Claire Huong


Cos we sat at the back of the hilux and do siao things hahahahah Miri
Miri I am coming babyyy hahahahahahahah
Here I am.
Cos holiday so start...
Cos we wear the same cloth without inform others! Amazing
Throwback LastNight
补习好顶着大太阳 淋雨走路的感觉 真棒
Outfit day with them! Ootd Throwback
Happy Valentine Day and Happy Chap Goh Mei ! Blessed
Aborigines came from Taiwan :)
Nothing is impossible with God. Believe
Throwback. Day1
Day 1 POTD
When I am 2 years old at Sabah★☆
Let's talk about you
Still remember this?hahahaha!! Lifecampcloth YouthCamp
Cos she said that she id international model Overconfident
Which one better? Give some comment :)
Cos a lot of homework.. 293days
Friday ♚♔
一步一腳印 這就是17歲的青春
301 days.
Baking day ★
Cos today reopen school..
Sunny morning. Lastdayof2013
Why 2013 gone so fast._. Selfie
Flood is coming!!!! Flood
Last night ♡ Throwback
Maria and Joseph!! Christmas Performance
Finally done my design work!!Merry X'mas eve!!
I miss all the members of 原來是這young!!:(
Congratulations! Baptized New Life
Look so weird hahaha Selfie
My name Claire=Clay
Too lucky with a lot of wound and medicine. Too steady. :(
It's time to get ready back to the normal life.
Miss this so much:(
Crazy with them! Throwback
With Cikgu Chai:)
進得去 出不來
I'm so curious what I am doing during this past November 
Party night with them ! Throwback
A gang of crazy friendssssss 
So boringgggggggg
Awesome children camp with them! *Even they are so naughty*
Cutie pie 
上面的女生經常讓我很無言 雖然很少見面 不過還是死黨  因為不知道怎麽說也就沒告訴我她就要轉校了(要不是看到她Facebook的狀態或許我還被蒙在鼓裏*懵*) 希望你不要轉校了就忘記這邊的朋友 我去美裏的時候一定會找你出來的:)
Delicious Fruit Special Cupcake :)
When I am young :)
Hi, Mr.Holiday :)
Let's say HI to Mr.Holiday!!
Holiday mood ON!!
Sorry for the eyes hehe Throwback
Happy 16th Birthday Moses :DDD
What?! Are you kidding me?!
With the birthday baby!! HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY JAYDON!!
Awesome night with them :)
SMALL boy with his BIG bells hahaha
Damn bored holiday :(
Holiday is coming! Need more sleep 
My new phone yeaaa
Mango Mania Ice-Cream :)
Thanks gugu come back from ShangHai! NickVijucic
He is jealous! ?
He is cute as despicable me 2!♡
Keep laughing when I see this
Baptized :)
Nothing is free, everything comes with a string attached.
This book very nice :)
I am going to baptized next week!ت
MIRI soon!
LINE ahahahahahaha
Celebrate grandparent's birthday !:D Throwback Justnow
闷到发霉 Longfringe Boring
强悍的女司机 我们终于到民都鲁了!!
HAPPY 520! but I aml forever alone :(
该从何背起?? Biology
Lelong! Sold iPhone4S ,Samsung Galaxy Note2,S advance, Samsung Galaxy Nexus,Sony Xperia and Tupperware Bottle ;D Joke