Abdulkoffa Salaeh

Think of flying, do not forget the soil that used to walk
Abdulkoffa Salaeh
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High angle view of cross on land
Close-up of mushroom growing on field
Portrait of young man standing on road
Low angle view of house against blue sky
Close-up of raindrops on glass window
Portrait of woman wearing sunglasses standing against trees
Close-up of dead fish
Close-up portrait of cute baby boy
Low section of person holding ice cream standing outdoors
Close-up of human eye
Full frame shot of firewood
Hand holding plant against wall
Full frame shot of multi colored candies
Close-up of white flowering plant
Low angle view of bare tree against clear blue sky
High angle view of flowering plants on field
Low angle view of roof of building against sky
Midsection of person holding leaf against sky
Low angle view of trees against clear blue sky
Full frame shot of stones
Road by trees against sky
High angle view of bird on rock by sea
Close-up of person holding hands
Close-up of dry plant on land
Scenic view of land against blue sky
Close-up of hand holding light over black background