hoarding pictures of all my friends in my wallet
bad hair and cold day
Our 2013 mini Christmas tree! <3
Meng with my present! <3
Bobby opening the money first.
Maisee with the my present!
Lily's rich with fake money in her cash register!
Lily playing with her toy cash register she got <3
Tim opening his Gordon the Train toy!
My cute little grandma getting cooking pans and a warm blanket, plus my $60 watch I got her! <3
They're more interested in the presents than Lily is lol
He's complaining cause it's hard to open the presents.
Tim roaring as he opens his present <3
Tim roaring as he opens his present!
Lily's wearing the Hello Kitty ribbons I gave her <3
Tim with his presents!
Meng with his Packers jersey he got from Grandma!
Maisee with her gift from Grandma
Lily with my present!
Dao and their Christmas tree!
my babies! <3 they got so big
Gram was trying to run away from the camera lol cutie <3
She was late to our Christmas lunch because she wanted to out on natural makeup and pretend she just woke up for the camera.
these kiddies <3
I told him to smile. He smiled...? Haha, Timothy <3
Lily being all cute in her red Christmas dress!
Lily in her red Christmas dress being all cute!
These kids watching The Polar Express and eating!
This little girl! <3