Treat for today's celebration
This gray day needs some vitamins and colors
Mosu latest habit for evening ONLY: looking in the mirror at himself, is doing this every night (from a lot of nights ago so is not my imagination :))) Mosu "Erim"
And now is ready
Soyhan wrapped me in blankets so I can sweat the flu away, if he will put some woods under bed and fire them he can cook me :))
Having fun with a knife - DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME :)
Aida trying to annoy Hazel Hazel "Erim" Aida "Erim"
Thank you Soyhan for tulips... And for your funny face
Everything covered with vine leaves - sardines, onion, red bell pepper, chili pepper and olives (made by Soyhan)
Nikon lens and iPhone and me
Daily Romanian routine
After being outside with errands first part of the day now is work and coffee time ;)
Sardines and vine leaves by Soyhan
The End = Love
Hanging Out