I'm 16 ; I Love To Drink ; Smoke ; Party ; Kick It Width Fam / Friends ; Meet New People ; Enjoy Life . #Living That Sinqqlee Life Though
I Don't Give A Fuck If I'm Fat A Niggah Better Like/Love Meh For Meh . GoodNight <3'
The Only Thing I Wanted To Do Is Be There For Yuh But I Guess Nothing I Did Worked . It's Goina Be Hard For Meh To Move On Cuz I Have Mean Ol' Feelings For Yuh But I Guess Ima Jus Have To Try Mhy Hardest . #TeamSinqqle #TeamFuckYuu #TeamImaJusGiveUp
Becuz Ima Jus Live That Single Life Not Giving A Fuck Bout A Niggah Right Now Mhy Focus Is On School ; Enjoying Life ; Smokin ; Drinking ; & Etc . #TeamSingle
Before I Left To School Today . I Don't Need For People To Like Meh ; I Don't Need Friends ; People Needa Stop Action Like They Wanna Be Coo Width Meh . If I Have To I'll Be A Loner . People Can Be A Bitch Width Meh But Better Believe That Im Not Goina Gi
Meh & Mhy Sister I Love This Bitch Width All Mhy Heart There Is Nobody Out There That Will Ever Replace Her . She's Mhy Number One Bitch Ideek What The Fuck Id Do Width Out Her . This Is Mhy Ride Or Die Chick #ILoveHer
Meh & Mhy Beautiful Girlfriend <3'
Let Meh Love Yuu