Amber Gabbert


Daddy's little dancer..
Daddy's 1 fan!
Smoothie girl!
Elam and Jacoby at Crown Center. Lego Land!
Neva and Aunt Tammy..
Crown Center!
Hey you...
First ward.. good friends..
First batch of kombucha! Ready to bottle..:-)
Who needs toys when you have bubble wrap?
Loving my new tea cup gifted by one of my besties Tara Duckworth. Oh and the lovely jasmine green tea that fills it. HAPPY HOLIDAY!
Typical Saturday evening with my babes...
Sunday night with Dancing Bull..
Dinner party was a success!
We need to work on Neva's taste in beer.
Loving my new hair doo...
Kiley's 42nd..
Neva and Daddy on a walk..
All set up for Sugarplum! Come check out CLARITY this weekend at the AKMA!
Layla & Hazel's baby shower!
Dip it in the sauce.. Homemade Bodenhamer sauce.. Oh ya!!
Great way to start your day! Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Super Smoothie. Packed with Goji powder, Camu powder, Bee pollen, Pb2, Cocoa Powder, almond milk and Bananas! Mmmmm.
Fun times with my bestie in her new kitchen!
Happy Tree. Weeping Willow soap dish..
Introducing HAPPY TREE body sprays! Just made: lemongrass, patchouli, orange & clover mint.. Mmmmm, my kitchen is smelling lovely.
Happy Tree Soap! Getting ready for the holidays!
Happy 9th Birthday to my main man!
Lunch time...
I love you darlin...
Ready for date night!
Sleep? Yes please.
Many fall wreath completed. Happy Autumn!
Pretty girl. Has mamas brush stuck in her hair
Love this!
Let me down... there are things to do..
Family Fun Day!
Little Beauty
Sleeping beauty
Look who discovered crayons and coloring books! I think I have another little artist on my hands.
Happy Tree here introducing Patchouli Orange two tone soap! Will be ready for fall.
Get ready for fall! Come check out the new handmade hats and scarves! We are open today till 3 pm and then stick around for our live music yoga at 3:30!