Andee Jean


Extrathrowback Loveyougorgeous
BFFL  missing Trey Trey @kb123012
Just imagine me o n streets of gold, riding chrome think of it like this, daddy called me Home, I ain't gone I'm right here u Just can't see me. Treytrey Haystak
I love Teena and Trey trey
Beach bum curls?
Life's short. Smile and be Gorgeous
Thank GOD for this girl! She is so Amazing ! BFFL  Gorgeousgoofballs Forever toinfinity && beyond iloveher
He wouldn't take a picture: /
Happy mother's day to all the beautiful mommies. Have a blessed day ✌♔
My Woman Candy Wednesday!! I love you baby sister @araya_loves_ WCW Bestie  Minime Gorgeous mybabygirl womenofig
On Trey Trey's wall
We have issues you would never understand us! Cousin Bestie  Love Retard
You've got to smile thru the bullshit
He was mad for a min. Bless this baby.
[Totally crying] haven't seen this since January. First time sleeping in his bed on his own house. I love you Preston Tucker Cole Garrett
Haha I love snapchat!! Boss
When everything's meant to be broken I just want you to know who I am.
Its hot!! Stay hydrated!!
Love this song always reminds me of you @chrispyyy90 Loveyou Throwbackkk
I love you tucker Cole.
Most perfect man ever!! Coloringeggs Easter MYheart Mysoul  perfectioninmyarms
That smile tho! Minime Perfectioninmyarms Truebeauty
My heart && heart beat
Number one since day one! I love you baby. Happy 5th birthday my darling. Angel Perfectioninmyarms Mommysheartbeat Truebeauty unconditional
Love the color of my eyes.
Its okay. Nothin but love over this way!
It's been a longggg day! Bedtime Where ya at?! Sleep Bigweek Highlyfavored
My whole entire heart. ??☝??© Beatsforhim Mynumberone Blessed  Tuckercole perfectioninmyarms imy ily newyearskiss
Ray Charles to the bullshit ImTheShit Youdontmatter Youcanhaveit
The face of boredom.... ohhh noooo
No doubt. Courage YouAreNotAlone andee = courage ™
Yayyyy Courtneyyyyyy ILY
Savethetatas Nomakeup Breastcancerawareness
No new friends.
Myview Missingtuck Mondaymadness
SundayFunday Shoutouttomybitches
This is what happens when you're in a hurry to go nowhere. Supastuck . TOLDYASO
Keep your head up gorgeous, they're dying to see you fall Beautiful Blessed  Loved
Chase: Tuck Tuck, you're not sharing right, it's MY TURN! Tucker: well, I wanted both our turns. Hahaha Iloveyawl Preciousboys Yawlaremyworld thisiswhatlifeisreallyabout
Andee jean wade ♥s robbie chase wade.  toinfinityandbeyon Hasmyheart . Foreverr Bestfriend loveoflife boyfriend
My man candy Monday MCM Ilovehim Perfect Gorgeousman mine foreverr
My man candy Monday ♡ Mancandymonday MCM Bestever Boyfriend bestfiend loveyou iglove foreverr
My Man Candy Monday! MCM  bestfriendIlovehim Bejealous perfectkeeperofmyheart instaloveigdaily
Cute Bestever Dayoff
Nofilterneeded LMAO Thisisreal . Bahahahaha
He had more fun then tuck.
He's too sweet. Misshim Seeyousoon Effpd
Really? Sonic WTH Whoknew
Tuck seeing pics of uncle Trey Trey.. "momma I miss my uncle Trey Trey bad" Breaksmyheart Loveyoubabybrother
Babytrevor Loveyou Rip
Love Misstreytrey Brother Iloveyou rip
Swimday Loveit
Swimday Livelife Malife <yourlife
Nofilterneeded Love
Somebody ishaving a great morning Whatilivefor
Every woman is beautiful, treat them like a queen. Gorgeous Womanarequeens Respect Instagood igdaily lovelife
He legit just laid down. Haha Lovehim Perfectioninmyarms IGDaily Instakids igdaily photooftheday love perfect
Didn't know ants got intoxicated. WTF Really Hahaha
Nobullshitbitch Youdontknowme
Stpaddyday Parade Bestie  Loveofmylife family Nothinelselikeit green love always&forever tothemoon&&back neveralone lovebeingamom
My /Angel
Perfectangel Loveofmylife
Sitting at work look down and see this WTF Yuck Laughing
Sounds familiar. Youknowwhoyouare HATER Loveit Keeptalkin iknowyourejelly
Now he wants a puppy. Love Ourson Preston_tucker_andee
Tuck  Duckface Hilarious
Loveher Wiffey Prego Babymomma
Coolfaces Fingerfaces
Can't confuse greatness. Luxurious
Random af