Ade Santora


Randomyvious~art | use your imagination | iphone only | indonesia | Twitter, IG, Tumblr, Momentage: @adesantora
Letters II Series IPhoneography Blackandwhite Portrait Double Exposure Monochrome Surrealism Mobile Series Check This Out
Unwrap Series Portrait Surrealism Blackandwhite Monochrome IPhoneography
Capturing Movement Freedom Taking Photos Hello World Enjoying Life Don't Be Square Portrait IPhoneography Sunset Vscocam
Scarecrow IV Shootermag Series Double Exposure Surrealism IPhoneography Portrait Abstract
Scarecrow Portrait Series IPhoneography Surrealism Shootermag
Lippen II Series Portrait Surrealism IPhoneography Icolorama Shootermag Red
Fur Series Portrait Fashion Shootermag Taking Photos IPhoneography Vscocam
Letters I Mobile Series Close-up Surrealism Monochrome Double Exposure Portrait Blackandwhite IPhoneography Check This Out Series
Linien Portrait Surrealism Shootermag Check This Out Series Blackandwhite
Upside Down Hello World Enjoying Life Taking Photos Portrait IPhoneography Shootermag Don't Be Square
Scarecrow III Portrait Series IPhoneography Surrealism Shootermag Double Exposure
Lippen O Taking Photos Portrait Icolorama Series IPhoneography Red Shootermag
Lippen Series Portrait Vscocam IPhoneography Surrealism Icolorama Abstract
Fur Shootermag Fashion Portrait Taking Photos AMPt_community
Unwrap II Close-up Series Monochrome Surrealism Portrait Blackandwhite IPhoneography Double Exposure
Intersections Check This Out Portrait IPhoneography Don't Be Square Surrealism Shootermag
Frozz Shootermag IPhoneography Portrait Taking Photos Hello World
Scarecrow II Portrait Series IPhoneography Surrealism Shootermag
Lippen III Shootermag Portrait Icolorama Series IPhoneography Red Taking Photos
Untitled Smart Simplicity Better Together Taking Photos Vscocam TheMinimals (less Edit Juxt Photography) IPhoneography