Kayla Dear

Small town Texas girl living in Germany for a year. ✈️❤️ Instagram: @kayladear
Kayla Dear
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Scenic view of sea against sky
Close up of tree
Road passing through forest
Road passing through forest
Road passing through bare trees
Rural landscape with mountain range in background
Sun shining through trees
Scenic view of sea at sunset
Close-up of dog
People at night
View of road against sky
View of lawn with buildings in background
View of built structure
Coffee cup on table
View of road against cloudy sky
Illuminated city at night
Road passing through road
Close-up of cat
Low angle view of clock tower
Scenic view of sunset over sea
Low angle view of built structure
Illuminated buildings at night
Trees on grassy field
People at subway station
Country road against cloudy sky
View of lake in foggy weather
View of built structure
Illuminated street lights at night