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Oh my god. The beards. Help me. Turnepiketroubadours Gillioztheatre Springfieldmo
Flowers Roses Summer
And we found some food we liked, too ;) The pulled pork was yummy Cecils Foodtruck Springfield, MO Craftbeerbash
Found some brews we liked :) Selfie Beers Summertime
Making new friends Dancing Beers Fun Love these random moments :)
Craft Beer Bash Downtown Springfieldmo Beer Friends #summertime
Just a lil selfie cause it felt right Selfie Uptownboutique
Pink Flower Park Closememorialpark Springfield, MO #summer
Barn Park Sunny Day Lake #reflection #springfieldmo
Beautiful Roses Sunny Day No Filter Needed Park #summertime
Lovely day for a some kayaking along the Niangua River Nianguariver Kayaking Sunny Day Summertime
Shadows Dim Light Light And Shadow After Midnight
Lol I think this is still pretty typical for me. Better hair cut, though. Backwhen MemoryLane Imagination Theeighties kids My mom has some hot cut off's on in the background, too.
Evolution of a lash ninja. First certification with Novalash . Backwhen Eyelashextensions Lashninja lashlife simplebeauty memories
omg bathroom mirror selfie! ;) Happy Birthday Selfie Excited Fun
Perfect At The Park Enjoying The Sun Sky And Clouds Closememorialpark
Sunset at the park Park Sunset Cherry Blossoms Closememorialpark
Sleepy Izzy
Such a snuggler. Izzykitty Naptime
Just a little bit of glitter Coral Orisitorange Glitterrati Glittermani summermani thenailroom mynailtechsaresaints easyday cnd shellac
Can this be my lunch spot every Wednesday? Closememorialpark Springfieldmo Waterfall Peaceintheshade zen putawaythephone ;)
Lash ninja's tools of choice. Novalash Eyelashextensions Classic Lashwiththebest lashpro lashninja simplebeauty
Blood orange crepe and the funniest waiter ever! Perfect date with my @audreypetefish :) Aviary Farmerspark Crepesareyummy
Typical Friday activities Artwalk Wineandbooksandart Springfieldmo
Blonde lashes get a makeover :) Lashextensions Novalash Lashlife Lashesdoneright simplebeauty acaciaspa
She's pretty much a model. Izzykitty Greeneyes Sleepykitty  Catportrait nofilter
And there it is. Lol. Deepthoughts ;)
I feel like this could be a good read. By Aaron James Bookssmellgood
Cheers and congrats to Miss Jessica on her new job!!! RedRoom Springfieldmo Cheers Applesauce
Those dimples. Foreigners Cheers Finneganswake Yespleasethankyou
Happy birthday, stranger. Nameplease Birthdayfun Finneganswake Cheers instabestie
Better. Bluemoon Sogoodonceithitsyourlips Finneganswake Celebrate jobs
They switched sashes in the bathroom. Lmao. Bride Bachelorette Twentyone Partaaaay finneganswake springfieldmo
Me and this girl. Bathroomselfie Moredrinksplease Jobs Celebrate
Yeah, they're pretty fantastic Whitemani Goldglittermani Thenailroom Shellac cnd lovenailday
Sunset Springfieldmo
Cuteness. Tucked paws, sleeping kitty. Izzykitty Purrpurrpurr Kittensnuggles
Cause this is how is Chuck D does it on Floatorious Singit Grillcones Gourmetcamp @i_am_chuck_d @ntlbt15 @cjarratt floatoriousBIG2014
Love this little tidbit from Donnakaran  in Bazaarmagazine . Positivethinking Bouldashouldas
Bright and wild Colorfulmani Foils Thenailroom
Peace and butterflies, y'all :) Sunnysunday Butterflies Springfieldmoparks
Such a peaceful walk at the park today. The blooming peonies and iris literally made me smile. Sunnysunday Spring Naturenerd
Happy Mother's Day to the lady who has influenced me and taught me more than she probably realizes. See you soon! Love ya, momma!
Real turkey in there, folks. Real and fresh. EatLocal Theplow foodtruck Springfieldmo goodstuff
Helping Izzy explore her new toy with the laser pointer. We had to have it. Saywhatyouwant Izzykitty Totesadorbs
Pretty in pink and white Cnd Shellac Glittermani Nailstampart pinkmani thenailroom
Dinner is served! Circlebranch Marinasmarinara Circlebmeatballs Yum
Late night chillin'. Izzykitty Catnap LatenightTVisawesome Ghostbusterstwo
Another lovely evening at Nathaniel Greene Park. Springfieldmoparks Springfieldmo Spring
For my Uncle. And ode to your annual Easter masterpiece. Prime rib and au jus.
