Abigail Madrid


United States
relaxing day off watching mushy movies <3
relaxing morning with Wrigley. playing Simpsons game on the tablet and watching a movie. <3
heading to build a bear and then our dinner date at longhorn steakhouse <3 I love him <3
lazy morning in bed with Wrigley watching greys anatomy.
just hanging out. <3
watching the Superbowl and harmony and Wrigley.
apples to apples with Chris and FAM <3
classy wine in a paper hello kitty cup...its how we do it. still unpacking...<3
Lazy night. Holding paws with Wrigley. Wine. Catfish on mtv. And my love.
Boo <3
he is mad I'm beating him...
Scrabble and wine night... He's just beinga goof... Weirdo...
Love him
Paying apples to apples with Amy Tim and Chris. Harmony is or entertainment. <3
Has to be my favorite "normal picture" of me and Chris <3 this was last may at my Jason and Micheles rehearsal dinner