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cover by herakut, bar tips for my upcoming amsterdam trip, ice cube hacks, and last but not least crazy spirit insights by le lion's betti. quite inpressive magazine.
Vscocam Vscophile cats on a hot steel roof
home made @making_de strawberry cake - is that making or crafting? it's DIY ;-)
Coffeediary ice presso spreading....
Coffeediary Making_de ice presso - ht @kuemmel_hh inspired by @kopiba
Gnhh gadget mania spreads behind the counter - nice!
Coffeediary Coffeediary <3 this weather!
hard to believe that this box contains quite excellent rum.
we're officially out of gin now Gindiary
Keepcalm and eßt mehr früchte.
checking EyeEm again....
earlier this week... Givingeyeemanothertry
this vacation was way awesome - but tuifly makes me feel like sth is missing...
Just thought: I'd love to have a balcony at home. Wait I do have one - it's just too effing cold there... hoping for spring to arrive after we come back ;-)!
#res13 roggenart - official @making_de catering partner for @resonate_io #lunchbag
#hacktable ideas spread...
1 smart trunk + 3 crates of water + 2 bottles tonic water = world record!!!1!
don't drink and tweet - see you next year ;-)
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selfportrait #coffeediary
current status: relaxed. with @kuemmel_hh
that's how we roll #coffeediary
Oh So Creative
At The Airport
new ios ec card reader. it's #movember. what's next? #stpaulimos #izettle
#stpaulimos was a bit lazy documenting the progress - the last donations put a little smile under my mo.
giant saw produces massive sawdust handling 200 pound multplexed wood. w00t!
talk @modul57 & hands-on session were a blast - great crowd! thx @ingostoll & @lenaclausen for the invite
speaking engagement. trying to look serious despite mo. donate here #movember #stpaulimos
just changed the title. was: 'the future of the internet' /cc @hellormm
good morning hamburg! good morning interwebs! off to hannover it is...
When it comes to my mo I'm a blonde #stpaulimos
thanks @crieger @hdsjulian @coffeemick @ralph_hh & @falkebert for way entertaining powerpoint karaoke impros! #adc12
awesome powerpoint karaoke is awesome - @crieger improvises & @liron leads w/ slides #adc12
nice session: versioning design with @github app & by @tow8ie #adc12
let's go! #adc12
... and from the other side we see... #adc12
awesome view is awesome #adc12 #shamelessplug
home sweet home - moin moin hamburg!
amazing user flow charts are amazing - especially in a burger place
grow mo grow! #movember #stpaulimos #dailymo
information set vs construction set aka 'to know is not to make' #retune12 #hellomakers
yesterday's #adc12 website finetuning. lean <3 - thx @filtercake & @moeffju !
flat with a view - hello berlin btw! i'll be your guest the next weeks.
it's a tough job. but somebody has to do it
checking out the new kintsugi kit we brought from @diy_ausstellung w/ @kuemmel_hh #hellomakers
Short interruption of workshop preparations - heading to #rughh for a quick visit
May I introduce: the infamous 'Honi Honi'