Petal Flower Fragility Freshness Vulnerability  Inflorescence Pollen Nature
#colorsoflife राम करे कभी हो के बड़ा तू बन के बादल गगन में उड़े जो भी तुझे देखे वो ये कहे किस माँ का ऐसा दुलारा है तू चंदा है तू, मेरा सूरज है तू... #shotoniphone Women Family Mother Abstract People Childhood Innocence
#dinnerisready People Monochrome Monotone Blackandwhite Abstract Night Architecture City Low Angle View Nature
#everythingsoury BhelPuri Lifestyles Mumbai City Street Abstract Livelihood Travel People Food High Angle View Freshness Still Life
#YellowStones कभी कभी शाम, ऐसे ढ़लती है, के जैसे घूँघट उतर रहा है Travel Nature Ladakh Abstract Landscapes Full Frame Backgrounds Mountain Textured  Yellow Sky Close-up Sand Dune Arid Landscape Desert Barren Depression - Land Feature Arid Climate Rugged Countryside Rocky Mountains Calm
#RareViewMirror दो दिल मिल रहे हैं, मगर चुपके चुपके People Travel Abstract Car Transportation Reflection Side-view Mirror Travel Close-up Retro Styled Focus On Foreground Night
#hardcoresofhardships a #Muslim driver, a #Sikh passenger, another passenger, a #Hindu riding together to a more or less similar end to their day ⁦ Abstract Transportation People Indoors  Lifestyles Travel
#windowsontheworld केहने को तुम लोगों से मिलते हो, हंसते हो, लेकिन तुम्हारे अंदर जो एक दुनिया है, तुम्हारे ख़्वाब, तुम्हारे सपने, वो तुम किसी से बाँटते नहीं! Travel Ladakh Monastery People Abstract Lifestyle Window Architecture Building Exterior Historic Creeper Ivy Archway
#dreaminprogress आँखों में जिसके कोई तो ख़्वाब है ख़ुश है वही जो थोड़ा बेताब है Travel Nature Ladakh People Abstract Landscapes Snowfall Monochrome Blackandwhite Monotone Window Architecture Close-up Window Frame Looking Through Window
#wingsoffire target locked, ready to launch a #seagull just showing off it's flying skills Travel Nature Abstract Birds Bird Spread Wings Sea Flying Seagull Water Bird Black-headed Gull Sea Bird Beak Migrating Avian