Amy Carrigan


30. Friendship. Brunch with my family. Fmsphotoaday
28. This is new. New dress for Kaylee. Fmsphotoaday First time going to church in her new dress. Hard to believe she's fitting into newborn clothes already.
27. Black & white. Chubby baby fist. Fmsphotoaday
Oh, just laying here, practicing tracking. nbd.
25. Ground. The amount of carnage that one tiny toddler can cause is astounding. Fmsphotoaday
24. D is for ... diaper. Fmsphotoaday
Thai iced coffee, made from the leftovers of my morning cuppa.
21. Fave food. An inconvenience turned into a blessing. Fmsphotoaday Our church is helping us with meals, and this meal giver went out of her way to find gluten free cookies so I could have a treat. Blessed
Oh those eyes...
I'm two weeks old. I don't need to sleep. Perhaps not, but mama does.
20. Hot. Baby won't sleep unless she's touching me. Add in a laptop & it's pretty uncomfortable. Fmsphotoaday
17. Inspirational. Ruins by Bebo Norman. Fmsphotoaday
We've had this one for ten days and I still can't believe how little she is.
15. Outside my window. Petunias from my grandma. Fmsphotoaday
14. Edible. Froyo. Fmsphotoaday
13. 4 o'clock. Coffee break. Fmsphotoaday
One week old today!
12. A bad habit. Twitter over the sleeping baby. :P Fmsphotoaday
Present. Being present with my littlest one.
11. I wore this! Jeans! Fmsphotoaday
Reading "All's Well That Ends Well" Geekling Startemyoung
This one is 40weeks today. Otterwatch
When you're supposed to be sleeping, but all you can do is stare at this face.
Fur babies spooning. Catcontent
If I survive this week without dying from the cute, it will be a miracle. Sister Love
7. Where I am. Trapped under a newborn. Fmsphotoaday
6. Fave smell. Fuzzy newborn hair is right up there. Fmsphotoaday Otterwatch
4. Red, white, and blue. Little onesie. Still empty. Fmsphotoaday
3. Cold. Ice-cold gluten-free beer recommended by my midwife. Fmsphotoaday
1. Happiness is sundown on a 97° day. #fmsphotoaday
#goldenhour water play Heartbeat Moments
Sometimes, when Mondays are hard, you just need to make a mess on purpose.
15. From above. I have the best hubby ever. #fmsphotoaday #fmsphotoaday
12. 11o'clock. #fmsphotoaday #fmsphotoaday
11. Funny. One of those funny things you find in your bed. #toddlermama #fmsphotoaday Fmsphotoaday #fmsphotoaday Turn Your Lights Down Low
#bcp #bookofcommonprayer
8. Animal. Luke found a perfectly sized box. #happycat #fmsphotoaday Fmsphotoaday #fmsphotoaday
6. Transport. Me. I'm a baby transport. #35weeks #fmsphotoaday Fmsphotoaday #fmsphotoaday
Copying letterforms to learn the art of #handlettering. #handlettering
5. Environment. #fmsphotoaday #sunset Sunset Tacoma Fmsphotoaday #fmsphotoaday
#sketch #handlettering
2. A moment... in time when all the Tupperware are clean. #fmsphotoaday Fmsphotoaday #fmsphotoaday
1. B is for birthday present. The best ones come in little boxes. :) #fmsphotoaday Fmsphotoaday #fmsphotoaday
The house got really quiet, so like any good #toddlermama, I panicked & called out for AJ. I turned around to see this. I wonder whose child she is... Jesse & I certainly wouldn't have an early reader. </ sarcasm> AravisJade
30. Tool. Learning about the gaiwan. #fmsphotoaday Fmsphotoaday #fmsphotoaday AravisJade
28. What I'm doing now. Well baby check, shots, and teriyaki. #fmsphotoaday
25. Us. #fmsphotoaday Fmsphotoaday #fmsphotoaday