Angelo Gifford


Out for an Ale
I wish I had a
Friday night -
Searching with
Three in Snog -
Blue Mood -
Bag men -
In Sync -
Tunnel of light
Girls night out
Swing - London,
LOL - London,
Wall of colour
Red boots -
Lazered -
Yellow -
Hat - London,
Looking up -
Patterns of
Squared off -
Into the vortex
Face off -
Dancing in the
Red hat -
Highlighted -
Wonder -
Rays - London,
Orange scalf -
A finger -
Twisting -
Through the
Feeling the
Three lights -
Statues -
Face in the
Cafe light -
London, Nov
Pathway of
Man with a
Big Guys -
Listening to
Shard of light
One foot
Street Ghosts -
The face in the
The light
Striped light -
Evening stroll
42 - York, Oct
Damp night -
Night view -
Entrance hall @
The animal
Vanishing point
Momentum @
Other Spaces,
London, Sept
London, Sept
London, Sept
London, Sept
London, Sept
London, Sept
London, Sept
London, Sept
Buildings with
Curlers -
A tilt of the
The hat problem
The amazingly
The Colour of
Hackney Wick
London, August
Wavey lines -
Intersection -
A London Place
London, August
One of life's
Impression of a
A man with
London, August
Red Glow -
Upturned feet -
A new working
Shadow patterns
August 2019
Rabbit, Rabbit
The way out of
Touching the
Visual anxiety
Shadow network
Narrow beam -

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