Angie Byrd


Fall Wreath Recycle Art Diy Project
Fall Wreath Front Door
Happy 13 Birthday Dallas! Lets Go Hawks
5 short years ago. Michaeljackson IowaHawkeyes Halloween
Candy for trick or treater's. Halloween Candy Sweettooth
I don't have any little kids any more, my baby is officially a teenager. I still can't believe he has turned 13. Where has the time gone. I use to stay up with him all night cause he had colic and screamed all night long. Now he want me to stay up to watch movies or play video games with him. Dallas, Hope you have a great birthday today. Love you to the moon and back and you know Dallas if you ever need anything I will always be there for you no matter what. Can't wait until next weekend and we have that fish fry to celebrate your birthday and the house. Love, Your Mom
Dinner date at park. Dinner Date Fall Colors Weed Park
5 short years ago. The kids and I at a Iowa girls basketball game.
7th grade, Jr. High Football Football Falcons
Cardinal outside Dallas's bedroom.
Love fall and what comes with it.
What do you think?
Should I add a circle in middle and put an "H" in it or leave it as is?
Lazy Sunday.
The original front door is now red.
My beautiful daughter with some of her friends all ready to go to her Sophomore year homecoming. (Right,Gold and black dress) I am so thankful that I have friends out there that know the situation, that will send me photos of special moments in her life. I can never thank them enough for doing that for me . I appreciate it so much. :)
Dallas 13th birthday
Fall is not that far away. Love when leaves turn and the weather is so crisp.
Tiles look all new again.
Dallas wall in his room.
Dallas wall color. Going to add a dark red, gray, white strips to middle of one wall. What color of curtains should I put in there?
The kitchen colors are on the wall.
Dallas and his many characters.
I have a straight line on textured walls thanks to Pinterest. Kitchen walls are almost done.
Just 3 short years ago
Look how much my little man has grown in the last 4 years.
Bathroom walls.
Our bedroom walls.
New hair cut.
Let him sleep, so when he wakes he can move mountains.
My fut babies. Love them as much as I love my human babies.
First day of Junior High.
Dallas and his catch.
School supplies and backpack have been bought. All ready for class to start on Monday. My baby boy will be in 7th grade.
Taking after his Uncle Ryan. :)
My redone lamps for living room. They use to be gold/brass look. Think they turned out nice.
Lamp shade 1 done. Love the look.
Summer fun.
Boyz will be boyz.
Nothing better to do on a Sunday night then to search the net for hot wheels. Life of living with boys.
Many faces of us.
Just 3 short years ago.