Andrea Thomas


Sounds I make.
Trinkets and time
Vstar Moto Motorcycle Aquaduct Desert Antelopevalley
Gold foil
Xray Art Ink Geometry Human Skeleton
Medical Medicine Immortality :) Slowdeath Imagery
Castle Sketch I found Drawing Ink Art Scribble
Guitar Vox Amp
My art Art Drawing Ink Inkwell Calligraphy Elementals
Whiskey and pastor George Carlin lol.
Pocketwatch Gift Watch Clock
My Poor  Egotistical Delusional Coffee Mug
Shout out to Nena for unloading some of her surplus to me for creative disposal. Helps tame the evening so pleasantly.
Paris France Coffee Croissant Cigarettes Notredame Cafe
World Maps Art Goggles Light Lamp Corner Of a room
Mug Mexico Thanks  Bday Gift thank you SO much elyan!!
This is my Next Snack Cheese Brie Wholewheat Crackers Wine Cabernet Honey Mint Leaves Sage Tarragon Basil this is what helps me lose weight....more whole Foods and Better snacking
Puzzle  Puzzles Pieces Art Photography Elements Fragments Perspective Perspectives Fullspiral I took this.
Cupid Psyche Art CupidandPsyche
Offsetstudios Offset Recording Studio old pictures.
Ladybug Photography Image Photo Closeup
Getting  Good at Parallel Parking Toyota Tight Spot Georgecostanza LOL La Losangeles
Fractal Art Ostrowski Thomas Add Your Own Tag
Presentation version. Blueberries Greekyogurt Snack Mint Cherries Açai Powder
Ive never had 17 year old, $150/bottle scotch whiskey before. Thanks to you know who! Smooth as ice and a clean taste after. Whiskey Alcohol Classy Smooth Elegant Gift Thanks
Livesound Recording Music Soundengineer me at the sound board during a show.
Puzzle  Louvre Paris France Trip Stairs Architecture Labyrinth
Glass Wine Nightcap Longday WorkingHard Fullspiral
Dimmu Borgir Invisible Sandwich Probably   Too Hilarious Humor Goth Blackmetal Metal LOL Meme
Clock Time
Fullspiral Guitar More Strings to /_\
Watch Keys Postits Stuff Random Calculator Casio Morning time is the fluid of the universe
Did live sound at this affair Livesound Weddingcake Cake Wedding Beautiful Pink They had a food fight with this cake after they got married. ...
Doctor  i Work for brings these Delicious Sandwiches when we work Together Feta Basil Mint Tarragon Lavish Sage Healthy Food Tastegasm
I havent even Opened the Case with this Steelstring Guitar Roundback for a Year and it was Practically Tuned already. So much Different than my Nylon Nylonstring 7am  Me while I Drink Coffee
Current folder inserts. Some drawings I did. Drawing Architecture Compass Brain Sketch Doodle Me
Recording Sound Soundengineer
Damn Those  Were Old Guitar Strings Im Expecting A Dramatic Sound Difference
No fx. Taken with a pinhole box camera in florida back in the 90s by myself. Pinhole Camera Homes Home Florida B &w
Hairprogress Me Selfie Hair Medhair Longhair Growing Hairy  Fun Filter Feeling A Little Like Myself Again
Eiffeltower Paris France 2007 March Old Architecture
Thinking of... Breña Music Aperfectcircle Apc @a273
Poetry Writing Lyrics Fullspiral Me Rhyme Momentum Newbeginning
Guitars Guitar Ax Axe Music Musicianproblems Musician Songwriter Recording Composition Sound Soundengineer Stuff Musichappiness Fullspiral
Doodles Art Maze
Mothers violin
Flowers Beautiful Work Decorations Flower Bouquet
Went for a Jog at the Beach today. It was nice to feel the Ocean Breeze .
Art Gift Patient Sculpture Wood Female Figure Blackandwhite Black &white B &w
Aoyama Cemetery Japan 2001 Tokyo Cherryblossoms Pink Art Photography Fullspiral
Fractal Art Sublime Digital
Tattoo Tattooideas Stencil MindOverMatter
Fullspiral Guitar Music Recording Composition Sound System
Morningglory Morning Walk Vines Flower Floweringvines
Thankyou Card Friend Thankful Im Lucky to have Great People in my Life @ely_o3
Herbs Cheese Feta Tarragon Mint Basil Sage Flatbread  Sandwich Healthy Delicious Food
Pastry Paris France Lunch Raspberry Chocolate Delicious Fullspiral Eiffeltower
Transgender Trans Transfemale Hrt GirlsLikeUs Transition MTF Maletofemale Selfie Me Bangs this morning
Sunset Photography Image Sun Sol
My day. Driving Psychology Class Lahc Peninsula Rpv Cove
Chryssantha Art Doodles Occur when I Am on Hold Electricity  Tribal Pillar Vandegraff
Flowers Pink White Foliage Work Patient Purple Gratitude Hugs
Livesound Recording Studio Wedding Soundengineer Sound Live Audio Microphone Board live sound at a wedding for someone whos father owned a hospital. Big money.
Valkyrie Moto Motorcycle Ride Ocean Cliffs Rider
Bigot Judgement Religion God Dontjudgeothers Atheist Bekind Kindness Despite Diversity
Textbook Textbooks School Back2school Happiness Bridgingthegap Easy Classes Psych Biopsych Psych1 Psych2
Guitar Guitars Sound AudioEngineer Engineering Recording Fullspiral Strings Electric Hot Color Code
A couple of my old babes Moto Motorcycle 1100cc Virago Gz250 Ride Hot Desert Stuff
Xray Art Fullspiral Me Effects
enjoying some Stephenhawking the Grand Design . Physics Quantum Mechanics Beautiful Universe
Memory Tragic  Light Shade
Me Selfie Fullspiral Hairprogress Me Tattooideas Metal Color Coverface Artist
Maze Lineart Mazeart Tattooideas Tattoo Drawing Blackandwhite
Transgender Trans Legs Tattoo Tattoos Tattoochicks Tattoo Transfemale Hrt GirlsLikeUs Transition MTF Pansexual Lgbt
Disneyland Disney Pirates Caribbean Ride Favorite Place Need to Go Back
Fullspiral Recording Music Sound Mixer Signalpath Engineerproblems
Selfie Me MTF Trans Germs Mask Disease Health Healthcare Hairprogress Grubby
Hang Matchbox20
Orchids Flower Flowers Bouquet Work Loveit Hadtotakeoneseriously Branches Forest Mini Moss Beautiful
Vintage Retro Tobacco King Edward Mild Cigar Box
Transgender Trans Transfemale Hrt Progress MTF Maletofemale Selfie Me Bangs Tgirl Tg Transwoman Professional
Room Bw Goggles Necklace Pocketwatch Fragment Map Lamp Wall
Progress Hormones Transgender Hrt300 today is day 300 of hrt. Hormonereplacementtherapy Yay for me. so many changes so far..still so many to come.
Desert Life Riding Motorcycle Av Antelopevalley Lancaster GoodTimes
Doodle of the Past Art Tophat Wormhole Mouth ? Noidea What Year
hung out w @russianprincess7 and had a fun day Pinktaco Friends Mexicanfood Beverlyhills La Candid Laughter Slideshow Tattooedchicks Tattoo Transgender Tgirl Transwoman Day275 Hrt
Leaving work today gave this little joy... Sun Clouds Ocean Rpv Beautiful
Another Old Motorcycle I Owned for Awhile Rode All Over
Makeup Urbandecay Natural Pretty Pastels