Students life πŸ’Ž Muslim 🌚 Irfan Adly Bin Razali πŸ’ž
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eyy ✨ Good Morning πŸ’•
Ugly enoygh πŸ’”
join me to drink coke β™‘ Vscocam
I Just Want To Stay All Night Long With YouπŸ’• Im Just That Girl Who Do Make A Lot Of MistakesπŸ’” No EffectπŸ’€ Good Evening Bro ✌
Love God Creations β™‘
family goals
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Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha😚
Candid 😍 Lemme take a selfie 😚 Squad πŸ’€ Tbh im happy to take picture is there a prob?😏 Credit to: Cg Thai
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5 monthsarry
AwkwardπŸ˜’ Red theme 😍 Army Tech WatchπŸ’€ Wedding receptionπŸ’
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Goodmorning World πŸ™‹
thank you zainun sbb tolong like😍
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a girl hide their sadness more than they could say even if they look happy :') 22:11 P.M. 31 days ✨
Birthday girl 26/09/15 happy birthday 😘 1 Year 😚 Pibeday Baby Miza πŸ’• Birthday Party πŸŽ‰
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Work harder πŸ’ͺ Health improvement 😌 Jog πŸƒ Inshallah will be joining sports next year 😊
Jog πŸ”« sport 🏁 Healthy Life✈ Taman Bulatan 😚 Alone is okay 😏 16:36 pm ⏰ Ugly me πŸ’”
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Squad Goals between Guys SeascoutπŸ™‹ Smk Agama Smk Dp Smk Luak ✨ We have been a great family πŸ‘ͺ Kamsahamida πŸ™ Semoga berjumpa lagi geng ✌ 1.Zawani 2.Akim 3.Qabil 4.Haiqal 5.Mif 6.Amir 7.Amai 8.Afeez 9.Zami 10.Saf 11.Athir 12.Adam 13.Apis 14.Ewan 15.Cakoi 16.Maizizi 17.Syikin 18.Mizah 19.Mayang 20.Umi 21.Me 22.Aina 23.Fatihah Friendships Seascoutofmiri Marinabay οΌ£amp 7days6nights Majlispenutupan
No conment 🐽
ehek ehek β™‘
Jungle trekking β™‘ seascouts family β™‘ Credit to: Syikin @idontknowjstdarnit
Buruk lalu muka ku siya πŸ˜‚ Class Party ✨ Sup nigga πŸ’
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I miss that white skin tho T.T P/s: Hi Mizahβ™‘
Majlis Izin Ilmu 2015😍 friendship goals ⚽ 2 years friendship πŸ‘» 3rd FamilyπŸ‘ͺ Sweet Family 😘 Batch 00😱 PT3 Warriors 😎 Fight for it πŸ”₯ Doakan yang terbaik πŸ”« Smile untill your cheeks feel tired af πŸ˜‚ Family goalsπŸ’€ Reunion photo 😜 Thumbs upπŸ‘ Hati mesti sado πŸ‘½ Haters gonna hate us/me πŸ˜’ 3 krk✨
In love with Allah's creation 😍
Where does people find love when you have never trust loveπŸ’‘
Relaxing time πŸ’¦ Last Paper Thursday 😏 PT3 Goals πŸ˜‚ Akaun 😭 Cheering up my day πŸ’ Tambi ka πŸ˜‚
Every single day I was by your side.The end Vscocam Vscofilter Like4like Follow4follow Ootd
Full of laugh and happiness πŸ’ž Reunion Seascout smkluak smkdp πŸ™†Enjoy after taking pt3 results 🌚 Goodluck on your future guys see you again 😭 jalgaeyo 😒 *tag yourself πŸ˜‹
why do you get on my nerves 😍 Vscofilter Vscocam Like4like Follow4follow Ootd POTD Lifegoals Lifestyle Awkwardhand
Goodmorning πŸ’‹ Irfan Adly's 😘 Going to work πŸ˜ͺ
πŸ’Ž special made by:me theme: Nature Place:Taman bulatan Given Quotes by: UmmiHani
Too young πŸ˜‚
edited by: me themes: unpredictable Written by: @Ainana Place: Somewhere in your dream Quotes of the day Take a note hatersπŸ’€
Para peserta Tingkatan 3 πŸ’€Thanks for making the game interesting.You guys were awesome.And Ummi and I as the leader of this game wanted to apologize for every mistake we did on those game.Especially the game where you guys have to smell eggs mixed flour.we are sorry for that game but last game were so hard.Korea and France had to do new unexpected activities.Tahniah Germany first place😏 France second placeπŸ™Š Korea third placeπŸ”₯ Thanks to the fasilitator that helped us for two days and for whole two night just to create interesting game.Thank You SmkDp Chaiyok selagi boleh✨