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Chill saturday vibes
Puppy Then and now 😍😍😍
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Feliz Cumpleaños Daddysgirl 🎉🎉🎉
Family Brothers Celebration Farewell
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Throwbackthursday  Cancun Missmytan Edwardscissorhands
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😂 must meet this person Prettyfly Wifi Theoffspring
free to a good home. he's almost 4 and very well behaved. plz contact me asap
last pic with my little RC. TBT  Myfavouritecolourislighttanandmyfavouriteanimalispoopies Puppy Shepherd Lab Collie Misshim
starting the day right. Familyguy Bagofweed Saturdaywisdom Wakeandbake
Ecuadorian food and day drinking with the broads Whitewinesangria Chulpi Fritada Espumilla Foodporn
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Java house bathroom stall is making sense, think I'm Tipsy Radical Bathroomstallwriting Sangria @rza_m @mimzy_love
TBT  to Sibling Facepainting at the CNE Brother Sister Batman Catwoman Ghostbusters
seriously tho there's nothing cuter than emo love Cuteness Emo Love Cartoon
hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie Blackandwhite Cropped Connectfour Selfie SeeNoEvil 🙈
damn straight 🌟🌟🌟 Yoshi Superstar Marioparty Homesick  🌟🌟🌟
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Merry Christmas from Buddychrist /Happybirthdayjesus
this shitty weather got me day dreaming of beaches Cancun Beach
found this little gem while packing Portraitofanamericanfamily
feline warm
pearls and polka dots Modellingdays Ithinkimdrunk Peachberserk Promdress FBF
gonna miss all your pretty faces
All day, all night🎶 Nakeynakeynakey
On that Mexican Trip Chola ReDBandana Hoops Whitetank
Sunday night with my littlest hommie
Got a new tongue ring. SnakeEyes
fresh manicure...someone approves
late night crushes & wild kisses Toodrunktostand Yanomepuedoparar
Feliz Cumpleaños a mi mamita bella. Gracias x siempre estar ahí ayudando y aconsejando nos. eres mi ejemplo de fortaleza, humildad, y siempre salir adelante. te quiero mucho
view from the terrace Touchthesky / VivirEntreLasNubes
siempre luna llena Newtattoo Sleeveinprogress
feliz día pa. aunque a la distancia y no se pueda salir a celebrar te siempre estas presente. gracias x guiarnos con amor y comprensión siempre. te quiero mucho y siempre seras uno de los favoritos
tHiS iS yOUr bRaiN... tHiS iS yOUr bRaiN... tHiS iS yOUr bRaiN... oN dRuGs
Feliz cumpleaños big brother. From the days I'd be the assistant to your magician to always. Thanks for making me laugh, having my back and those long sometimes drunk conversations about life. Família Bigbrolilsis
Maybe one day we'll find the place where our dreams and reality collide Latergram Latenightswim GoToBread Manabí LaBarquita
I've made it passed the age of 27, so there's no use in dying Latergram Birthdaygirl