Claudia Prontera


iPhone 6S/fujifilm xt10. FromItaly-Salento On Instagram: alnilam_ Tumblr:
Claudia Prontera
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building exterior
Full frame shot of plant
High angle view of succulent plant for sale
High angle view of illuminated wine glass on table
Vintage car on street during autumn
People working at store
View of empty seats in room
Blurred motion seen through train window
Full frame shot of wall by sea
Low angle view of metallic structure against sky
Person swimming in sea
Close-up of illuminated electric lamp
Empty corridor of building
Scenic view of field against sky
Close-up of text on window
Close-up of hand holding camera
Close-up of hand on sea shore
Portrait of woman with arms raised against blue sky
High angle view of woman swimming in sea
Midsection of woman looking at sea against clear sky
People at beach against sky
Midsection of woman holding paper while standing on land
Portrait of woman holding mobile phone while sitting on tree
Clothes drying on clothesline against wall
Building by street against clear sky
Rear view of woman standing against sky
View of suspension bridge
Buildings against sky seen through window
Graffiti on wall at home
Railroad tracks by building against sky
Interior of old building
Close-up of vintage car
Close-up of ice cream cone against sea
Full length of shirtless woman standing against sky
Hand by trees in forest
Scenic view of sea against clear sky
Building seen through window of house
Low angle view of flowering plant against building
People in city by buildings against sky
People in restaurant
Buildings by sea against sky seen through glass window
Ferris wheel against sky in city
Woman sitting on rock by sea
Interior of abandoned building
Aerial view of buildings in city
Scenic view of sea against sky
Scenic view of sea against clear sky
Houses against sky in city
Low angle view of illuminated light bulb
Close-up of car
Close-up of mid section of man
Young woman standing against wall
Low section of person on bed
Close-up of blanket on bed at home
Illuminated red indoors
Midsection of woman
Close-up portrait of young woman standing against wall
Close-up of window
Close-up of car window
Low angle view of illuminated ferris wheel against sky at night
Close-up of beautiful young woman over white background
Railroad tracks in city against clear sky
Close-up of bottles in jar
Train on railroad track against sky
Close-up portrait of young woman
Illuminated road in city at night
Bare tree on field against sky
Rear view of man looking at sea
Rear view of man sitting in car
Close-up of food in kitchen
Full length of young woman sitting outdoors
Close-up of hand holding sparkler at night
Rear view of woman sitting on beach against clear sky
Silhouette of tree and sea at sunset
Stack of store for sale in market
Information sign at night
Interior of bus
Silhouette person on shore against sky during sunset
Text on illuminated sign
People in illuminated city against sky at night
Silhouette of woman
Close-up of hanging wall
Close-up of text on water
High angle view of sea waves
View of trees seen through window
Empty corridor
Crowd at music concert
Woman standing by built structure against sky
Man by sea against clear sky
Close-up of beautiful woman
Close-up of car on side-view mirror
Beautiful young woman standing against wall
Close-up portrait of woman
Close-up of rippled water
Illuminated window at night
Illuminated lights on wall at night
View of sea against clear blue sky
Boats moored on sea against clear sky