Andris Niedrītis

IG - @ANiedritis , usually software engineer, but In free time like playing with photography
Andris Niedrītis
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Bicycles parked on road
Lighthouse by sea against sky
Portrait of black dog on field
Rear view of men on beach against sky during sunset
View of illuminated christmas tree at night
Close-up of tree trunk in forest
Railroad tracks against sky during sunset
Scenic view of sea against clear sky
Water splashing in sea
Close-up of rabbit on field
Scenic view of beach against sky
Scenic view of sea against sky
Snow covered road amidst trees during winter
Group of people looking at music concert
Side view of people sitting at music concert
Man sitting by fire against black background
People playing at music concert
Scenic view of lake against sky at sunset
Close-up of wood on table
Dirt road amidst trees in forest
Boardwalk amidst trees in forest
Close-up of bread on table
Close-up of bread on wooden surface
Portrait of young man looking away outdoors
Scenic view of lake in forest against sky
Cat sitting on sofa
View of bridge over calm lake in forest
High angle view of fire on barbecue grill
Scenic view of sea against sky