Abigail Paul


it's all about the journey.
Abandoned Adventure Cabin Damaged Hiking Indoors  Old Outdoors Window Wood Wood - Material Woods
Cabin Cozy Dog One Animal Showcase: February Sunlight
Cliff Desert Nature Rock Rock Climbing Rock Formation Rough Sandstone
Cliff Desert Nature Rock Rock Climbing Rock Formation Rough Sandstone
Adventure Beauty In Nature Desert Joshua Tree Nature Outdoors Sandstone Showcase: February
Beauty In Nature Blooming Close-up Flower Flower Head Focus On Foreground Fragility Nature Showcase: February
Adventure Camping Land Cruiser Mountain Offroad Outdoors Rooftop Tent Showcase: February Travel Truck
My Winter Favorites Maine Snow Forest Wood New England
Xmas Winter Food Cranberries Cooking
Bird Pier California Ocean Pelican
Sheep Field Adventure Meadow Shepherd Outdoors
Boat Ocean Sea Blue
Cave Hiking Outdoors Nature Mountains
Mountain Deer Nature Adventure Hiking
Lizard Desert Valley Of Fire Sandstone
Autumn Autumn Leaves Fall Bridge Trees
Grand Canyon Toroweap Grand Canyon North Rim Adventure
Cleo loves to sleep on the windowsill. Cat Cute Sleepy Adorable Kitten
The playhouse. Also a cat. Backyard Home Red
In my garden
Going a little nutso uploading photos I took ages ago... Instagram you're giving them new life! Sunlight Raindrops Leaf Leaves Autumn Fall
Next to my house in the woods. Flower
Front garden
In the Blue Ridge Mountains, over near Tennessee...
Lobsterboat Ocean Sailing Lobsterqueen Falmouth Townlanding Pier Maine Down at the town landing on a gorgeous day.
L.L. Bean 100th anniversary/4th of July late celebration Epic Fireworks 4thofjuly Llbean
Day off on the beach. Maine Beach Popham Pophambeach Sea Ocean Waves Sand
Just another day in Portland Maine Oldport Congressstreet Oldbicycle City Street
So Portland Maine got an Urbanoutfitters while I was away. Yay Fashion Oldport Clothes Shopping
Fog Gloom Foggyroad Rainy Driving Road
Made French onion soup for dinner... Mmmmm my favorite Foodporn Frenchonionsoup Yum Dinner Gouda Homemade
Portland art walk Portland Maine Firstfridayartwalk Oldport Congressstreet Crowd Street Hipsters
Yes please! Old Truck Wine Funny
Accidentally broke off some blooms from one of my Orchids (again) but at least they make a pretty centerpiece for a week or so... Yellow Pretty Flowers Orchid Centerpiece Phalanopsis
Monhegan Island Maine Overcast Gray Cliff Coast Rocky
Monhegan island
College Thewoods Smwc Guerin Oldbuilding Frencharchitecture Indiana History Roots Loveithere
Saved this Orchid from the trash... It was about dead but after 3 months of love and babying this is what I got as a reward :) Pink Flower Flowerbuds Orchids Phalanopsis Spotted Speckled Love Pretty Beautiful Blossom
Fresh from my back yard..(took this over summer and forgot to upload) Wildmaineblueberries Fruit Blueberries Maine Blue Delicious Berries Mouthwatering Summer Fresh Homegrown
Cleo Kitty Cat Sunlight Kitten Graycat Gray Nostalgia Cozy Instahub Cute Adorable Love
Maine Beach
Yellow. Fall Autumn Trees Leaves Orange Yellow Colors Warm Wind Beauty
Excalibur Chicago Nightclub Bacheloretteparty Dancing Discoball Lights Fun
I love my plants Orchids Phals White Yellow Pretty Sunlight Afternoon
Missing home... Nofilter Nostalgia Oldpic Oldie  Atlantic Ocean Sunrise Backyard Home Love Missing Orange Pink Prettysky Instagood
Yellow Fall
Cat and sun.
Burberry Chicago
Day after thanksgiving Christmas Decorations Xmas
Tree and sun Fall Sunlight Thewoods Smwc Allmyphotosareoftrees Sunset Tree Autumn
Cuddling is the best Puppies Yorkies Cute
Feeling today like I never left New England. Snow Woods Tree Secondwinter Peaceful
This bathroom is the sexiest thing I've ever seen. Bestshowerofmylife Milenorthhotel Chicago Design Decorating
Gino's East pizza. Chicago Pizza Legend Delicious
Finally, the rain has stopped. Sun Trees Sky
Oh hello, Spring. Nofilter
Overcast skies and late French architecture. It's amazing how instagram can suddenly make you feel extra artsy for a moment. It's all an illusion.
Guardians of the flag.
Finally, open window weather is here.
Free tickets to Mattandkim last night with 30 minutes notice? Sure, why not? Lasvegas TheCosmopolitan
Oh, it's Monday.
I've started a list of "Things I Never Knew I Wanted and Definitely Don't Need." So far, it consists of this marmoset monkey.
Wynn Lasvegas
Shipwrecked. Oldpic Film Maine Monhegan Island Shipwreck
Palazzo Lasvegas
@petco Summerpets
Hot kitties are hot (after playing outside).
Of course this is comfortable, otherwise I wouldn't be laying here, duh Cat Sleeping Shoes
Mtcharlestonfire Sunset Lasvegas
Walk right in the door and *plop* I am le tired.
So, I hate to say that massive wildfires make really pretty sunsets.
This is how the cat likes to contribute to reuse and recycle.
Dancing trees.
After the rain.
Sunday morning.
Back yard flowers.
You know you have a problem when you start mail-ordering cats.
Figueroa Mountain Grancru, Granache Barrel Aged, 10.7%
White buffalo
Reason 15063 why I love my new job: the CEO buys us fancy pastries from the cafe downstairs. Also lattes. I'm going to get fat.
My Roses are blooming. Happy Spring !
Just moved offices... Loving the new Tuscan view from my desk Feelingeuropean
Typical work meeting.
Death Valley.
Life hack: forget the hose is on and you too can have an infinity pool.
Hammock life
At the office until 11pm on a Saturday. Not even complaining. I think I've crossed the threshold from "job" to "productivity addiction."
Chevy commercial
Hammock view.
Mountain meadows Nofilter
Cat bliss
My definition of "working outside."
Hey, Mantis. Nofilter