Alwyn Velasquez


Boston based UI/UX designer, photographer, creative; an avid networker, people person, and geek, addicted to tech and social media.

"Memorial Day" Color AMPt_community Memorial Day
Pre-summer glow Massachusetts AMPt_community Ocean View Boats Sunset
Where falls colors AMPt_community Massachusetts Governor And AMPt - Street Ocean View Beachphotography
Seaward AMPt_community Massachusetts Seaside Sunset Ocean View
Look through Streetphotography AMPt - Street AMPt_community Seaside Massachusetts
Stark contrast in sunset AMPt - Street AMPt_community Sunset Ocean View Massachusetts
Winged AMPt_community Foodporn Foodphotography
Glass, wood and plaster AMPt_community Guitar Apartment
Relics of fishing days long past AMPt_community Massachusetts Boats Fishing
When sky and water are same AMPt_community Massachusetts Ocean View AMPt_Nature
Two houses in an open field Massachusetts AMPt_community AMPt - Street Streetphotography Sunset
Salt water inlet Streetphotography AMPt - Street AMPt_community Ocean View Massachusetts
Washington Square Arch AMPt_community Streetphotography AMPt - Street NYC Street NYC Photography
Red AMPt_community Still Life Red Wine
"Memorial Day" AMPt_community Blackandwhite Memorial Day
The trails of spaceships in the sky AMPt - Street Ocean View Beachphotography Massachusetts AMPt_community
My eyes burn from the glow Sunset Ocean View Seaside Massachusetts AMPt_community Hull
Still waters AMPt_community Massachusetts Ocean View Sunset Seaside
Oceanside AMPt_community AMPt - Street Sunset Massachusetts Ocean View
Washington Square AMPt_community Streetphotography NYC Street AMPt - Street NYC Photography
Remembering NYC Photography NYC Street AMPt - Street Streetphotography AMPt_community 911memorial