Montreal iPhonegraphy
NEM Painterly Flowerporn No Edit No Fun Garden
I need a Vacation ! No Edit No Fun NEM Painterly Beach Holiday
Thursday and things are busting out all over No Edit No Fun NEM Avantgarde NEM Abstracts Cubism
The small joys that come unexpected, unbidden : NEM Painterly No Edit No Fun Garden Happiness
What was left of a surprisingly good latte : Coffee Foodporn In My Mouf after Walking Around
My imaginary Garden will keep me going til the snow melts: NEM Painterly NEM Avantgarde Flowerporn
NEM Painterly Flowerporn NEM Still Life Flowers Spring is just a figment of my imagination...
Deepfreeze The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Ice : this is how Winter looks through my window...
NEM SciFi collaboration with my muse Alison : No Edit No Fun Galaxy Space
I have way too much jewellery, but then what goes better with a white t-shirt? The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Share One Thing About You ? Happiness is a good pair of Earrings : thanks for the invite
It's a new day, it's a New Year : First Photo 2015 No Edit No Fun in my Galaxy NEM SciFi - thanks for the invite @solunabee
My very Best Wishes to all my EyeEm friends for a Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas : Love and peace today and every day....
Life is like a box of Chocolate and mine is full of nuts - making Forrest Gumps for Christmas : The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Cookies Sweet Art
Sometimes a Christmas Tree is just incentive for us to look for the Light within - Christmas in The World Needs More Yellow
Pink Poinsettia plants for Alison: Flowerporn Efflorescence Holiday
There's always an Elephant in the room at our house during the Festive Season : The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Christmas
Festive Season The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) White Flowerporn Glorious Poinsettias at the greenhouse...
Snow Mandala ensures a White Christmas : why wait, have happy holidays now
Lamp finally for Linda : Stained Glass Lighting Interior Design
Activism Art in the Urban Landscape tells us that Fortune favours the Bold: Streetphotography Graffiti
Even Dogs enjoy a good Christmas Tree : Christmas Dog
The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) On Paper NEM Abstracts White : upcharges apply for sofa-size...
Alphabetography On Paper : NEM Avantgarde NEM Painterly First dollar made in a new venture
Alphabetography in the Urban Landscape reminds us that Signs of the Beautyofdecay are all around us
Getting ready for Christmas with peppermint white and dark Chocolate bark Sweet Art Foodporn
Remind me what Summer feels like : NEM Avantgarde No Edit No Fun NEM Abstracts
NEM Painterly last blooms of Autumn : Flowerporn Hollyhock
Technology I Can't Live Without No Edit No Fun IPhoneography Happiness is a phone full of editing apps (apologies to Charles Schulz) - these are the Tools that make my day...
Label Me Collection Sweet Art Foodporn In My Mouf Need I say more? Except thanks for the invite!
Warmer weather = dirty but thrilled Dogs : Dog Happiness Portrait
It's beginning to look a lot like NEM SciFi Christmas : even Aliens and the odd rRobotdeserve a HHoliday
Graffiti creeps into the Urban Landscape : even a Door tells artists where to go... Streetphotography
NEM SciFi Collaboration with my good friend from across the Universe :our Galaxy within and without set an NEM Mood
Golden Tools Kitchen Utensils Portrait : whisks, like people, come in all shapes and sizes and are better for some things than others...
Pop Art Kitchen Utensils and Tools : Portrait of the artist as an old chef
You never know where you'll find inspiration: NEM Memories in the girl's school Bathroom - Urban Landscape NEM Mood
Turn the corner because you may see something that was't there before Streetphotography Streetart NEM Street Urban Landscape
Because Sushi always makes delicious Foodporn : Happiness In My Mouf
Autumn Rustygoodness is a wonderful part of the Urban Landscape : NEM Mood
Autumn is an NEM Abstracts before the snows, all Golden hues.
NEM Painterly Portrait of Identity in another time : a softer NEM Mood
Identity is the name we wear to belong: Culture and Heritage at Musée McCord
Nostalgia for simpler days: NEM Memories and Culture at the Musée McCord
Kiss me and I will love you forever: Potatoes and Garlic make Foodporn In My Mouf
Ben's Restaurant Signs remind us of NEM Memories at the Musée McCord in Montréal
Even when you question faith, there's always Art : NEM SciFi NEM Abstracts NEM Submissions
Eat More Fruit : Generic Breakfast At The Airport is not really Food Porn but fills a need...
Things Organized Neatly : 1980s Precious Metals NEM Memories - it's a long story...
