KWeZzYii(DhatYOunGen) Ndd (DhatBoss)


KWeZzyii (DhAtYounGen) Act Lhke Ah LaDyy, ThinK Lhke Ah Man , Ndd Bhall
F**** Yhall Hatas Yhall DnT DeServe AnY of Mii AttEtiOn!!✔
Mee Ndd 1 Ndd OnLyIii BestiEe!!!
I'm PaRtt Of DhAtt YounG WorkDd!
Act LhikEe Ah LaDyyi , ThiNk Lke Ah Man , Work Lhke Ah Boss!!!☑☑✔
Otp WTh Ms.Woodardd!!
Chill in EdTt Hmee WTh MIi MommA Ndd BroDahh DoEee Hmu !!!!✌
No Skool For Me