Hello and thank you for visiting! I love to post not just pretty stuff, but also street urban life. I enjoy taking travel photo and video too.
Miller Knox Park - Point Richmond, Ca. 2016.
The Berkely Pier
My late friend Charlie in Worthington, Ohio R.I.P. 2012.
A deep blue sunset aboard Southwest Airlines toward Phoenix, AZ in 2009.
The road ran out in Lakeport when we reached Clearlake, Ca. June 2010.
The apartment building where i stayed in Salem, Oregon during the summer of 2007.
Self Portrait of the young man who turned 55 in 2013.
A tranquil view of the Clackamas River in Gladstone, Oregon . Oct. 2007
Posing during my tour of Columbus back in February, 2009.
Remembering a serene Sunday afternoon from May, 2012.
Something that is rare these days: Love. Carmichael California 10.27.14
House for sale in Carmichael California. Whats wrong with this picture?
Traffic moves on down 12th Street through Alkali Flat, Downtown Sacramento  10.25.14
An aging house refects days gone by near Downtown Sacramento . 10.24.14
Fluffy clouds gather near Fair Oaks Blvd to discuss how today will conclude. 10.24.14
A stately view of Globe Mills on 12th and C Streets. 10.24.14
Sad 700 block of K Street is ignored as all attention is on new Sacramento arena construction across 7th Street
Taking note of a dignified building next to the Skate Park on K Street, Downtown Sacramento . 10.15.14
Looking south on Freeport Blvd, near 4th. 10.15.14
The ominous Darth Vader Building looms over J Street from its domain on Notorious K Street.
On a clear Westport California day in July 2011, I was curious about the distant mountains.
Mendocino coastal sunset shot in June 2011 with my 2006 Polaroid Digicam.
Golden sunset over Carmichael California. 10.22.14
Point Cabrillo State Lighthouse. Aug. 2014
The General Store from a distance, in Westport California from Omega Drive. August 2014.
The ocean view beyond Westport California house back yard in July 2011.
Approaching The Queen Mary, Long Beach, Ca. May, 2013.
Lets get down to the beach near Mendocino, California. June 2011.
Westbound Hwy 20, On The Road past Fort Bragg!June 2011.
Flying over the world toward Tucson Arizona , 09.13.14
Southeast view from Mount Lemon in Tucson Arizona . Sept. 2014.
Historic Public Telephone in Locke, California. June 2014.
Westport California sunset in July 2011, taken through a blue filter.
The rink is on my left as I peer eastward on K Street.
My van hanging out near 8th Street, Downtown. 2012.
All glammed up
Sunset West at Sunset. (This one is not mine. But it makes a great cover photo)