Treat for today's celebration
Thank you Soyhan for tulips... And for your funny face
And now is ready
This gray day needs some vitamins and colors
The End = Love
Daily Romanian routine
After being outside with errands first part of the day now is work and coffee time ;)
Everything covered with vine leaves - sardines, onion, red bell pepper, chili pepper and olives (made by Soyhan)
Soyhan wrapped me in blankets so I can sweat the flu away, if he will put some woods under bed and fire them he can cook me :))
Hanging Out
Aida trying to annoy Hazel Hazel "Erim" Aida "Erim"
Mosu latest habit for evening ONLY: looking in the mirror at himself, is doing this every night (from a lot of nights ago so is not my imagination :))) Mosu "Erim"
Sardines and vine leaves by Soyhan
Nikon lens and iPhone and me
Having fun with a knife - DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME :)