Alessandro Bianchi


Photographer. Instagram @ale_s_bianchi
View on beach
Seagulls on the
Laying on
Sea Water Sky
Sea Water Sky
Cloud - Sky Sky
White sail on
Stones totem
Model Fashion
Full Length
Jane One Person
M. G. M. EyeEm
Actress Giorgia
Actress Martina
BwP EyeEm
Actress Jane
Actress Jane
bird's feather
Bare legs of
Punta ala
Standing on
Actress Jane
Sky at dawn
Sitting on pool
Jane Women One
Sh.b.n. Black
Jane’s not a
Man standing on
Red rose
Welding worker
Welding Icon
Working hard
Street in the
Heavy industry
Coffee while
A model in
Inside a pink
Pink rose
Eyeglasses on
Succulent Spine
White bonnet
Palm branches
Palm Sky Plant
Dog Dog EyeEm
Urban cityscape
Urban cityscape
Garden of house
Garden of house
Holding two
Cherries in a
Cityscape Sky
Cityscape Sky
Cityscape Sky
Two old chairs
Four Towels on
Legs and feet
Way to the
Umbrella beach
White seafood
Fly EyeEm
Metal building
Blue barrels in
Girl sitting on
Temple columns
Dog sitting on
White pills in
Entrance of
Dog sitting on
EyeEm Selects
Umbrella beach
Modern house
Dog sitting on
Dog on stairs
Insect on
White medicine
Slice of
Palm and lamp
Beach EyeEm
Mosquito in
Bicycle and
Santa Croce
Two girls legs
Boy is swimming
Glass lamp on
Halo optical
Halo optical
Chairs on grass
Old lady on the
Leather man
Green long and
Tennis court
Big truck EyeEm
Seafood with
Broken tennis