Aida Anis


just as hedonistic and materialistic as the next person.
me taking a photo of mama taking a photo of a dessert :D
Milan fashion week ♥
Breakfast Leftovers Camera Pink
Ysl Shades Kipling Purse
Divergent Hot Topic Veronica Roth Shailene Woodley
School Assignments
twinsies ♡ Mulberry Handbag  Blue Brown
Calculus Homework School
Food Porn Desserts Granita Smores
Cat Magic Lightbox Tv
Diana Mini Diana F+ Hipster Selfie
my diverse array of ( Grey ) Sweaters and jackets . Forever 21 Cotton On
Highlights Brown Hair Selfie
Cupcakes Wondermilk Malaysia Food
Dip Dye Hair Fashion Colour Malaysia
Kenzo Fashion Sweater Cotton On #knockoff
MNG Mango Ootd Malaysia
The Bling Ring Ootd Shades Fashion
Jet She's A Genius IPod Touch
Books The Catcher In The Rye To Kill A Mocking Bird The Great Gatsby #the perks f being a wallflower #john green #the fault in our stars # looking for alaska
Cats Sits Weird her sits...
MacBook Enjoying Life Simple Life Android