"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our mind!"
Staying as strong as humanly possible!
Enjoying Life
My sister picked my nose(:
Daaaaavveee! ( ' )>
The Princess
Kandy Kane Monstah
Out & About
The shells; Coral; Rocks & glass that mr. Brandon & I picked at the harbor for All of five mins!
Dead & GoNE/:
Struggling to keep my head above the water!
Paidyn Hi'ilei<3
Hi'ilei & i
Me & this lil dude today till babe gets home!
Jamba Watch :/
My picture with my BiRTHDAY BoY<3
Me and my Lil Brat<3
That pretty girl you love to hurt! She's already hurting inside! Open your eyes take a look. Your in for a big surprise! Make no mistake she is string you see! For the girl you hurt. Yes she is me! -angelicerrrrr