Adrian Ivascu


Writer, Designer, Teenager | Aquarius, 19, Romania |
I never count the days, I make the days count. Motivation Men Style Ootd photoshop quote
Come to the BlueSide, we have Dragons. Dragon Colors Winter Ootd men
Stylish. Style Ootd Men Boots men winter
Boring class. Tattoo
Words of Wisdom
Relationship Goals
Little gentleman. Gentleman  Kid Classy Couple
Morning Light Ring
You are the best.
I never count the days, I make the days count. Classy Bowtie Red Black
Happy Halloween
According to the weather.
Another day, another tattoo. Classy Bowtie Tattoo
Designing my new agenda. Marktwain Journal
Halloween-ul a venit mai devreme la mine. Tattoo Halloween
Morning Sunshine
Don't forget to Play and have Fun .
Nu se poate crea fara muze!..
My new baby. Hermes Paris Terre
Mi-am gasit partenera pt viitorul bal de la SNSPA. Presupunand ca va exista unul. Psychobitzches Bonnie And Clyde numaistiu duet teampowers
New badass shining glasses. Yaa! Mirrors Glases Photomanipulation Black
UpgradeYourself. POWER. Authenticity Power Clarity Fun upgrade
This guy Jesse is awesome. Spent some great days with him. Splits Upgrade Bucharest
V-ati intrebat vreodata de ce ceaiul verde este maro? Green Tea Brown
Meet my old friend Jimmy. He's kinda full right now. Cupofcoffe Coffee Croissant Chocolate morning french
This is how you start your day. Coffee Croissant Morning
Morning coffee and a quote. Morning Coffee Quote
I was born with the heart of a tiger.
Red & Blue
In the light of the moon.
A bit of color in the city.
Eurotrip stop to Wasserburg.
Business and pleasure.
Little friend
Zinedine zizou Zidane
Don't push an Aquarius away, because once they are gone - they won't come back.
Hey, sexy!
Mad dog.
My lovely cat.
Heaven in mountain.
Samurai Jack.
OH, Megan!
Party all night long
This is serious shit.
Happy B-day to me!
It's all about Vodka!
Act serious, be mysterious.
Found the other piece.
India auf Wien.
Falling Down Down Down...
Cry me a river before winter will transform the tears into ice.
200 HP.
Green Eyes.
You can see the heaven through my eyes.
Senorita! How would you like to fly? That's how my queen should arrive But you still deserve the crown Or hasn't it been found?
My road just begun.
You could have the world.
We can start the party now.
Linkin Park ;x
In the mix
Oh look it's time to get up.
City of sun.
Be your own hero
My future car.
Sun in the train.
Sun behind tree
Absolut passion.
Romanian metro station.
The tree of life.
no strings attached
Burning love ;x