Malte Andersen

berlin based photographer. award winner of the german youth photoaward.
Malte Andersen
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Man riding bicycle on wall
People on street against sky on sunny day
Low angle view of airplane against clear sky
View of bare trees in sunlight
Low angle view of birds flying against blue sky
Rear view of snow on rock against sky
High angle view of woman
People walking on street against clear sky
Rear view of women looking at field against clear sky
Red leaves on land against clear blue sky
Stack of multi colored building
Close-up of yellow flowering plant
Silhouette people walking on railroad station platform
Empty seats in row
Full length of man on footpath against wall
Full length of man with umbrella
Abandoned vehicle on land against sky
Scenic view of greenhouse
Man riding bicycle on road against sky
Silhouette wind turbines on field against sky during sunset
High angle view of shirtless man swimming in water
Sheep in a field
View of dog looking away
View of a horse on field
Rear view of couple looking at camera
Low angle view of building
Low angle view of people paragliding against sky
Low angle view of kite flying against sky
Rear view of man standing on railroad station platform
Empty corridor of building
Empty road against sky during sunset
Dog on road against sky
Low angle view of skyscraper against clear sky
Full frame shot of apartment building
Man by tree in park
Close-up of table
Full frame shot of tiled floor
Women standing on stage
Low angle view of illuminated lighting equipment against black background
Blurred motion of train at railroad station
Man in illuminated tunnel
Close-up of train at railroad station
Scenic view of mountains against sky during winter
Trees in forest
Low angle view of silhouette mountain against sky
Close-up of water tower against sky
Close-up of modern office building
Modern bridge in city
Low section of man standing on road at night
High angle view of cityscape against sky
Close-up of hand holding bowl against buildings in city
People in city against sky
Close-up of fruits for sale in market
Full length of woman against building
Close-up of hands working
Railroad tracks in illuminated tunnel
Silhouette plants on field against sky during sunset
Low angle view of modern building against sky
Spiral staircase
Scenic view of field against clear sky
View of built structure
People on bridge in city against cloudy sky
Illuminated city against sky
Train at railroad station platform at night
Railway tracks in city against sky
Illuminated cityscape against sky at night
View of trees at sunset
Cityscape against sky during sunset