Things Organized Neatly : because boys aren't the only ones to love Tools - Black & White Precious Metals
A huge thank you to NEM SciFi , @fastcomet and the New Era Museum for their support and encouragement: can't express how much this means right now. Congratulations again to everyone - keep on pushing the limits...
Things Organized Neatly : Organic Vegetables Foodporn because there's only so much you can do with a turnip...
Another Thanksgiving : detail of Painting by Kent Monkman at Musée McCord - do something Good today...
Sometimes, Downtown when I am Walking Around The City  , I feel like I am going to explode Pop Art : NEM Architecture
Walking Around The City  in a Purple mood: Flowerporn in someone's Garden
Because one Window on the world is never enough: NEM Architecture Urban Landscape of the Airport
Totem Pole at Musée McCord brings NEM Memories to Culture hounds...
Money makes the World go round: but NEM Painterly makes it Beautiful - see more at
Video montage at Musée McCord : NEM Memories through aboriginal Culture
Morning Rituals : Trying to cope in a World where even Fruit has a Facebook page...
Precious Metals in the Gallery at the Musée McCord in Montréal
Purple Flowerporn in the Urban Landscape - Walking Around The City  trying to pretend I didn't miss the summer...
Somewhere Summer : NEM Painterly NEM Abstracts
Lazy Dog Nose knows it's A Dogs Life as The Purist (no Edit, No Filter)
NEM Painterly Beach Creatures know Summer is a state of mind...
While the last days of Summer slip away in Black & White : NEM Memories in Fashion
Food Porn Magazine cover for my old Friend with mad kitchen Skills
TGI Fence Post Friday in the last Dog Days Of Summer reminds me I should be Walking Around The City  exploring more of the Urban Landscape ...
Fire Hydrant in the Urban Landscape proves Rustygoodness lives on in Montréal
Unexpected gifts of Efflorescence are the best : The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Pink Flowerporn
Can never tire of good Macarons - Sweet Art in Summer
Pizza delivery in Hipster heaven : NEM Street Urban Landscape
All the birds were on vacation: where the Urban Landscape becomes Street Art in Montréal NEM Street
Let them eat cake for the The EyeEm Breakfast Club : Watermelon and Berries The Purist (no Edit, No Filter)
Those of us with no Golden parachute must rely on our wits, Skills  and Street Art Graffiti
The EyeEm Breakfast Club Chive and Feta Scones In My Garden The Purist (no Edit, No Filter)
So embroiled in work and Under Pressure that only Tiramisu can help... Sweet Art Food Porn
Hockey Madonna Street Art is so Montréal - only 56 days til sports and church collide...
My Propart carries a heavy load: Under Pressure NEM Abstracts The Purist (no Edit, No Filter)
Summer Cherry and Berries bruschetta Food Porn In My Garden
TGI Fence Post Friday behind pretty poison Berries - Urban Landscape Efflorescence
Flowerporn In My Garden - NEM Painterly Efflorescence
NEM Painterly Mandala Red NEM Abstracts
Sloppy Summer Salad Food Porn In My Garden because I don't want to see the stove til winter...
Lighthouse against Blue Sky in Summer - The Purist (no Edit, No Filter)
Monday Morning Cloudporn makes me wish I was On The Road again - NEM Street
My heart belongs under an Umbrella on a West Coast Beach in Summer
Street Art in the Urban Landscape of the Post Office at the end of the universe - or - what happens to your Mail when you are not looking...
Water over Stones reminds me that I should be on the West Coast right now - NEM Painterly
The first Garlic harvest of the year - NEM Painterly Summer Food Porn
More Pink : Shrimp Mosaic
Efflorescence Flowerporn Pink Hollyhock Popping out from the bottom up...
Good Morning Monday : Watch the week start on an NEM Painterly note...
Underground the Metro Tunnel takes us all On The Road to somewhere...
NEM Painterly NEM Memories Summer NEM Abstracts
TGI Fence Post Friday once again - the Beauty Of Decay in Rusty Goodness is everywhere in the Urban Landscape
Efflorescence Summer Flowerporn In My Garden Allium - smelly lovely!
Golden Baklava is best eaten in small doses - Sweet Art Food Porn Dessert
One way out of Traffic and into an altered Urban Landscape - NEM Street NEM Landscapes
NEM Painterly Sweet Art Food Porn - Pineapple for Khalid2202 @safari60 : because I still recall one of your first comments!
Time for another in the Tomato Series - NEM Painterly Summer Food Porn