Abigail D.


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I want something like that/.\will I ever get that ? nah. I doubt it . ugh. can't be faithful nowadays. the right guy for me isn't out there /.< goodnight .
there can be times were I miss you like crazy. like now. we may not talk. we may not hang out anymore. but I still care about you /.\ & I always will. we had memories , & I will never forget them. ♥.
im on that good kush and alcohol. I got some bad bitches I can call. I don't know what I would do without y'all.
red lips .
can we go back . this is the moment , tonight is the night we'll fight til it's over . so we put out hands up like the ceiling can't hold us .
I don't think I should bother you anymore . you're not worth my time . cause all I know , is that you don't care. and I'm just wasting my time . so , don't bother texting me . k ? bye .
I'm stupid for always looking at your pictures , re-reading our messages , and smiling like an idiot .. cause I know you'll never want me /.\♡~
I'm cute c:
don't hide a smile that will make someone you like happier than you are . don't let anyone tell you wrong . and never doubt yourself /.\ ~ you ~
omg . oo; /.^