lovely view from Lantern.
And an Old Fashioned closer to being Don Draper.
Tamed the demons in our tummies at Superettes.
A galaxy of stars - perfect for both Mars and Venus! #coupecousu #WED
First look. #merchantbebe #tgif
The most tender chicken tsukune everrrrr #japanese
Dinner plans
It's here! #merchantbebe #fashion
And the chestnut went into the Baumkuchen...
Sunday is coming to an end. Ready for Monday?
Straits7, our secret love coffee. It's bittersweet, fragrant and a little spicy at times. @shangqianxie
Lunch meeting in progress.
Reward for a short week. Bring it on, Wedsy! #desserts
Quiet mornings make the best time to jot my thoughts and blessings on paper.
My favorite color, courtesy of SchulzWorks from Taiwan. #blueprintsg
proud to represent my man for his showcase #aff2013 #parconextnext #coupecousu
Did my part for the economy. Your turn now! #blueprintsg
Honey, the cranes said hi.
Good night and good luck :-)
Good morning, BLUEPRINT!
Thinking of you, always. Coffee
One more chill out...
Last coffee date before he leaves for Shanghai. Will miss our routine coffee dates... Coffee
A Bro-Junior Coffee
Dancing sea nettles
Fascination Frame It!
It must be something you said that made me funny so hard. ;)
Mind exercise: shortlisting 30 favourite portraits from 900. #SqGieWedding
Our Vogue and GQ moment. #SqGieWedding
And we are on our way :-)
Love the love and the warm service at Ling Jewellery. Big thanks to Andrew who made us VIPs. :)
Poms in the making! #SqGieWedding
Prepping the poms for this Thursday's shoot :-) #SqGieWedding
I deserve ice cream! Tgif!
Tgif. Japanese Nikka Taketsuru 12 years.
Warabi mochi
All the fish in the world!
All the fish in the world!
Back at our favourite yakitori place
Tuesday treat. Welcome to the mid-week craze.
Because it's been a trying day. #macarons #ftw
Wishing we were just sleeping like a kitty on a Monday morning.
7am run and you'll be rewarded.
A duck feast at Imperial Treasure!
Bridal hanger for #SQGieWedding. :)
Bloody Mary. Best for Sundays.
The 4Cs in life: cloudy, chilling, coffee and catty.
Well deserved coffee break