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Here Belongs To Me
I will always be fascinated with thesr
Monday crafting!
Beautiful windy sunset!
I see the moon and the moon sees me....*this is some poem right*
I love the effect of rain!
The messy yet in sync karachi
Walk towards the light
Peeping tom 3
Peeping tom
What is this compulsion of man of attempting to immortalize their name...
Beauty in death...
One of my favourite things at work...
Let the games begin...
Through the peephole
Three headed monster...
What I miss the most!!!
@saloowa missing you so much yar...
Regretting not having my dslr on me right now
Missing class of 2009!!! Oh how I love this place!!!
The ladies behind me just said 'what the hell is she doing?!' As I took this picture.... My response 'huh! Outsiders!' Lol
I could hug it!
The most awesome thing at haunted hill!!!!! Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!
SubhanAllah is all I can say..
I walked a lot today :D
neighbourhood cat doing groceries...
Chess reminds me of my dad
Discovering new places in Islamabad. This place is called haunted hill and has this little Hot-spot shack that sells awesome snacks and shakes :D