Anano Gelashvili

instagram: angelashvili
Anano Gelashvili
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Portrait of beautiful young woman
Portrait of woman swimming in sea
Portrait of beautiful woman
Close-up portrait of a cat
Close-up portrait of a cat
Portrait of a cat on field
Close-up of a cat looking away
Woman standing by palm tree
Close-up of purple flowers blooming outdoors
Portrait of cat
Close-up portrait of cat
Close-up portrait of cat
Tree on field against sky
Horse grazing on field against sky
Full length of woman against white background
Close-up of dandelion against black background
Close-up of cat relaxing at home
Close-up of wet green leaf
Close-up portrait of cat in bathroom
Close-up of flower
Close-up of young woman standing against wall
Close-up portrait of cat sitting at home
Close-up of candle
Young woman with dog
Road amidst trees against sky
Silhouette man standing against sky during sunset
Close-up portrait of cat at home
Rear view of woman standing against sea
Rear view of people standing on mountain against clear sky