I Love My Boyfriend Koesha ' ^.^
My Name Shaiteva
My everything >>
Hanging Out
Say hello to Koesha ( KJ )
I'm high af , I look rough af ! I just don't know !
Mean Mugg Your Bitch 3 times & Not Think Twice About It !^.^
It's just us niggas !
Simple-minded , bold && beautiful !!
I don't got time for no fuck nigga !!
Fuck you bitches && you niggas ' it's me and my baby against this cruel world ' fuckem hope our names taste like sardins nigga !!
The silly things me & my boyfriend do ' we're weird !
Nobody can change the love we have >>>
Isnt We Gorgeous ??
We be high off love >><
All I Rock Is Polo >>>>> yesterday tho
Me & My Baby >>> today tho
So they say we look like a famous couple !! Do We ?? He not my boyfriend yet !! Lol
Us two !!
See a little thugg like me not looking for trouble , just riding for my team on a daily double ! #Fwm
It's me myself and I in this world !!
I past this shit like every time !! ( the tunnel )
Suela & Cierra Asses an me on the back of a truck and its cold af !
Ass So Big ' I Tollem Look Back At It , Look Back At It , Look Back At It !
I see my self ' I'm shining !
NyQuil & Gatorade ' Aha !
Work Flow !
I do want to learn how to play ball !
&& you don't like me because ??
Goofy Ol Me !
My Lil Team
Sister Type Shit !