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Trinkets and time
Gold foil
Sounds I make.
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Whiskey and pastor George Carlin lol.
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My Poor  Egotistical Delusional Coffee Mug
Cupid Psyche Art CupidandPsyche
Puzzle  Puzzles Pieces Art Photography Elements Fragments Perspective Perspectives Fullspiral I took this.
This is my Next Snack Cheese Brie Wholewheat Crackers Wine Cabernet Honey Mint Leaves Sage Tarragon Basil this is what helps me lose weight....more whole Foods and Better snacking
Mug Mexico Thanks  Bday Gift thank you SO much elyan!!
World Maps Art Goggles Light Lamp Corner Of a room
Paris France Coffee Croissant Cigarettes Notredame Cafe
Shout out to Nena for unloading some of her surplus to me for creative disposal. Helps tame the evening so pleasantly.
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Glass Wine Nightcap Longday WorkingHard Fullspiral
Puzzle  Louvre Paris France Trip Stairs Architecture Labyrinth
Livesound Recording Music Soundengineer me at the sound board during a show.
Ive never had 17 year old, $150/bottle scotch whiskey before. Thanks to you know who! Smooth as ice and a clean taste after. Whiskey Alcohol Classy Smooth Elegant Gift Thanks
Presentation version. Blueberries Greekyogurt Snack Mint Cherries Açai Powder
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Offsetstudios Offset Recording Studio old pictures.
Recording Sound Soundengineer
Current folder inserts. Some drawings I did. Drawing Architecture Compass Brain Sketch Doodle Me
I havent even Opened the Case with this Steelstring Guitar Roundback for a Year and it was Practically Tuned already. So much Different than my Nylon Nylonstring 7am  Me while I Drink Coffee
Doctor  i Work for brings these Delicious Sandwiches when we work Together Feta Basil Mint Tarragon Lavish Sage Healthy Food Tastegasm
Did live sound at this affair Livesound Weddingcake Cake Wedding Beautiful Pink They had a food fight with this cake after they got married. ...
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Clock Time
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