Nice photobomb, guys :) Easterfeaster Krenzeltime Family
Auntie Robin and Cousin Jori in their Easter pretties. Easterfeaster Krenzeltime
Little lion face taking a kitty snooze. Frazier Krenzeltime Easterfeaster
Easter Eve dinner - Pork Pibil and Carnitas. We are damn serious about our food around here. Easterfeaster Pigsaredelicious Krenzeltime
Napping in the sun. Doesn't get better Easterfeaster Vizsla Zaydawonderdog Sunnydays
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' alllll cool Easterfeaster Family Sunnydays Krenzeltime
Best donuts everrrrrrr. Donuts Heavenlydonuts Lamarmo GetInMyBelly
Volume lash extensions! Volumelashextensions Volumelashspringfield Lashextensions Simplebeauty  acaciaspa getyousome
I feel like such a traitor. Hurtsdonut Keepingitsimple Mightbealittlebiased Imsorrymomanddad
Lasagna. Mmmmmm....
Eager to discover what awaits inside. Foodlove Pasta Babynevaabbytime
Diamonds are a girl's best friend...Red diamond foil sammich! Baseballdiamondsthatis Stlcardinals Kalapalooza Thenailroom
Everyone was happy at the park. Especially the ducks. Springfieldmoparks Sunnysunday Springtime
Bananas Foster made tableside at Oceanzen . Ohmygoodness. Dessert Bananasarehealthy
Partying at PURE. Lasvegas Purenightclub
Another lovely view of a blue sunny sky. Poolday Sunnysunday MGM Lasvegas to interpretation. Hotelroomart Lookslikeanass
Lovelies! Lasvegas MGM
Pool. Sun. Vegas MGM Lazyriver Lazyday
Viva Las Vegas! Thenailroom Girlonfire Ombre Cnd shellac lobsterroll
Custom YTG tees!! Youngthegiantkc Themidland MindOverMatter Jorikicksass @youngthegiant
"Lights low. Go, baby, go. It's about time." Youngthegiantkc Themidland Showtime Jorikicksass
Go green or get pinched. Stpatricksday Hotchicks
Me AND Jamie time! Much needed! Pattonalley RockinOut
Izzy snoozed on my arm for over an hour. Adorableness ensued. Izzykitty Kittensnuggles Qualitypettime Snowysunday
H.O.P.E. Girls :) Co-chairs for membership and social events Hopesertoma Springfieldsertoma Membershipdrive Parlor88
Straight to perfectly curled. Lashextensions Lashesdoneright Simplebeauty  Springfieldmo
Lashes! Eyelashextensions Simplebeauty  Instafab
Feeling special! Thanks Firehousepottery :) Warmfuzzyfeelings Springfieldmo ValentinesDaycraft
Lovely day for a walk Springfieldmoparks Isitspringyet Sunnysunday
Crafty time on Valentine's day. Firehousepottery Lace Springfieldmo
Such a pleasure doing lash extensions on this local news anchor! Thin diameter (.15) in 8,10,12 and 14mm lengths. A beautiful natural looking set. Lashextensions Naturallashextensions Novalash Lashlife
Mani madness! Kiss it, Valentinesday ;) Stamps Shellac Lips middlefingertrend thenailroom
Peace Chicago Flags America
Something is coming your way @ksyardbird :) from Seattle with love. Seattle Pikepublicmarket Peppers Farmersmarket sunnysunday
Well, looky there. Seattle Spaceneedle Maybeitreallyisaspaceship
Pizza and beer. Pictures don't do the taste justice. Seriouspie Seattle Foodporn EatLocal
Just for starters...the most delicious bites of food ever. Salmon crostini and pork belly sliders Foodporn Spurgastropub Seattle
It's called the Anastasia. (Not for who you think, ladies). Vodka, pomegranate, white tea, lemon, rose water and egg white. Tastes and smells delicious. Cheers Seattle Spurgastropub Laborintensivedrink
Loving the corner room upgrade. Now time for some food! Seattle
Good morning, Chicago. Skyview Cantescapethesnow Chicago
Sultry. Maybe a little tipsy. Lipsandlashes Selfies Thisvodkatasteslikewater
Group selfie! Selfies Selfieswithfriends Selfiesarefun Alexlovesselfies
Around a year ago I adopted this sweet little cat. She has quite the personality and has definitely made a spot for herself in my heart. Cats Whatareyagonnado Cuteness Adoptacat happyadoptionbirthday izzykitty careshelter
Sundial Winter2013 Nathanielgreenepark Sunnysunday timerevealsall
Seriously. Adorable. Izzykitty Sleepykitty  Softkitty Canttakethecuteness
This one has my name on it. Foxesraccoonsandpandasohmy Weirdanimaltrend @kalabowman @_addyjayne_
Sundays are for me :) Sundaybreakfast Stayhealthymyfriends
Thank you, Scheduling Gods, for making sure I never filled this time slot so I could enjoy this juicy burger. Fridayburgerday Mamajeans ShopLocal Springfieldmo thankyounotes