Ea Maples

Ea Maples
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Close-up of turtle
Close-up of water flowing through rocks
Stack of stones in water
Close up of clothes on shelf
Fruits for sale at market stall
Full frame shot of apples in crate at market stall
Man standing by window
Tree by lake against sky
Close up of cake
Reflection of trees in lake against sky
Reflection of trees in water
Low section of shoes on sand
Midsection of man in bowl
Abandoned chair
Rear view of a man in window
Close-up of piano keys
Full length of woman in corridor
Interior of bathroom
Close-up of stack of building
Close-up view of pipe
View of window
Abandoned room
Close-up of wet metal
Cat seen through window
Close-up of window
Abandoned building
Chairs in row
View of lawn through window
Low angle view of building against clear sky
Full frame shot of door
Exterior of abandoned house
Exterior of historic building
Statue against wall
Low angle view of illuminated ceiling
Graffiti on old wall
Interior of church
Abandoned car on beach
Low angle view of abandoned wall
Full frame shot of concrete structure
Interior of church
Low angle view of street light against built structure
Graffiti on wall in front of building
Surface level of logs in forest
Empty chairs and table in restaurant
Close-up view of leaves
Sunlight falling on ground
Scenic view of lake and mountains against cloudy sky
Full frame shot of old window
Close-up of closed door
Window in abandoned room