Andrea Fiollera


Photos about my life and my world ;)
WATH UP Boring
I wait the bus Bus Nigh GoingOut Fun
Waiting with my friends Friends Bus Fun Funny
My new vans Shoes Vans Fashion Never Heels
Mirror Mirror Self Portrait Boring Mirror
? Self Portrait
Those flowers look like birds ?! ??Birds Flowers Garden
Chilling with the dog ? ?Fun Dog Relaxing
YUM !!! Candy Aquarium Fun Food Porn
I am a burrito ???? !!! Burrito Boring Funny Portrait
YOP Self Portrait Boring House
I couldn't resisted -_- ... But I am so happy XD! Girls, you can understand me (I hope plz). Make Up Fashion
let's work Self Portrait Work
BOO, me after my shower I look like mad XD Self Portrait Portrait Mad
my new walk shoes, they are SO confortable!!! Confortable Walking Fashion Shoes
I look so ugly, but I feel really good after workout :3 Workout Healthy Motivated
many girls have a side of their face that they don't like. In my case this is the side that I don't like. But girls, be confident and don't care about others. You are all BEAUTIFUL. Self Portrait Confident
reflexion... Boring Self Portrait
cinema festival was finish :( I can wait for the next year dear school Portrait
roses are red, violets are blue, I don't really care so... what are you going to do? Self Portrait Funny Reality
Art Painting School
yeah !!! my hair grows up. I am able to do a hair bun now, you can do it! Hair Fashion
white converse <3 Converse Shoes Fashion Confortable
hummm...K Boring I Don't Give A Shit. LOL
yeeeee spriiing!!! (NOT) Paysage Snow Cold
me when I need chocolate!!! Chocolate Hungry Self Portrait Food
agree Funny
HAHAHAHAHA OMFG I want this t-shirt XD Fashion Funny Sloth
WAZAAAAAAAA !!!!! Portrait Self Portrait Funny
my christmas gift. Converse <3. Fashion Shoes Comfortable Converse
Thanks to my vans to be in my life <3 Vans Shoes Comfortable Fashion
sometimes I'm like : let's going to do skateboard and I remember that I don't know how :/ Self Portrait Portrait Sad Damn !
when my brother says to me, I love you, I am like : Are you gonna DIE O_O ? Portrait Funny Brother Self Portrait
my mom says to me to be more girlish in my photos. Damn mom, I love u, but I prefer to be real and funny. Self Portrait Portrait Food Before...I Don't Know Everything?
hot chocolate, the paradise. I think I like to much food. Food Porn Chocolate Relaxing Morning
Hair on my face all the time. Portrait Self Portrait Hair Ginger
my face says "hello dear", but my mind says "Jesus Christ, give me some food!" Funny Portrait Self Portrait
my bitchy dog Animals Funny
Decoration in my house. Gift Vintage Decoration House travel :)
can you realize that I have only one key! Vintage Travel House
school!!! Vintage Old School
the tree in my garden Autumn Vintage Nature
Theatre!!! Art Scene Show
snow...yes I know again Cold Snow
snow... Paysages Cold
The day I turned 18 ! wow I was so mature Self Portrait Portraithaha I look like a little boy
the little routine Home Relaxing Reading GoodTimes wearing socks and sandals again :)
Helloooo humans, welcome in my world ;) !!! Self Portrait Portrait
when sweets are made of crystal è_é Food Porn Decoration
"I don't want to see u bitch" -my dog Animals Funny
yop...not very pretty, but I don't care, I am so comfortable :3 Fashion Relaxing Vintage ?
I like you so much little snow <3 Getting Inspired
me and my dear friend Valerie ;)