Ida Sani


A photographer based in Indonesia
The children
Two people saw
The traditional
The white mask
The big water
Hand in frame
Gate in Batur
Frame of Watu
View of the
View of the
A lot of stones
The light of
View of Tugu
The Tugu
The pattern of
The bullet
The cat was
The Bali
A group of deer
The ferris
The aerial view
The beach
The sun flowers
The sun flower
The sun flowers
The red zinnia
The sushi in
View of onion
View of Merapi
View of the
Some men were
The fabric
A cow racing
The silhouette
Strawberries in
A brown horse
The fireworks
Watu Lumbung
Close up Rose
Yellow flowers
The Tugu
A baby turtle
An apple and
The golden