Orange County ca
The love for New York is unreal CentralPark ilovenewyork
Picturing Individuality
Happy shots with the soon to be wife bachelor/bachelorette party Bride TheTurnUpIsReal Groom
Bachelor and bachelorette accessories must need Groom Bride TheTurnUpIsReal
I Drew T is when I was young what happened to my artistic drawing abilities
Janice Joplin tree hippie hill Sanfrancisco Hippy Hippielife I left my heart there but but its too expensive to get it back but I can always fly there and visit
Madonna on my walls
I love it when she smiles and she says to me ""I'm happy "" and I say "I love you"
When my guy friends have more ring game then our girlfriend ring game on point
Home is whenever I'm with you engagement photos
My fiancé is beautiful wedding is coming soon Joshua Tree What I Value
What I Value the quality of life Life In Motion San Francisco Bay Area
Russel sprouts up close and personal
What I Value is the human touch , emotion,kiss,body language just living and breathing laughing crying I value being alive
Wind blowing ,dogs relaxing , it's gonna be a good day because I'm living and breathing 😀😀