Yesterday I saw a lion kiss a deer.🌸
A lifetime of love, is not a vigorous love, nor is it a promise and oath. But when all the people have left you, only he in silence with you. When all the people are admiring you, only he holding your hand, mouth up, as if proud to say, I know. Don't be depressed because of your lover's silence and don't understand style, because the time will tell you, the more ordinary company, the longer you will be.❤️ Beautiful Photography Girl Shorthair Beauty Relaxing Check This Out Hi! Enjoying Life Love
Yesterday I saw a lion kiss a deer.🌸 Beauty Beauty In Nature Taking Photos Photography Deer Beautiful The Best Wonderful
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43 Golden Moments Beauty In Nature Sunset Nature The golden deer💛
My Hometown I love it.❤️
The Journey Is The Destination First Eyeem Photo On The Way Really nice.