Vipul Chaudhary


WinteR_traVellinG .. ;) :p
Rafting :) :P
Edit by Himanshu gaur
Vacation ... Full masttiii ;) Rafting_swimming_jumping :p
Fully edited pic.. ;). :p
Double tap ;) :p
Everything is tough in life😎 but once you are on the top,😋 everything looks beautiful😛😉
Ommu bday shimla
fulllll thnd :p ROHTANG owsm.bckgrnd btw me ok ok!! :p
The little😍moments of😘 togetherness💏 💑
In order to bring me😕 down⬇Uh have to be💪🏻able to reach me👑👑🔝
Put yourself in a position👑👑 You don't have to apply💰 for🃏🀄
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👑 🚘🚗🚙
👑 🏻🍺🏻🍺
If 👉🏻uh are in the way🚶 🏻of my goals🏁& dreams💰 i suggest😠uh to move😋😉
Black &white
My heart❤is And 😛😋always be yours😍 😘💏
Uh just have To 😛 TRUST your own MADNESS😋
👌🏻 😋😛
Winterrr😮😛 Old pic😎😉
Mosam owsum👌🏻✌🏼
Khappp 😉 💪💪
You 💑 are all 😍 💏 WHAT i need😙
Keep moving 😎forward👉
Beautiful 😉things hppn when you distance urself frm 😜negativity
You can copy me but you will never be me !!
the best way to predict your 😎FUTURE is to create it😝
The goal is to die with MEMORIES not dreams😉😎
You say i dream TOO BIG I say you think TO SMALL !!
I don't trust anyone 😎 Even the devil😈 was once an angel👼
Clckd by special one😝❤
Blood makes uh related..💪 Loyalty makes uh family 😎
Hold on tight To the good Things in life..
Just be urself ..bcz u are unique & uh will shine😜
● Don't stop when ● You're tired stop when You're done
The smarter you get..😜 The less you speak..😝
We don't want to 😎 Tell our dreams We want to show them !!
The worse thing you can do is Nothing..
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Average people call me crazy .. smart people call me for advice 😝
Worry😮less, smile☺more Don't regret😰,just learn😏 And grow😎 !!
LIFE without Risk Is dull & boring !!
I want😶to be❤yours.. forever😘😘
New hair style(himanshu gaur)
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Never announce your moves Before you make them !!
STYLE is a way To say who you are Without having to SPEAK !
You would go insane Trying to understnd my mind
Jealousy is just a lack of Self confidence 🔫