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Abandoned Places they paved paradise to put up a parking lot
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Random Bathroom Art Moldy Wall I should be in bed. But i cant sleep and amused myself with playing on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Rainy day selfie.
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..and the magic 8 balls says....
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They wanted cookies for breakfast. I said no.
Storm clouds from the other day taken with my camera phone. I should have brought my canon with me that day. Nature
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Sweet appearances can be deceiving
Happy kids Izzy and her cousin who she hasn't seen in years Canon
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I don't know who this man is. I happened to have my camera with me and he was one of many homeless souls wandering the train station in Trenton, NJ. I noticed that he keeps his hands in his face and at first glance, you would write him off as crazy--but those eyes tell a different story. Streetphotography
April 2015 Canon
Pine Motel--discovered that entire families live here and every Sunday, different churches come by to hand out food. The Asian people that own this place have a vegetable garden in the front and the woman at the front desk was very kind!
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Out picking up my oldest from her paternal grandmother 's house. It's been a while since I have been around this way. This city is so brutal-looking that it is beautiful. I didn't have my Canon with I used my phone.
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On my walk back from picking up my 4 yearbold from preschool. It really is beautiful here. Nature Outdoors Random Myzen
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Can't wait to start reading this today. Got it as a gift...cannot believe he remembered how much I love Alan Watts. The book is a bit chewed up...but that's how you can tell it is well loved. Zen Buddhism Innerpeace Alanwatts
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I happened to, by fate run into an ex of mine yesterday. It was the strangest things...while I hadn't thought of him in years...I remembered our volatile and dysfunctional relationship and the way it ended. Imagine my surprise today when I get a message for him telling me how sorry he was for how he treated me and how he had felt guilty for nearly a decade because of it. It..made my entire day. For a long time it took a while to get that dark situation from my mind..but I did. And I was so appreciative of his apology. I let him know there was no hard feelings and without even knowing that it would happen or that it was needed, we got our closure. In Taoism, the Wu-Wei means, roughly , the "un-way" "un-doing"...and it is one of the essential understanding of Zen. Its about not forcing, no doing and essentially, letting it flow naturally like water. In the abstract way of thinking I would have tried to force this apology or demand one years ago. But I simply lived and moved on and in the way that Tao works, this is what was given to me In the immortals words of Ice Cube was a good day Zen Tao  Wuwei Wuhsin Infinitepeace
I said, "do you wanna go watch tv with your grandma? " and she said, "No. Thats boring. I want to play with the yellow plastic bag."
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