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"How to check out girls". #proTips #Colleague #lunchBuddy #heIsGonnaKillMeForThis Eating Out Bangalore
The guy in the hat. Hat Selfie ✌
And what do we have here ? MusicCompanion BoseHeadphones NewInTheCollection Soundtrue BoseIndia noiseCancelling CrispMusic travelCompanion HTC HtcOneography
Umm, don't say a word. Not a word. Yes, thats me pouting. Awkward I think my eye was twitching while taking a Selfie. Pout Selfie HTCOneSelfie HTC instaFilter fillTheDescriptionWithHastags
Whoa! What's with the hair? Selfie Tie haha. Instaedit Instafilter HTC HTCOneSelfie HTCOneography
? ??? ???? ?? ??? ??????. ? CoffeeTales Coffee Cappuccino FlavouredCappucccino IrishCappuccino CafeCoffeeDay ccd HTC HTCOneography instaEdit
Remember the Axe advt. where the guys used to press the counter everytime a girl used to look at them : Chikchik (Yes, we named it) This guys tops the list every single day. Friend Colleague OfficeTales lunch SurpriseClicks HTC HTCOneography
Finally. That doesn't look like a potato. Thank you very much. CoffeeTales Coffee Cappuccino Cafecoffeeday IrishCappuccino FlavouredCappucccino
A gift from a friend. Coffeemug CoffeeTales HTC Htconeography
Messed up camera. Selfie SelfieInMalls SelfieInTrailRooms StuffThatPeopleDoInMalls
With an old friend. Selfie SelfieWithAFriend Mcdonalds Nofilter HTCOneography HTC HTCOneSelfie
Lunch buddy. :? Selfie selfieWithFriends Lunch Colleague
ChristmasEVe DiscoNights DJatOffice Dancelikenooneiswatching FailedDanceMoves PinkLights
A selfie. Unfortunately the good one. :P
The cubes. SilverMagicCube ( Can you believe this name. Though I seriously doubt this is the one) Rubikscube Toys TimaPass officeCubicle paperWeight MobileStand
Who you are, actually!!
I'm afraid I don't belong to any percentage criteria. What does that make me ? ? People Problems Dontcare Icare iGotNoBetterWork
Mondayblues NoIdeaWhatIAmDoing Bitstrips Me
WintetIsComing Chill Bitstrips Avatar Me Shiver
My version of a weekend. SimplyPlayingBecauseICan XBox360Wireless Hpenvy Needforspeedrivals LazyBum Weekends Sunday
The night I watched HNY HappyNewYearTheMovie Selfie Cafecoffeeday coffeeDay OverACoffee
Just another casual day at office. Friday Tgif Selfie Htcone HTCOnography instaEdit work myCubicle stareAtTheCamera
Paparazzi , everywhere!!! GimmeABreak Sigh Inmydreams . dontTakeMyPhoto block blackAndWhite notSoPhotogenic
Reflection. Htcone HTCE8 Chandelier Lights reflection
These are serious-crazy pirates. You should be scared, really really scared. SeriousLookGoneSeriouslyBad Pirates Selfie Htcone @deepak99kiran
Round3 No,is not for everybody. It is just for me and I alone. Gulabjamun Sweet Dessert treat buffet blackPearl Bangalore foodPorn FoodManiac
After crazily eating the starters one after another, this was the Maincourse . BlackPearl Treat Birthday lunch FoodMania
TheHangingSkeleton Pirateship  Buffet Lunch treat
Icantseeyou This is precisely the reason why I can't see you. Badhairstyle Longhairproblems Blackandwhite messyHair
-_- I've awfully lot of books to read but no time. Novels Read Time
Loading the one thing I hate.
So what do we have here ? XBox360Wireless for Windows Needforspeedrivals Currentlyplaying PC
A typical weekend evening. Oh there's a laptop on the side, couldn't fit in one pic. -_- Cappuccino IrishCappuccino FrenchCroisant Samosa chocolateFantasy chocolateSyrup almostDinner Snacks Evening cafeCoffeeDay
Just decorating. Timepass Cubicle Office PhotographyIsStrictlyProhibited Shhhh. Photos MirrorMagicCube Calender Parker
CurrentlyReading Coffeetime Cafecoffeeday Cappuccino samosa chocolateFantasy
I know it looks like something to do with the Zara in the background. But no. Something Mall Thisiscool
KillerLooks And that's how I kill people with the looks. Epicfail Okbye Nike cap ccd selfie htcOne