Ahmad Syaaban


Sweet 17. Life keep their spins like a wheel. :)
Blood-ers on board. #throwback #blood #brothers #vacation #indonesia #batam
On our way for vacation! #throwback #indonesia #batam #family #vaction #happy
Wishing a Happy Lunar New Year to all celebrants! Enjoy the holidays. :)
Ft. Raj. :) #throwback #fisheye
Shagged laa S&W. #throwback #shagged
Now what? #throwback
Class at work. #throwback #workshop #class
Tht day in school.
Lazing Around
School boisee :) #throwback #class #bored
NM1301E. Enormous, Enthusiastic and Excellent are we. :)
Great futsal seasion cum class bonding. :)
She always knew whats best for me. :)
The apple of my eye. ;)
Great way to start our weekend. Mini gathering at Seoul. :)
Ze boiis. :)
Yesternight dining boys. :) (2)
Yesternight dining boys. :)
Goodnightzxz :)
Lazing Around
After jog 5.0km. :)
Lazing Around
301212. :)
301212. :)
My Sun-dates. :)
Late night supper at Simpang Bedok, New Hawa Restaurant. :)
From early stage of my sec. life, we shared every parts of happiness when we always remain as best buddies. :)
We build f'ships through working dazee. :)
I swear i've never met someone stupidly funny like him. Joke buddy!
Moree than just workmates. :)
#keep calm and just drink. :)
The only woman behind all those achievements and success story of mine. A million thank you to you mom for all your endless support, courage and true love you've grown on me. You're simply my everything that i live in for being the pillars of my strength
You'll never know how much you earn from the inside when you lay a smile. :)
Our fate doesn't always rely on our own pathway. It does tell from just our sketch in life. ;)
Great time working with great awesome work mates. :)
Life isn't that tough. :)