Alan Paul Smith


Scenery is there to be admired, it's always there. I love it .. a gift of the energy of the universe G O D
Nooks &
St Cuthbert's
Tree Forest
Sea Beach
Northumbria ...
The North Sea
Hardrow Force
Hardow Force a
The Essence Of
Fly-agaric Fly
Little Herdwick
A special place
Sunrise through
fly agaric Fly
Toadstool Fly
Water Leaf
Fallen and vine
Tree Toadstool
Tree Perching
Close-up Grass
A Wastwater &
Bright Space
Lush Greens,
Big Drops,
Wall through
Lulworth Cove
Love Textured
Ocean lure
No introduction
My Front Garden
Morecambe bay
Blencathra and
Langdale. Tree
Fox in the long
Three D Mapping
Panoramic of
Tree of Life.
Bowscale Tarn.
High Knott
Little Stand
Castle Rock
Ya names not
Great Langdale
Just going to
Tranquil waters
Miedurts ! Rock
Mother and
Morecambe Bay
Morecambe bay
Castle Rock, St
Prepare for
This desert is
This Shot Is
Posers In
My Most Regular
My Grandad
❤ This Day My
My Gran Muriel
My Gran Muriel
Sharp Edge
Descending From
How You Doing ?
The Second
Wolfhole Crag A
Sheepless Shoop
Stickle Tarn
Herdwick Sheep
Carving Carved
Looking South
V Land Stream
The Sad Boulder
Some Trees In
Sheep Runs
Pavey Ark
Go Higher
Up In The
The Essence Of
Herdwick Sheep
Hartsop Dodd
The Aonach
Making Most Of
My 40th
Room With A
Looking Down
Looking Up At
Looking To Carn
The Lochaber