Dayma Otene

Kiwi living in Berlin. All photos were taken by me.
Dayma Otene
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High angle view of light trails on road in city
High angle view of city
Young woman using mobile phone at night
Empty parking lot
Low angle view of tiled wall
human body part
Illuminated city street at night
Blurred motion of car at night
People in city
Close-up of horse
Built structure against sky in city
Midsection of man standing against wall
Low angle view of statues in temple
Reflection of trees in lake
Young woman sitting outdoors
Information sign at night
View of steps in temple
Close-up of caterpillar
Blurred motion of illuminated city street at night
Full length of man walking in temple
Low angle view of temple against clear sky
Close-up of monkey
Low angle view of trees against sky at night
View of bridge over canal in city
Close-up portrait of horse
View of illuminated city at night
Portrait of tiger relaxing outdoors
Close-up portrait of young woman against black background
View of building
Scenic view of mountains against sky during sunset
Monkey looking away
View of suspension bridge at night
Woman lying in a hand
Close-up of floral pattern against black background
Multi colored flag in city
Rear view of two people
View of building
Panoramic view of sea
Close-up of koi carps swimming in water
Silhouette of ski lift against clear sky
Scenic view of landscape against sky
Men with people in background
Firework display at night
High angle view of crowd at music concert
Close-up of insect on plant
View of suspension bridge against sky during sunset